If I Don’t Die, I’ll Truly Be Invincible


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After meeting his demise, Ye Ning finds himself in the body of a low-ranking official. However, he is far from unlucky. He has received an all-powerful system that will allow him to become the invincible Heavenly Official.

The only catch is that he must first succumb to death without committing su*cide.

Surely, that isn’t so hard, right?

But he soon discovers that this world is toxic.

Emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty: “One glance at Ye Ning leads to a lifelong mistake. If he dies, I absolutely refuse to live.”

Immortal of the Upper Realm: “People in this world are mostly indifferent, only Mr. Ye has never abandoned me, so I will do my utmost to protect him.”

Countless people: “Anyone in the world can be dispensable, only Mr. Ye must be protected. He is a saint for all ages!”

Ye Ning: “Please, can we not add any more drama? I’m almost invincible, why can’t I die yet?”

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If I Don't Die Soon, I'll Really Become Invincible!
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Allister rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: c28
I think stories like this are a good example of the sentence "you will find it when you aren't looking for it", in terms of the MC seeking death.

The way this is shown, at least for now, is really fun.

I'll keep reading to see if it keeps being as fun later.
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