I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City (WN)


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Satou Shiki, a university student, was suddenly stabbed by a slasher only to be reincarnated in Labyrinth City. In this other world, he who has awakened to [Appraisal] and [Healing Magic] does a lot of “things”.

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Isekai no Meikyuu Toshi de Chiyu Mahoutsukai Yattemasu
Pe*vert Healer
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Anduin rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: c16
Craig said that the MC does not care about any of the women around him, yet:

... more>>

Our MC nearly killed himself rushing through the labyrinth in chapter 16 to save Yuel when he thought she was in danger.


The MC of the series is attracted to women and sometimes notes the parts that he's attracted to. People like Craig may call this "objectifying" women. I call it normal attraction. It's normal to be attracted to breasts. It's normal to think about breasts.

This isn't the best novel out there, but it's certainly not a 1 star. I have read far worse. I gave this novel 5 stars to counter the hate. Social justice warriors ruin everything. The time has come to give them the finger, and that is what this review is really about. <<less
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Yomigaeru rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c83
Current translator of the series here. I picked it up because I'd read ahead in the raws and thought it didn't deserve to keep getting dropped.

This is primarily a harem comedy. There are moments of action and drama, but for the most part, the focus is on the MC thinking with his lower half, getting into trouble, and having to dig his way out. Since it's a harem comedy, when things start getting too intimate, you can expect something else to come along and interrupt it. If that's frustrating for... more>> you then you should probably avoid this series, but he does gradually get closer to each harem candidate over time, so it's not like the story spins its wheels going nowhere.

There are some minor RPG elements, but there's no time spent on level up stat bonuses or skill grinding or anything like that. The focus is on character interactions and the plot points that create opportunities for them, with the MC trying to make a living while his libido keeps threatening to upset the delicate balance between the needs and concerns of all the women in his life.

Regarding some of the complaints in other reviews:

- There's not much character growth from the MC.

The MC is dense as hell when it comes to dealing with women, but that's also par for the course with this genre. After all, if he was good at it, the series would be over in a single volume with no conflicts. And he doesn't ever really get much better about letting his perversion influence him either, but since he's dependable when it counts, the girls slowly come to accept him despite his faults. Which is kind of refreshing in its own way. And the payoff in c61 makes it worth it, imo.


- The character backgrounds aren't well-developed.

The novel does go into both Yuel's backstory and Shiki's circumstances when they become relevant.


- There's a lot of internal monologue from the MC.

This one is very true.


- The MC carelessly reveals the extent of his healing powers.

This becomes an important plot point much later on, but in the first arc he realizes pretty quickly that his abilities stand out and does his best to limit himself to the more common High Heal in public after that.


- The MC is bad with money.

Not true at all, he becomes filthy rich by using his healing abilities in creative ways. And the adventurer in the beginning didn't trick him for free healing and certainly not repeatedly; they had a mutual agreement over the discount and merely got interrupted. He gets properly compensated in the future. The guy who wrote that review must not have read past chapter 3.

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bloggbigg rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c58
This one is barely 3 stars.

This could easily be given the alternate title of 'I can pretty much take this plot anywhere by talking to myself in my head.'

Yeah, I know it sucks compared to it's actual alternate title- but judge for yourself which is more fitting...

... more>> The GOOD:

At this point my opinion on this has changed on what's 'good' about it- because it's mostly the hope that things for the MC will get better. The secondary characters aren't bad- slightly more than ciphers at this point and more or less likable in general. Yuel (though a strongly cliche character) is still endearing in her innocence and boilerplate instant loyalty.

Ah- doing 'the good' here. Focus....

The writer's potential isn't really seen until Ch16 at which point the plot develops considerably better events and interactions, which shows the potential for this novel getting much better- if only the MC evolves. (C58 so far- minor (inconsequential?) acknowledgement of wrong-thinking.)

The BAD:

The author's writing is twice as bulky as it needs to be, and is apparently some style that makes translators cringe due to it's difficulty to translate. Translated, the author uses the MCs internal monologue as a narration tool, equivocating, speculating, explaining away issues or rendering judgment via a messy 'point/counterpoint' examination. It's a bit tiresome actually as it literally takes up half the story- which is about half forced plot points. Actually, c41 is amazing in that it takes 200+ sentences to describe a surprisingly small amount of actual, near-inconsequential action. c42 will determine if it could be skipped entirely or not. (Pretty much could've been skipped)

Because the MC is a 'pervy healer' (this alternate title is not my creation), he gets to be involved in s*upid situations most of which he created himself and (in his own head) escalates their seriousness. His behavior is that of a 'creepy' pe*vert- relating a past involving stalking, s*xual harassment, and discounting treatment at his employer's expense in exchange for weak 2nd base-level favors. He's a selfish idiot.

