If You Don’t Know the Novel, You Will Die


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I possessed a romance-fantasy novel, but I read too much, so I don’t know what kind of novel it is.

If there’s anything that might help you figure out where this is,
The point is that I have a pine tree taste that only walks on the single path of a male lead.

Among the not-so-cheeky handsome men in this world… Wouldn’t there be a male lead?

– – –

Everyone had a plan. Until that plan explodes.

[Quest occurs!] [Quest (Main) – “Correct the world!”
Content: This world is a world created by mixing four novels – (childcare, contract marriage, XXX, and XXX genres respectively).
You must revert to the original four twisted novels.
Failure: Death]

No, if you fail, you die? Are you mad?
I can’t remember the content of the novel, but he told me what to do!

Somehow, a twisted existence such as a baby princess full of fun, a Northern Archduke was playing the game…

I can’t help it. Let’s follow the royal road of romance fantasy, the cliché.

Don’t ever ignore romance-fantasy’s staunch readers again.
I must survive!

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로판을 모르면 죽습니다
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Akioh rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: c165
I really like this novel a lot. Enough to encourage me to write a review for the first time saying I love it a lot.

The first part which was a childcare novel with the cute baby princess Rabbit, who was slowly getting closer to her family thanks to the help of MC. This part made me smile when Rabbit acted cute and worried about MC's health, and also made me cry in the end.

The second part which was about a contract marriage novel between the smart and calculating FL and... more>> ML (of that novel). But something happened and FL ran away, ML fell in love at first sight with our MC and MC couldn't help but accept due to family problems that even the imperial family couldn't help.
This part made my heart warm with the interactions between the ML and MC and just like the other one, the ending made me cry <<less
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