If the Heroine Doesn’t Go Crazy, Who Do You Think Should?


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Ji Chu He transformed into the heroine in a stand-in abuse novel.

In the book, the male lead couldn’t forget the white moonlight who was living abroad, so he found a female lead who was somewhat similar to her as a substitute.

Because it was a story about abuse, the female lead experienced being humiliated in public by the male lead’s brother, being smashed in the face with money by the male lead’s mother, being targeted and framed by the white moonlight who returned from abroad.

Later the female lead unexpectedly died after being physically and mentally abused, leaving the male lead to miss her for the rest of her life.

Ji Chu He, “???” The abuse article only wants to abuse her! Did anyone ask her opinion?!

So, Ji Chu He started to go crazy.

When the male lead took her to his friend’s party, someone embarrassed her in public, “This girl is not as good as your ex-girlfriend.”

Ji Chu He stepped forward and slapped the person and said, “Drink some horse urine, you are so arrogant.”

When the male lead’s mother threw a five million cheque and sneered, “Leave my son, a girl like you is not worthy of him.”

Ji Chu He picked up the check and said, “Am I not worthy of him? This is the mental compensation for being together.”

When the male lead’s white moonlight returned to China with her children and went into battle to win the male lead, the child pretended to be ignorant and said, “This aunt is so ugly.”

Ji Chu He, “You are even uglier, you are the most ugly.”

Hearing this, the white moonlight was surprised and immediately scolded her, “How can you care about the child’s words?”

Without missing a beat, Ji Chu He replied, “You are ugly too.”

The male lead frowned and stepped forward to support his white moonlight. Ji Chu He slapped him with his backhand and said, “What, you’re feeling unbalanced after not receiving a scolding? Don’t feel bad, you three are equally ugly.”

After avenging herself, Ji Chu He’s mental state was getting better and better.

Xie Li, the real young master of the Xie family, has recently been found. It is said that he grew up in the countryside and has a bad temper.

The father favored his adopted son, and reprimanded Xie Li in a deep voice, “Your brother has been spoiled since he was a child, please give him more concessions.”

Xie Li’s face was full of impatience, “Oh, I’m so busy educating him, I almost forgot about you, old man.”

On the first day of the variety show, the fake young master followed him around and wanted to use him as a control group, “My brother has lived in the country all year round and has no knowledge. Please, don’t mind him.”

Xie Li put his hands in his pockets and said, “It’s really a turtle, you little bastard just play in your little tank. If you have nothing to do, don’t follow me and go pick up the excrement at the entrance of the village.”

Hearing this, the other guests complained in disapproval, “Both of you are from the same family, how can you say bad things like this to him in person?”

Xie Li, “Who is his family? Not only will I tell him in person, but if he can’t hear clearly, I will also engrave it on a monument for him to see.”

Xie Li attacked everyone indiscriminately in the variety show until that day when he met Ji Chu He on a narrow road.

Xie Li, “You can learn if you are not educated, you can apply makeup if you are ugly, but there is really no way to cure a bad mind.”

Ji Chu He took out two coins from her pocket and handed them to him, “Those who can correct others’ mistakes will be rewarded.”

Xie Li, “…” I have met my opponent.

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New remyrem
May 25, 2024
Status: c8
So far I'm having a lot of fun reading this. MC and ML don't disappoint. I was really curious how they'd interact since I can only imagine a love hate relationship with their personalities, but they actually have some chemistry. ML is more of a serious guy while MC is more of a weirdo, so their interactions are usually ML making a snarky comment and MC taking him seriously.

The humor of a book depends on the humor of the author. This author's sense of humor is the same as my... more>> sense of humor as a Filipino (very "pilosopo" type of jokes) so I really enjoy it. There's a part where ML's ex says "Climbing the mountain is so tiring", and MC replies with "Oh, that should be because of the tiredness from climbing the mountain". That's the kind of joke my classmates and I would say to each other.

I hope the translator continues with this. I'm MTLing since I want to binge read, but I really want to suggest this to my friends who struggle with English and were asking me for pointers a while back, but they're not as tech savy so I can only wait for the TLer. <<less
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New koco2018
May 23, 2024
Status: c60
Sure enough hahahaha, I came for the dog fight and received what was promised. MC and ML are so quick and creative with the insults, it's so much fun to read. Surprisingly our ML entered on chapter 3, he appeared much earlier than I expected. Anyway, I thought the author would throw MC sweet potatoes and dangle ML's appearance like a carrot but they just gave us the scolding-crazy duo from the beginning... I'm in love.

It's a classic entertainment-business face-slapping novel that specializes in crazy scolding. The plot is centers... more>> around a dating variety show called 'You call this love?' where our main characters all participate and start mischief. The plot uses the variety show to play around for the duration, our main characters... hm, I'll leave a folder with brief character details.


