I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History


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I’ve always dreamed of becoming a villainess, but I never thought that I would actually become one….!

This is the story of a young girl who aspires to become a villainous noble girl who’s capable of growing stronger through every confrontation that she is faced with.

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I'll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History ― The More of a Villainess I Become, the More the Prince will Dote on Me
Rekishi Ni Nokoru Akujo Ni Naru Zo: Akuyaku Reijou Ni Naru Hodo Ouji No Dekiai Wa Kasoku Suru You Desu!
歴史に残る悪女になるぞ 悪役令嬢になるほど王子の溺愛は加速するようです!
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63 Reviews

Jun 05, 2021
Status: c120

    1. The MC is logical and vicious towards her enemies.
    2. The villainess plot is not cliche.
    3. The Male Lead is supportive. But our MC doesn't rely on him.
    4. The MC tries her best to become the villainess. (It's entertaining to see her try her best)

    1. All of the boys who are supposed to be part of her 'friends/harem' in the first few chapters changed when they met the original 'female lead'.
    2. The plot is all over the place.
    3. There are only a few people that support her. Except for the people from the village.
    4. The MC is too idealistic.
    5. The original female lead is a fcking bit*h like tr*shta.
    6. She is treated as a danger to their school and country, that's why she receives unreasonable hate from others. This is the part that I dropped the novel.
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Jun 04, 2020
Status: c233
This book is amazing. The story is cute and fluffy at the start, but gradually proceeds into something more mature.

The character development is also good. As the MC grows older, you can see how she changes from a little girl wanting to be a villainess to a brilliant young woman.

And I also like how dense the FL is and how she slowly realizes and accept the ML feelings towards her. It gets a little annoying sometimes but I find it quite cute and funny.
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Jun 02, 2020
Status: c235
One of best otome/isekai novel I ever read.

Rather than trying to avoid being a villainess, the protagonist aim to become the villainess. Moreover, even though she played otome game in her previous life, her standard of being the 'best villainess' is way too different from those game's villainesses! While most the otome game's villainesses lack something (such as magic, or intelligence) and tend to behave poorly, our MC here rejected that. Instead, she tried to gain knowledge from reading books (way too many books, really), practicing magic, kept her manner,... more>> and even practicing sword! She believed doing all that can help her to be the best villainess. Her 'best villainess' standard is way too high.

At the start, the story is fluffy. Later then the story became more serious and mature and went to dark. But, even though it went to dark, the author can balance it so that it didn't become too dark. This makes the novel so enjoyable and comfortable to read. <<less
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Mar 02, 2021
Status: c99
The age gap is off putting. People are clamoring about an adult pretty much creeping on a kid. Especially after reading "The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is In the Way" this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. An 18 literally kidnaps a 13 year old and corners her to ask a question and then precedes to run his fingers through her hair and kiss her necklace and people find that sexy/cute instead of creepy... That is a... more>> person starting college messing with a 8th grader. Even weirder is he seemed interested in her since she was 7 him 12, giving her a necklace when she was 8 (3rd grade) and he was 13 (8th grade) and mouth to mouth medicine feeding her when she was 10 (5th grade) and he was 15 (sophomore in high school).
Everyone's character in this also quite contradictory, not just the main character who is supposed to be. <<less
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Dec 25, 2020
Status: c89
first 70 chapters this was great, then as soon as she started to actually act like a villianess it fell apart fast, not too mention shes susspose to be super strong but 3 thugs managed to capture her, just a big letdown
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Oct 06, 2020
Status: c101
Young girl tries to become the best villainess she can, but her idea of what a villainess is might just be a little bit off. I like it, it's a good read but the age gaps are poorly planned out and don't work. In the current chapters you have a 13yo MC and a 9yo suddenly being the antagonists towards a bunch of 18yo's? Lol.

There's an age gap of 3-5 years between the MC and most of the other characters, so you have a 10yo girl being courted by a... more>> 15yo. Which later becomes a 13 girl being courted by a grown ass 18yo man, after one event

she wakes up in his bed and he is lying next to her, shirtless. Then she gets all hot because of his closeness and whatnot. Yuck. Mind you she is still 13yo, even if she is reincarnated and whatnot, modern sensibilities don't really like it


My nonce radar is pinging too much for this so I'm going to have to drop it. Still worth a read if you can get past the age gap. <<less
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Dec 24, 2020
Status: c88
why is my otome isekai novel teaching me about the evils of hyperinflation caused by the disconnect between the real economy and the value of a fiat currency system

why is my otome isekai novel talking about how universal welfare is impractical because an economy is a limited system reliant on a limited circulation of goods and services, and, if I recall the chapter correctly, the issues of dependency on welfare rather than uplifting the population causing a continuation of the poverty cycle and an unstable base for the peace the... more>> impoverished gain via welfare, although I'm not sure the novel mentions that bit

was this author reading some Mises before he started writing this? I have zero issues with this, but I didn't expect Austrian Econ 101, Isekai edition. <<less
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Calypso Noir
Calypso Noir
Sep 25, 2020
Status: c40
This is amazing!