He's another variety of 'dense protagonist'- but his issue is not that he can't see affection toward him, but that he clearly sees it, and second guesses/guards against it by reflexive deception due to seemingly noble principles or just plain responsibility avoidance. I should clarify before I give the wrong idea- he's not actually noble- he just wants people to think he is. He's _super_ concerned about what people think of him (when convenient to the plot anyway) - so he tries to look good in front of others as much as possible (plot willing). The way this comes off is slightly pretentious, but mostly as an author plot control. So, like a skilled sociopath, he lies frequently to control others (though I doubt that's the impression the author intends to deliver).

The plot is somewhat aimless- pretty much making it 'slice of life', though it's more the author can't focus in my opinion. When the author does have an objective, it's very obvious and forced, leading to exchanges that should be predictable, except the MC is too much of a tool to make 'normal human' choices.

He is ultimately portrayed as 'good natured perv', who is basically kind, despite being a creep. Most of the issues I have with this novel come from the writer's horrible world canon. He's (for no reason I can tell) a migrant, reborn in another world in an adult body. The story starts pretty much 3 months after the mystery event & no explanation has been given so far (Ch 58).

The world is a fantasy/dungeon dive community/Japanese culture aware creation- except there's legal s*avery, prostitution, monster drop based s*x toys-- but the MCs main beef with the s*ave he bought and exploits for income is she's 'underage' (so far 'in his head'- dunno if the fantasy world agrees).

  1. Ah- for reference, in Japan the minimum age of consent is 13 for arranged marriages (18 otherwise). Not saying what he should do- just pointing out his concerns are (even for the author's home culture) not as big a deal as he repeatedly makes them for the sake of 'painful' plot complications.
Back to the world, it's very wireframe- the author has no real world canon. To date (C58), for his profession, 4 spells are mentioned (Heal, Dis-Poison, Ex-Heal, Area Heal). Not a lot of thought was given to 'how the world works', and a great deal is simply asserted to 'work this way' by the author to forward the plot. Somehow the fact that he can do cheat level heals is completely un-exploitable based on supposed prejudice, because no one cares about results? Makes no sense...


Especially since he was able to build a party with people who needed limbs regrown- entirely by his friends 'networking' for him. (I won't get into the illogically paltry showing of his 'bar side business'- because apparently, if you're poor & need healing- 'walking farther' isn't an option)


The Different:

I would say initially that he's a healer MC. Except he's pretty much just a perv who heals occasionally as a 'no-brainer migration cheat'. Pe*vert: every chapter, Healer 1/4 chapters tops. So what else is different? Not much. Even the ecchi is pretty much limited to his imagination, very rare breast groping, and a panty flash. There was that 3 chapter monster drop s*x toy acquisition arc (Ch 6-8), so I guess that's a 'different' thing.

As much as I blast this for it's issues, it _could_ go somewhere. It's not horrible, but quite a bit is irritating & even occasionally cringe-worthy. The MCs biggest enemy is himself, and that's painful to watch. Of course that seems to be the point, so I guess it's just me- but I think if he develops, it'll become something good.


I'm reading Ch36 like it could be a turning point- we'll see if it 'self-realization' of the character, or just 'self-aware' author trolling. (@Ch58now- it was trolling)


We'll see.

Update: Having read Ch 53, I'm pretty sure 'this is it'- and if the author was gonna try- he'd have by now. Ch 53 is an expositional nightmare wherein Yuel tries a thing (no spoilers), fails, then asks The MC to read a book to help with the thing- he starts to by getting distracted and reading some himself, decides not to read to her (for bs/coward reasons), and then luckily gets to answers the door.

That's it.

There's a tiny bit of dialog, sure- but then there's the remaining 96% which is the MC 'talking in his own head' (second guessing- speculating, etc.) to bulk out the story as if you're somehow fooled by it. Well- there is the general upshot that the MC is useless to be gained from all that- but you already knew that 2000 random useless speculations ago...

I would say 'Wait till it's fully translated' so at least you wouldn't have to wait- but the trans is currently actually only 20 chapters behind- so soon you'll be waiting for the author anyway (who'll pad his story with every random stray thought the protag has (most of which are worthless), and dragging every potential bit of plot over the coals to make sure it's done/dry/unpalatable).

Dropped a point to 2 stars. if it decides to find a direction again... Ah, I'm asking too much...

Ah! Back up to 3 stars- Ch 58 author reveals solid contributive plotting. I'm encouraged!