The main characters are all those participating on this dating variety show. We see them beaten by MC every chapter.

MC : Ji Chuhe --- A system placed MC into the heroine of a heart abuse novel and allowed her to change the plot and her future in any way. MC asked for a strong right hand, which allows her to replicate ridiculous martial art-like moves due to her strength control. She is a menace, an evil person, her logic is warped, and her morals are non-existent. In her previous life she also suffered from poverty and society, which developed into her obsessive love of wealth and abnormal behavior that doesn't care about other people's eyes. She's not a bad person... but she is a bad person. Like a child you want to spank but when you move your hand she bites you like a dog.

ML : Xie Li --- Classic adopted son steals the love from the real son story. ML was lost as a child and was recently reunited with his family... which turns out to be a pile of sh*t he wants to ignore. Ah, he was adopted by a nice family when he was a lost child and recently found his biological family at age 26. His greedy conciousless father betrayed his mother, his step-sibling is a little green tea who sets plots against him to further separate the father-son bonding... His personality is as sharp as MC, the two are birds of the same feather and play well together like they're reading each other's minds.

ML's step-sibling : Xie Sirui --- The adopted son in the Xie family. He grew up loved and pampered as a single child, he decided to play in the entertainment industry putting off inheriting the Xie company when abruptly the real son came back to the family and disrupted his plans. His jealously and hate for Xie Li drives his plots to slander and tear him down.

OG ML : Qi Beimo --- The cold-hearted dominating CEO of the entertainment company MC works for. His sticky obsession with his white moonlight (OG FL) led to him bringing in girlfriends one after another to create scandals to provoke her jealousy. Signing a contract with unpopular female artists - Girlfriend contract: Qi Beimo gives resources and the girlfriend plays their part to the public (most fall in love with him). His role in the heart-abuse novel is clear in the beginning chapters of the novel so I won't detail it. He likes MC and is trying to rekindle whatever imaginary spark he thought they had, do not forget my friends. This man is a scumbag, he may soften your heart while reading the novel, but step back and look objectively at the bigger picture, he is still a selfish irresponsible scumbag in his choices.

OG ML's ex : Xiong Yuqian --- After signing a girlfriend contract with Qi Beimo and being released after 3 months, she thought her love for him was real. She thought that MC, Qi Beimo's next contract girlfriend, seduced him and broke their relationship up... She was wrong and after attacking MC a bit and being brutally defeated she grew to like MC and is now another fun member in the party.

Playful Female Artist : Lou Tingfei --- She isn't connected to the other characters and meets them for the first time on the variety show opening, she is one of the most playful characters laughing and poking fun. During casting, she paid the director to be cast directly since she heard Qi Beimo + current girlfriend + ex-girlfriend would be on this dating variety show, and she wouldn't miss the drama for anything. She loves to partner with MC and watch and support her mischief from the sideline.

OG FL : Wen Tang --- The first love of Qi Beimo that broke up with him abruptly and fled abroad. She has possessive tendencies towards 'her men' and harasses MC since Qi Beimo likes her. She is poisonous but likes to show a gentle weak image to the public. Ah, she also has a kid with Qi Beimo. But this scumbag Qi Beimo, in both the novel and current timeline, chooses to ignore her and long for the MC that he wronged till death...

OG FL's footwipe : Ming Yang --- He has an unrequited love for Wen Tang (she knows but uses him with the best friend card) and chooses her happiness over his own. He would rather help Wen Tang get together with Qi Beimo than try to formally woo her. Foot wipe. Anyway, after coming into contact with the MC antidote for s*upidity he has been exposed to a rainbow of colorful emotions and is relaxing his fixation on Wen Tang.

Other minor characters like MC's manager, MC's assistant, OG ML's secretary, and here and there characters. They also shine on their own, but they are not the focus of the story.


MC and ML are mad dogs that bite others skillfully... well mostly just crazily and... I'm laughing so hard my cheeks are sore. It's like the author took logic and twisted it into a pretzel, pulled out the letters, shredded any sense, cooked a loaf of bread, and paved a sidewalk with it. ML, MC, and Lou Tingfei were playing poker and started fighting with 'AK4-7 shot your king' - 'A10 guns are illegal go to jail' - 'J picked the locks and escaped' - 'QQ electronic location tracking handcuffs'... It's crazy, MC even used a '5K' as the '5 permanent kings of the UN council have veto power' to reject a player's winning card.

This is so hilarious and full of wit and original jokes. You can tell the author is smart and aware of current events (even 2023 current events) but the way that intelligence is wielded in such a tornado-like way is too entertaining. Also, MC is a master at turning real life into a horror movie. Seriously, it's like she's a ghost.