What I dont understand is.. Where other people read until chapter 100+? Um.. There are only 40 chapter? Tell me your secret please?
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Jun 02, 2020
Status: c233
I mtled up to the latest chapter and let me tell you, this webnovel is not what it seems. The first 80 or so chapters are fluffy but then it gets DARK like wtf where did this come from. I honestly thought this was gonna be one of those Bakarina-type reverse harem novels but nah. It's still good, but it's got a "Josei" tag for a reason. MC is a Mary Sue type character but since the Heroine and ML are also it doesn't mean she can easily settle problems... more>> by herself. The heroine and her posse may also severely piss you off whenever they make their appearance. <<less
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Mar 13, 2021
Status: c133
I honestly didn't expect much from this novel and only ever read it for Duke-- but what kind of father slash King would name their child after a position/rank? Henceforth he's known as Prince Duke or King Duke or if ever he gets a lower rank he'll be known as Duke Duke- LMAO--

Honestly speaking this is terribly written and I very much agree to the review before me. Let's see--

  1. There's the lack of respect or formality towards Prince Duke himself. No greetings whatsoever if you happen to walk by him or talk to him.
  2. The characters are just horribly written. We have an idealistic og MC which I won't even get started with. The mc's brothers are also illogically written, I read this a few weeks ago yet I don't remember a thing I've read, it's just that dull and s*upid.
  3. You could literally drown in Mc's thoughts. There are chapters that literally just show her thoughts and how she accomplished doing magic sh1t bit sitting there and thinking. I skipped a lot of chapters like that.
  4. There's absolutely no logic in this story. What the hell was the father thinking about giving her

    two years of quarantine

    that was absolutely irrelevant, has done nothing to help the plot and literally just added more plot holes to piles of plot holes the story already has.
  5. Honestly feels like it's written by a 13 year old.
  6. We get it, she's always- if noy always, then ALWAYS ALWAYS the center of attention, but do you have to mention that this dude and that dude glared at her? The amount of times I've read the word "glare" to mention someone's discontent or contempt for her is concerning.
As I've mentioned the only reason why I read this is for Duke but I could literally count the number of times he appeared with my fingers.
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Feb 02, 2021
Status: c47
Overall this one was okay for me so far. I wouldn't say 'girl trying to be a villainess but fails because she's too kind and has morals' is a cliche exactly since I haven't seen it done too much yet but this definitely plays out exactly how you think it would. She unintentionally gets the attentions of all the boys that the heroine is supposed to 'romance', and she's super good at anything she puts her mind to. Cliche and lighthearted and predictable, but still a good time if you... more>> don't mind those things.

As for the things I didn't like so much...


The thing that bothers me about this is that Alicia has that attitude of 'I'm not like other girls'. In regards to being a villainess, she says herself that she's 'not like other girls' because she doesn't want to be the heroine and instead wants to be the villainess. And then the story starts and though she believes she's doing her best to become a villainess, her natural personality/ethics/morality is totally that of a heroine. Not being self aware enough to realise that is okay, really, but then I got to the part about Duke.

I'm pretty sure he's the ML, and it's pretty obvious that he likes Alicia (this isn't about the weird five year age gap but I also don't like it... ten and fifteen is way too different for me to consider even being comfortable with this). Even Alicia suspects this herself, though she thinks 'surely it's just platonic...' she also has this moment where she says 'I'm not naive about these things like other girls' and then just... is? She's like 'I'm not blind I know he likes me... but just as friends haha surely not romantically' and it's just... annoying. The lack of self awareness really started to bug me at that point, especially because she seems to think she's different and not like the other girls when in actuality she is.

This kind of ignorance/naivety is like kinda cute in the beginning I guess... and then the more I read the more it started to tick me off. Now I've decided to just drop this all together... it's cute and fun most of the time but not good enough to make me want to stick it out and sit through more of this nonsense skldgjsdg.


