If The Moon Won’t Hold You


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Cen Ning was taken to the residential compound at the age of thirteen. The kids in the compound saw that she was non-threatening and timid, so they bullied her fervently.

Cen Ning was filled with panic, so she could only build up her courage to run towards Yan Xingzhi:

I heard that I’m your wife, can you back me up?

After growing up, Cen Ning left because other people said that Yan Xingzhi already had someone else he liked.

Cen Ning was a little sad, but she still went to greet him before leaving:

I heard that I won’t be your wife anymore, so can I like other people now?

How time flies.

Yan Xingzhi pressed down against the little white rabbit in front of him, all his emotions transforming into a faint smile, have I backed you up in vain for all these years?

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November 6, 2022
Status: --
I haven’t read it at all I just came here to say that there was a title I thought of that would’ve been funny af thanks to this one. “If the moon won’t hold you, I sure as hell won’t.”
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solivagantsoul rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
It's an ordinary slice of life novel without many up's and downs. It's just simply a tale about a young teen and her nominal fiance and how their relationship grows over the years from just strangers to neighbours, younger sister to a woman and finally life long partner.

it's a sweet pass time kinda thing. No real excitement or face-slaps or family drama as such or even revolutionary friendship. It's easy going and simple. The couple is sweet and caring.

a good read.
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Anastrisha rated it
November 3, 2022
Status: Completed
A short disclaimer, as noted the the story start when MC is still in middle school and ML is in his last year in high school. The age gap is ~4, not that big but I am aware such gap is considered big when still in school, especially when one is nearing or is 18 and the other is around 13. The romance started later (although MC fell in love at that age, ML realize only later when MC is no longer minor). But if you are uncomfortable... more>> with the implication of child rearing and the minor thingy then don't read.

I also suggest to not read this if you are uncomfortable with any implication of incest and non-consent physical relation. They are not blood related but I could see people sensitive to incest be uncomfortable to see how MC and ML seem to act like siblings initially. As for the latter issue, the MC kissed a an unaware ML, and later ML forced a kiss. It's sweet reading it but I know some do not see it as such and thus, if you are one of those, this novel is not for you and move along.

It's a cute and fluffy romance story. The "moon" in the title is probably referring to ML as at one point MC describe him like the moon.


But in her darkest and weakest period in her youth she had met him, the one who was like a bright moon in the dark


Tho, I don't think this could be considered as "Childhood Love" as the tag might suggest since they met when they are both teenagers. In fact, the antagonist would perfectly fit the criteria more had theirs blossom (it didn't).

I love that unlike in other novels where 2ML are given the opportunity to shine when ML did something lacking, ML didn't give much opportunity and remained a big stumbling block. From the story only 1 guy manage to squeeze himself in and that was only one time.

Also had a laugh seeing MC unable to go to a rich place without one of ML's lackey informing ML. And of course the best scene: the front desk clerk suspecting ML is kidnaping the drunk MC.

The mother part was also bittersweet. I could understand her worry for MC pursuing her dreams. It's good that in the end, everything went well for MC and even if it doesn't ML is there. As in reality to pursue such dream could mean that it's impossible to have enough money and accept the struggling life that comes with it.

Overall was a nice read with the setbacks being our main characters feelings and misunderstandings. <<less
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July 2, 2022
Status: Completed
School life is listed as the genre, but the school scenes are so few and I got disappointed. I'm especially disappointed with the age gap bc when you see the School life genre, you'd expect that they're close in age, but no. ML and MC were in the same school for one year only, iirc, bc ML already graduated while she's still in middle school. The first 1/3 of the story feels melodramatic and you get the fluff part at the second half of the story. The MC is a... more>> persevering and inferior-feeling FL which fits her character background. She is relatable in the sense that she always reminds herself to know her place and not expect more given her situation in the Yan family. However, she's also your standard innocent FL that captures a lot of men's hearts. It was boring for me at the start ngl, but it got better when they became adults. The author could've improved the subplot regarding her relationship with her parents and elaborated more on how photography affected them as a family. The writing style is good though. I was also mislead by the "I heard that I won't be your wife anymore, so can I like other people now?" line in the description. Although this is somewhat what happened, but there's really no striking scene for this. It was glossed over in the conversation. I expected groveling from the ML but there's none. TT^TT I won't leave a rating bc I'm conflicted between 3 stars or 4 stars. <<less
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DemonGodSimp rated it
August 29, 2023
Status: Completed
The world she imagined was very big, and she wanted to see many places, but within this inch of a circle, her world was also very small. In her eyes, she could only fit in Yan Xingzhi.

Not sure why the rating is so low. Their relationship is so mature and interaction is natural. It doesn't feel force at all.

This is slow burn romance, so if you're not into it, you might find it boring. But to me, this is perfect. There's no super exciting face slapping moments because they... more>> actually handle it in a more refine and mature way. It's been a long time but I still remember how ML handled the green tea b*tch! <<less
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MakiG rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Slow burn romance. With a really delayed misunderstanding. But once it was finished the story and fluff progressed really quickly. Really nice read and some surprising tears.
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February 16, 2022
Status: Completed
ahh this was pretty good actually. Your typical sweet c-novel. Not a lot of drama, but slight face-slapping does happen. Solid 4.5 stars because I like reading sweet simple stuff.

While it did feel good to read about Meng Peiyan getting what she deserved, I think her arc ended a bit too quickly though! It was fun to read about her seeing the MCs kiss lol


at first I thought the FL was a bit OP since the author gave her leeway to her career, but the last 10 chapters got me tearing up like damn ok did not have to do it like that! I do wish there was more elaboration on her parents, the mom was kinda like a wasted character which was a shame.
MCs relationship throughout was sweet, I enjoyed (??) the fight part since it did hold a realistic explanation on why FL does what she does. FL is a character that seems weak at first, but the way she worked her ass off to be a more confident person to stand next to ML made me really like her.

they were literally in a life and death situation ms gurl was so brave ngl I would've shat my pants if I were in the same situation but yeah good stuff

ML is pretty chill, none of that extreme possessive obsessive cold CEO vibes from him, he's mostly appropriately concerned over FL, respectful of her choice wanting to go outta the country, yet also wanting her to depend on him (damn this kinda made me feel things).
anyway, if u can, do read it in the raws, most times I like to as it gives a different good vibe, maybe its just me lol
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Eeria rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a cute fluff story. Slice of life/coming of age type. The 2nd part of the synopsis is a bit misleading: she did not leave because she thought he liked someone else. Though there a glimpses of 3rd parties it get resolved quite quickly as the male lead is determined to have the female lead. In any case, it’s an easy to read story and the length was good for the genre. Longer might have turned it into a boring story. Quite liked it, it’s not an intense-filled drama novel... more>> more like the type of novel you read in a coffee shop a rainy day to chill and pass time. <<less
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