Here is a peek at the adorable mad dog MC


*Context* MC left the bar where that OG ML disrespectfully brought her and headed to the barber shop to change her look.

I don't know if it was a natural skill of the barber, but in the next half hour, his mouth didn't stop, and his words were as close as pouring beans.

"Is this your first time coming to our store? Do you want to apply for a membership card and get a 50% discount on perming and dyeing? There is a discount now, top up 5, 000 and get 500 free."


"I think you'll look better with dyed hair. Brown is very popular now. Do you want to dye your hair?"

"Need not."

"Why don't you cut it shorter? Shorter will look better."


The wrinkles between Ji Chuhe's eyebrows were getting deeper and deeper, but the barber didn't know it. He waved his hand holding the scissors and said nonstop: "I suggest you do some care. Your hair is a bit rough. Don't you bleach it often?"

"No." Ji Chuhe raised her long black eyelashes and looked at the barber behind her through the bright mirror: "I just got out of jail. I didn't have time to take care of my hair in jail."

The barber paused, his mouth opened into an O shape of shock. He asked doubtfully, "How, how did you get in?"

Ji Chuhe said lightly "Oh": "The last time I went to get my hair cut, the barber kept talking too much. I couldn't help but stab him with the scissors. I was sentenced to two and a half years."

The barber quickly closed his open mouth and even lowered his voice: "What do you think of this length?"


With no one chattering in his ears, Ji Chuhe closed his eyes contentedly.

Sure enough, this trick still works.


And here is a peek at the humor that has me screaming


*Context* MC is on a variety show with 5 others (OG ML, OG ML's ex, a playful female idol, ML, and ML's step-sibling). It's 16 degrees celsius and they are climbing a mountain to visit the shrine of marriage and wealth. It's really cold and the artists are dressed too lightly so MC decides to help.

*ALSO* The speech in brackets is the audience's comments from the live broadcast. Since they are filming a variety show live. OG ML = Qi Beimo, OG ML's ex = Xiong Yuqian, fun female idol = Lou Tingfei, ML = Xie Li, ML's step-sibling = Xie Sirui/ (also called 33). MC is Ji Chuhe.

Luo Tingfei turned her head and glanced again. Xie Li had his hands in his coat pockets, showing no intention of showing gentlemanly demeanor.

She puffed out her cheeks, a little annoyed.

Someone suddenly patted her shoulder from behind, and Luo Tingfei turned around——


The nearly broken scream made Qi Beimo and the others who were walking in front look back, and then, broken expressions appeared on several people's faces at the same time.

[What's wrong with Feifei? Didn't he fall? 】

[I'm speechless. It's all Xie Li's fault for suggesting climbing the mountain. It's definitely dangerous in such a cold day.]

[My friends feel something is wrong. This is the first time I see this expression on 33's face.]

[It can't be a ghost attack, I heard that Luoyun Mountain is a bit evil]

The cameraman carrying the machine turned the camera, and then the audience outside the screen showed the same expression. Even the barrage in the live broadcast room paused for a few seconds.

Ji Chuhe was seen wearing a black hood, the same as the one worn by the kidnappers, which covered his head and neck tightly, leaving only his eyes and mouth exposed.

At this moment, two hot eyes shot out from the holes in the black hood. Ji Chuhe held another hood of the same style in his hand and promoted: "Pure cashmere, very warm, 5, 000 yuan, okay?"

【? ? ? ? ? 】

[Ji Chuhe, what are you doing? What are you doing? ! 】

[What is the difference between this and defecating in public? ? ? 】

[Maybe it doesn't stink? 】

[This sister always brings me surprises, oh no, it's shocking (pinching the philtrum) ]

[Is there no one in the domestic entertainment industry that you care about, sister?]

[I suggest you check Ji Chuhe carefully, it doesn't look like he's acting]

Compared to the others, Luo Tingfei, who was closest to them, was the most frightened. Tears welled up in her eyes and she shivered even more violently: "No, no need, I'm not that cold."

"Really? I see you are shaking like this."

That's because I was scared of you. Luo Tingfei thought to himself.

But she still forced herself to nod: "Really, I'm really not cold."

Just stay away from me.

Ji Chuhe regretfully put the hood back into his bag: "Okay, tell me if you need it. This is really warm."

Seeing that the others were still staring at her, Ji Chuhe blinked: "Do you want it too?"

[How did she say the word "also"? Who would want something like this? ]

[Actually, I am a bit...]

[I also want it a little bit. Is this allowed to be said? ]

[It looks so warm. Every time I go out in winter, no matter how much I wear, my face gets flushed by the wind]

*****Skipping through some text******

Luo Tingfei was already catching a cold and sneezed twice.