There are a lot of novels that I would categorise as brainless fun... aka it's good as long as you don't think to hard about anything, and I'd probably put this in that category, but it seems even for me, someone who loves brainless fun, this one's a bit too much for me in some aspects. <<less
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Jan 11, 2021
Status: c100
Surprisingly interesting. Level of misunderstanding and OPness is high but strangely acceptable, plot is pretty solid (at least in comparison to most of genre standarts). Translation is good, too.

In summary - worth reading.
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Jun 07, 2020
Status: c234
It went from fluffy to downright dark. It felt like the author abandoned the capture target's backstory so that she can emphasize the MC's self-paced blackening. I loved it! She's a villain and she doesn't shy away from it. She's badass!
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Nov 06, 2021
Status: c172
Kudo for the translation, I would have love to like it, but the MC is an aggravated version of a psych

why should we wonder:first, like most transmigrated characters, she has a hard time distinguishing the « real world « she lives in, from the game she used to play (that is near to universal)

second, and that’s the sad on she has an unhealthy obsession with becoming a « vilainess » - while she seems pretty normal and average before dying, while we can understand her dislike for marie sue... more>> type, hence her likeing for her contender - bringing that in her new life turns pretty sick

it’s about ok to have such short sighted way of thinking as a child she’s 7 at the start), so yeah, let’s admit kids can have ridiculous play pretend obsession for a while), but it becomes like a disease when it becomes all the guiline of her behavior as it goes on. Seriously, what kind of teen or grown-up goes on watching her face to make sure she’ll look the part, or adjust her reaction to « play a part » ? When it comes to a 15 years old, it’s ridiculous (Im not counting her age twice: brain development of aa 15 years old in not rinished, being twice that age might make you a worse version of a 15, it will never make you 30 - what makes you age is both physical age (brain function, hormones, etc) and the responsibilities you’re taking, the term « tweenager »is a reflection of these fact (a lifestyle based on leisure/studies) with no kids, no responsibilities hardly makes a « grown up » mindset) so this childish and repeated obsession is rather boring

what’s truly bad, is the awkward addition of nasty values and dids too it - o course the MC is perfectly capable of recognizing others’s villainous act - in fact she quite abhor them - (not a small contradiction) ; yet she keeps us the fantasy that she « has » to be evil, lack empathy, be selfish and ruthless, disobedient, etc.
- From transnational analysis perspective, the official heroine (and her crew) is (are) a pathological »Savior », which implies « games » and hard play in a « tragic triangle » : in short designating both the « Victim » and the « Persecutor » : not nice, not helping and certainly not « well loved ») - not « nice » not healt, not real based true

While it would have been interesting to see ou MC build her on values and ethic in a « realistic world bound frame » opposed to the ridiculously idiotic way of an unrealistic heroine (she’s seriously to screwed) , we’re still all stuck in an evil version of « Bertia » - so we have a 8 or 10 year old talking like a hard core ciynic of the world economy submit - 13 year old who will gladly jump and rebound to cleanly kill her assailant (yes self defense os ok, but come on, should a kid that age happily go beheading bad guy without even the slightest nausea « because she’s a vilain » ?!) , later a 15year old finding it normal that the weak should obey the stron (based on what ?) and shutting down her empathy for the sake of her grandiose vilain function. (Note empathy deficiency is considered a disease, at a point it’s also the mark - not of a vilain - but o fa socio / psycho path) , it became a paradigm that she won’t do « good things « without paiement (transactions typre of relationships opposed to genuine and natural cooperation - see economicl behaviorism : it not that gret to say the least,) etc

so while we could have hoped for a truly more practical and realistic set of value, we end up with some kind of endors**ent of sick eugenistic values in a mixture of pertinent perspective, and screwed by a diseased mind interactions (the vilain thing, the lack of empathy and a strange set of rules)

it’s simply horrendous - so the not so rare twist consisting on making the « villain « the « true saint » is very disturbing in these circumstances - the all story lacks normal so bad - even if you consider the game perspective, it seems populated by weird idiots - aùon other thing, there no way two of her brothers and half her childhood friends would turn into hater : are they saint junkies? Brainwashed by an evil spell ?

and there you go - absurd and hill thinking story full of very toxicideals - that’s the real sad part <<less
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Mar 05, 2021
Status: c100

MC is tasked with leading the heroine but she wants to be a villainess. However, she fails at being one because of her personality, but everyone hates her so she is a villainess?

Get on this level, Inception!

The story is terribly written. The characteristic of the cast jumps around with no end. At some point, you have to ask yourself if the main character and her brothers have disassociated identity disorder or not.

The "heroine" is incredibly s*upid despite apparently being "intelligent."


