Ice-Tipped Beautiful Jade


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The ice-tipped jade beauty who once stood at the top of the world fell from the highest podium due to an injury. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in the body of a real young master, unloved by his parents, despised by everyone and relentlessly pursued to the point of death by a fake young master.

Feeling the young, flexible, injury-free, and exceptionally talented body, Ji He Yu glanced lightly at his cheap parents: “Sorry, what are you all yelling about?”

Why get involved in family affairs? Wouldn’t it be nice to return to the ice rink to win the world championship?

Ji He Yu: I’m not familiar with you, don’t cue me, “Waiting for kneeling and lick my boots.jpg”.

Figure skating was a weak spot for China, and was often suppressed by the West.

When a slender, stunningly beautiful Asian face appeared on the ice, the world was waiting for him to fail.

Foreign competitors: Pff, just a Chinese with poor skills, it’s a fool’s errand to win a medal. Dreaming of winning medals is pure fantasy.

Western media: A newcomer with a pretty face dares to challenge a well-known men’s singles skater?

Even domestic ice-skating fans doubted Ji He Yu: Sigh, patriotism is great, but don’t be so arrogant and embarrass China!

Ji He Yu:?

Thanks for the invite, I’m on the ice, just won a gold medal. You all were very accommodating, but next time, don’t be.

Assuming you have the skill to avoid losing 🙂

From basic skills to difficult moves, from the National Winter Games to the World Championships, from unknown to world champion;

Breaking the oppression of figure skating in China, bringing Chinese music to the world stage, surpassing the limits of physical ability and beauty—

Dancing on ice skates, shining in the arena, everyone cheered loudly for him:

A stunning Asian face emerged, and the whole world paled in comparison.

After all, Ji He Yu’s goal was never just a world championship.

His goal was to become the brightest miracle of this era.

Sweat and injuries

are the best medals;

Rising together with the red flag

With the red flag, is a never-dying faith.

【A small theatre where the Gong sneakily comes out for a Stroll】

At the highest ski resort at an altitude of 5,400 meters, Yun Che, who had just won China’s first Olympic gold medal in alpine skiing, answered in an interview:

“What is the thing I want to do the most right now? I want to wear my medal and kiss the person I love the most.”

“Yes, we haven’t seen each other for seven days.”

“The last time we met was on the day of the men’s singles figure skating final.”

A charming figure skating beauty Shou x a cold on the outside but warm on the inside skiing emperor Gong.

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Bīng jiān měiyù
Ice-tipped Jade Beauty
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