She turned around and looked at Ji Chuhe hesitantly.

The quilted hood reaches just below the neck and looks really warm.

A few minutes later, when the camera turned to the end of the team again, two dark heads broke into everyone's sight.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!]

[Ji Chuhe, what did you do to my daughter? ! Feifei! ! ! This can't be done! ! ! 】

[Feifei, if you are kidnapped, just blink! 】

After all, Luo Tingfei is a little girl with the burden of being an idol. Facing the questioning looks of everyone, she hid behind Ji Chuhe and stumbled and said, "Indeed, it is indeed quite warm."

Can you keep me warm? This is a pure cashmere hood specially provided by the system.

Fortunately, she had a good business sense and asked the system for a few more.

Ji Chuhe calmly comforted her: "It's okay. The truth is this. When a person poops outside, he may feel ashamed, but if a group of people poops outside, then that place is the toilet."

"As Lu Xun once said, there are no roads in the world. When more people walk on it, it becomes a road."

"Same for the toilet, oh no, " Ji Chuhe pulled at his black hood, "Same for the hood."

[..... ]

[Lu Xun opened the coffin lid and slapped Ji Chuhe in the face overnight]

[I think what she said makes sense. Someone come and wake me up.]

[Is it my imagination? Why do I feel that other people's expressions are a little shaken?]

[No! want! ah! ]

A few minutes later, six dark heads appeared in the live broadcast room.

[I will spend my whole life to heal everything I saw today]


Here is a clip of when OG ML's mother finally contacted MC to slap her with money.


*Context* Because MC frequently fights with her anti-fans on Weibo and earns a maddog title for herself, her company arranged an 'Artist's Ethics class' for her to reintegrate into society. What was originally a one-lesson review of proper artist etiquette turned into a full-time position for the invited teacher... It's been many weeks and the teacher is still struggling with this monkey MC.

The teacher of the Arts and Ethics class started by teaching Ji Chuhe polite language: "When we address other companies, we usually use the word 'Your Company'. The word 'Your Company' shows respect."

This is a method Ji Chuhe learned from his friend who is a kindergarten teacher after he failed several exams in a row.

Don't treat her as a normal person, treat her as a monkey who doesn't understand human language.

Integrating monkeys into human society is a difficult and great task.

Teacher Yide took a deep breath and smiled patiently: "Student Ji Chuhe, can you draw inferences from this example? In what other situations can this word be used?"

Ji Chuhe said immediately: "If someone gets crazy, they can ask you if you have any serious illness."


"When someone dies, having a grand funeral is a waste of money."

"Wait a moment--"

Ji Chuhe was about to say something when her cell phone rang. She reached out to hang up when the system suddenly spoke.

[She is the protagonist's mother. ]

Ji Chuhe paused, then stood up with his phone in hand: "Teacher, I'm going out to answer a call."

"Who's calling? The class isn't over yet."

Ji Chuhe thought for a moment and said, "It's yours."

"You know how to use it, don't you? Hey, you didn't mean to--"

The door slammed shut, cutting off the teacher's chatter. Ji Chuhe answered the phone, and the God of Wealth's voice was pleasant and melodious: "Are you Ji Chuhe? I'm Qi Beimo's mother. We met last time. When are you free? I want to talk to you."


Lu Xueqin didn't expect her to be so decisive. She paused for a moment before saying what she had prepared: "This afternoon is also fine—"

"Why in the afternoon? I'm free now." Ji Chuhe's eyes lit up, and he asked excitedly, "Where are you? I'll go find you."

Lu Xueqin hesitated: "It's not convenient for me now."

"What? Are you taking a break? Poop or pee? Half an hour is enough, right? If not, I'll go find you in the bathroom and we can talk through the bathroom door."

Lu Xueqin:...

No, is she sick?

Lu Xueqin's temples were throbbing, and she gritted her teeth and asked, "Why are you so anxious?"

"I'm in a hurry to reincarnate."

With that five million, Ji Chuhe could be reborn into a new person.

On the road to prosperity, if she is not anxious, who will be?

"Tell me a place quickly. I'll take a shared electric bike. Oh no, I'll just take a taxi."

Lu Xueqin gave an address in a daze and hung up the phone before she realized that she was being led by the nose.

"No, why is she so active? Is this a trick?" Lu Xueqin recalled how she looked crazy after drinking that day, and immediately became alert, "Uncle Zhang! Where's the bulletproof vest? Yes, I'm going to the war zone, and I'll take the bulletproof helmet with me."

On the other side, Ji Chuhe spent a huge amount of money to take a taxi to the cafe.

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