Magic is an incredible device that is borderline god powers. With powers like these, you would wonder why the author bother dividing them into different elements. On that fact, you would wonder why anyone would be surprised or question the caste system when one side of people is more like divine beings compare to the other.

I'll save you some time and tell you to not read this. Go read Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter or My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending.
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Feb 22, 2021
Status: c130
It's good this is a novel I want to read that protagonist is a villainess fighting with the heroine is superb thinking I wish that they will update much sooner so I can read what Ali will say to Liz but overall it's perfect for real
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Dec 30, 2020
Status: c92
I love Alicia's character. Her motivation to become a villainess might seem dumb, but her head and her heart is in the right place lol. She's whip-smart and can actually dish out a good tongue-lashing against the dumbass heroine. And I absolutely respect her savage nature. This girl doesn't need a hero to save the day!

The male capture targets though... they're dumb as bricks. Not to mention blind as a bat. They're all too busy simping over their oh-so-precious heroine that they stop using their brains. And idc for... more>> that Prince Duke kid (he has the s*upidest name ever I swear). Even the king and his royal advisors turn to Alicia for advise regarding state affairs??? I fear for the future of their country.

Plot's good so far. We're finally seeing Alicia acting like a true villainess and killing people left and right. She's so cool. I wish she would just leave everything and run away with Gilles to rule their own territory lol. <<less
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Nov 22, 2020
Status: c84
In the first 70 chapters or so, you would think that the villainess has a skewed idea of what a villainess is supposed to do. Well, try to continue reading, and you'll understand that it's not actually the case. She definitely knows how to act like a villainess, and when she gets older and enters the academy, she will be able to follow the plot. Actually, it gets much more interesting in the later chapters, as the way it all comes together makes sense.

Just a fair warning though: the MC... more>> is very OP. Don't use normal common sense and the likes as this is supposed to be a fantasy novel. It does get a bit boring the author showing how well-versed the MC is in economics, politics, and philosophy. Meh.

If you don't mind being somewhat spoiled, and to better understand what I mean by the latter chapters make the story come together:


MC is actually asked by the King and other nobles to keep an eye on the Saintess and guide her, but she can't do it directly (I guess it's political reasons, etc.) so she must guide her in an unconventional manner. Since the Saintess is supposed to make important decisions regarding the country, she is suppose to posses some levels of wisdom. While the Saintess here has good grades, she is s*upid in other matters. She is way too idealistic. She is so far out of reach from reality. ("Living under such idealism will forever prevent her from becoming a pillar of strength for this nation.") Thus, MC must "guide" her by giving her criticism and the likes, which would make her a villainess in the eyes of outsiders. (MC is really smart and possesses great wisdom from a very young age about economics, politics, etc. which the King had discovered by testing her over the years--she was basically a genius, thus they asked her for help.) In a way, you could see this as her following the main storyline. It makes you think whether in the real plot of the otome game the villainess was really just trying to guide the Saintess.... Far fetched, but it's still pretty interesting how the villainess is pushed to become one with an interesting goal.

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Oct 25, 2020
Status: --
Great novel and very enjoyable to read, but something is really annoying me, her definition of a "villainess" is very childish and naive, like srsly? Bullying? U said you want to be a villainess that will go down in history and not a brat 10yo like bruh, being a great villain is to use ur intelligence in evil matters or being the bloody duchess not bullying a frickin 15yo, plus one of the things I really hate is her not paying attention to what other feels for her like cant... more>> you just be grateful for the good life you have and pay attention to people around you cuz only bad life gang have a reason to be villaines unlike u that is living lavish but still mess around like a 5yo, like pls she still thinking that they are just otome characters but no not anymore!. <<less
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Sep 14, 2020
Status: c115
I felt my blood boiled since around ch 78

And continued so until 115. I binged reading from the start til the current chapter. Holy sh*t I felt my body became warmer the entire time LOL

((You all will surely understand what is villainess in her term.))

... more>>

The heroine here is rly a typical flower brained character and MC wants to fight against it lololol

So its more like

Damsel in distress VS Strong independent whamen who need no man


I rly want to scream at the heroine and all the other insignificant followers of her including capture targets.


and also the fckn heartless king and other 4 aristocrats who treated her like a discarded piece.

I alrdy smelled something weird from uncle Will since the beginning lol. Hoping he'll be the trump card to flip over this fcked up country.


Not sure whether I can continue riding the rollercoaster of rage 8'D

Not as bad as tate no yuusha. But still makes me want to throw my phone while reading this.

So far there's no in depth explanation abt the capture targets and still in MC POV.

I need to cool down <<less
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