Let's hope for more progress (especially with the MCs character...) <<less
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Craig6844 rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: c65
This work has many good points but the MC just makes you want to beat the sh*t out of him because he is so shallow and dense. I don't know if the author does it on purpose with the promise of character growth however I'm not seeing much growth. He wants a harem and objectifies women. Its obvious the the women around him care about him but he doesn't really care about them in return. All he really cares about is how they view him and whether or not how... more>> it will affect his harem. And really I don't see why he wants a harem if hes a DT who cant even get his d*ck wet or figure out how to m*sturbate by himself.

I can now see why this WN keeps getting dropped like a bad habit by the translators. <<less
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diamonds rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: c23
I would say that the start of the novel is a bit rough, but it gets much better by the end of the first arc (c23). I recommend reading to at least c16 if you were planning on dropping it.

Although the healing is OP, healing powers are explored much better in Atelier Tanaka and Kaifuku Jutsushi.
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ElectricIcecream rated it
October 9, 2015
Status: --
Interesting new concept with a healer as MC instead of godlike mage or some sort of wargod. A relaxing slice of life story about a healer who can cure any wound with one spell and his (as of now) one s*ave. I've read ahead and translated for myself up to chapter 7 (only 3 chapters are "officially" translated as of now), and I must say that it's a nice read if you don't have to translate the story yourself. I also like that the MC chooses an unconventional weapon, one... more>> I haven't seen before in any story.

His weapon of choice is a mace. It's revealed in chapter 6.

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Leon07 rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: --
Another one of those Transported to Another World Japanese Novels with not much in it. If you've gotten bored of reading such novels, then don't bother with this, it's not at all that good. My rating is 1-2 stars, wont go more than that

Firstly one of the things that will piss you of is that the MC is poor, barely makes enough money for himself and his s*ave, yet does things for too cheap. I mean, most Japanese novels nowadays has the Kind MC, way too kind (seriously if... more>> there were kind people like this in real life, the world would be at peace). Japanese authors need to stop making their MC's the kind type and start making them the realistic type which actually has common sense and knows how to get properly paid (humans are greedy, not all of them, but most are. That's a fact, but you hardly see any such MC's. I miss greedy MC's : ()

Well our MC is not only kind, but dumb as well. He gets tricked into healing for cheap by a female adventurer who says she'll give him some service, but has never given any yet and always manages to get away. And this has not happened once, but many times. A person with common sense would ask for payment first in such cases, but not our MC. Author really wants to do things his way thus making MC more and more dumb.

There was another case where MC could have made quite some good money when he heals others, but kind MC doesn't do so because of s*upid reasons. In other words, it's just another novel with the author just typing up more and more rubbish to keep the novel going. Not worth wasting time to read (try read something else like LOTR or Harry Potter, atleast those won't piss you of like this)

So in simpler terms, if you just want to waste time and read a few chapters, then you can try this out. But I won't recommend this novel to anyone. Got tired of reading such tr*shy novels. Someone who is used to reading otherworld novels won't like this very much, but those completely new to the genre might like it <<less
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Extender rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c73
It's probably more a four star story, honestly, but it really doesn't desire all the one star reviews, so I bumped mine up a little.

This is a light-hearted isekai story. There are points where it gets a _little_ dark (but not much), or focuses on action, but it never gets buried in drama or falls into Cerebus Syndrome.

This protagonist of the story is a very flawed person. Though he's generally aware of his flaws, he still follows his desires, which inevitably gets him into trouble time and time again. This... more>> can be annoying for readers who wish for their protagonists to be more socially optimized, or better stand-ins for self-insertion, but it makes for a refreshing contrast to most isekai protagonists. It's also the driving force behind much of the story's somewhat sitcom-ish humor. <<less
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blank1134 rated it
June 3, 2019
Status: Completed
TBH I got interested in this novel after reading The Shield Hero. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend reading it. Its really a must read novel.

Anyways back to this novel. There are ups and downs while reading this novel but in the end its quite good IMO.

Comedy-Harem with some actions in it but it is mostly focused on MC's thoughts and what he could do before the situation becomes chaotic or you know cannon ball! LOL.

The monologue to me is quite long but other than that I... more>> liked it.

I recommend reading it steadily not a binge reading novel for me though. <<less
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Otaku108 rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c9
s*upidly over power healer without a brain buys 12 year old girl to use as a source of income via dungeon delving. Premise in a nutshell. Seriously, dafuk? Was getting into a party with his ability to regenerate limbs or even eyes (literally instantly) that hard? Or finding another establishment that would happily take in someone with this supposed rare healing ability...

It's not like it's a new idea either, several other isekai titles I've read that the MC decides to buy a little girl, couple are even similar in that... more>> they are the main damage dealer in their party. They just did it better, or more tastefully.

