I’ll Die If I Fall in Love, It’s Too Hard!


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A peacefull story of the self alleged ‘Normal girl’,Crazy Psycho Bitch, Fujii Hina, asked by a certain company’s employee that came from the future, Schulz, to test the new VR shoujo game that their company created. *Though, if she fell in love, she’ll die.

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05/30/19 Rebirth Online World c6
05/30/19 Rebirth Online World c5
05/24/19 Rebirth Online World c4
05/24/19 Rebirth Online World c3
05/24/19 Rebirth Online World c2
05/24/19 Rebirth Online World c1
05/24/19 Rebirth Online World prologue
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Loosergirl rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c6
The main character, Hina, falls in love with everyone she meets. She is picked up by a futuristic 'operator' to test a virtual reality otome game. Part of the game setting is she will die when she falls in love. Though it was supposed to be a comedy it just came off as lackluster to me. The main character just keeps dying over and over and it gets more and more annoying each time. This also disconnects you from the virtual reality characters which makes it impossible to care for... more>> them. <<less
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