An entire chapter was dedicated to him trying to figure out how to relieve his s*xual tension, and is eventually given the suggestion to do so via slime jelly m*sturbation. *facepalm* Was this meant to be funny? All I could do was cringe.

Maybe this gets better as it goes on but the more I read the more irritated I got with this moronic MC, setting, and plot. Not worth reading, find something else, Lazy Dungeon Master for example. <<less
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NovReds rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: Completed

  1. Ending is satisfactory
  2. MC is not super strong but a support type
  3. Cute girls
  4. Short story
  5. Harem (For those who like it)

  1. MC is indecisive
  2. Weak willed MC and getting attracted to other girls quite easily
  3. Unnecessary s*xy plot sometimes.
  4. Not much character development (well its a short story so its kinda expected)
  5. Side characters' fate was not mentioned in the ending.
Over and all this is a good short story for light reading.
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zaneith rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: Completed
This series is not the best out there, probably around 3 at best, but I'm giving it a 4 to counteract the unwarranted 1 star reviews. I mean, come on, comparing this to LOTR or HP? Seriously?

I mean, yeah the MC is kinda dumb and doesn't think using his upper head, but the story's pace is quite good. There's not much grand schemes happening throughout the series unlike other isekai novels, but the magnitude of the events in the story is quite fitting for the characters.

To be fair, the heroines... more>> in the story have reasons/triggers why they became heroines.


If you're looking for R-18, or at least some kind of kinky stuff, you probably shouldn't get your hopes up in this. The only stuff that happened are kisses and some fan service rubbing.


If you're looking for a novel that explores magic and combat, this isn't for you. If you're looking for that overly "realistic" MC that you can relate to, as some of the reviewers said, maybe you shouldn't even be reading on this genre, except for the extremely popular ones.

Overall, quite an average lighthearted isekai story but the ending was quite nice. Give it a try if you're bored, don't let the low rated reviews stop you. <<less
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hellogarry rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c11
It's enjoyable if you ignore all the illogical and s*upid thing the MC is doing. Sadly as of chapter 11, I find the lack of background story rather lacking. All we know about the MC is he is a healer already on the modern japan and as for Yuel we have no idea how the heck she got that injury.

Most of all MC, expose his powers like an idiot

... more>>

He healed strangers using [Ex-Heal] without second thought (Just to impress a loli) despite it being rare even with people who practice being a priest.

He made a healing stand inside a bar "Because nobles doesn't go there" how s*upid is that? Nobles have a way to get information and adventurers aren't as soft as he thinks, they are people who will sell out someone for money.


So basically, if you're looking for a deep plot then this might not be for you.

If you're looking just for moe and a little comedy while ignoring all illogical and s*upid decisions then this might be for you. <<less
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DizzyMiko rated it
March 25, 2019
Status: c3

I had an explanation as to why this series is garbage written up but the goddamn website derped on me and I lost it, so I'm going with a cliffnotes review:

-Author is a terrible writer. Writing is terrible and premise is uninteresting. Characters are poorly written, and gag "jokes" fall flat. I love comedies. I love harems. But why is it so goddamn hard to find a harem comedy that's actually interesting and fun, and not tedious and tiring?

-Dropped literally in the middle of a world with no explanation aside of "I got killed by a slasher. Oh, and I used to be a Cult Leader that somehow could use magic in a world lacking of mana because "REASONS" and "PLOT." Also, I'm a huge pe*vert who does not reflect on my actions and when I get in trouble, all I gotta do is apologize and then beg and all will be forgiven, because I'm the protagonist and I am important!" I'm the kind of person who actually loves exposition and explanation of events and world-building. This has neither--well, exposition that is interesting. This can be a plus or minus depending on what you (as the reader) are looking for.

-Satou Shiki is a piece of garbage whose tropiness is almost a sight to behold. The lack of restraint is incredible, and makes it impossible to apply suspension of disbelief, even in a comedy.

-Red head should have been punched in the face for her actions. I know I would've done so. Satou just sits there and talks with her after she was one of the reasons he got fired.

I think I really am getting too old for this kind of shitty writing.

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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
November 22, 2018
Status: c24
The premise of this novel is a former guru and founder of a religion in Japan being transported to a different world, yet his achievements were based solely on the fact that he actually had some mana and was able to preform a degree of healing magic in a world that was devoid of this, giving the author the perfect excuse to give the MC both an incredible amount of mana, immature personality and low IQ.

What we have here is the typical underage side character that's attached to the MC... more>> and wants his D while he rejects her, due to moral standards of his old world, and is c*ck-blocked in every other scenario because of this side character.

A lot of "comedy" is based on this and the novel itself doesn't really offer much besides this. It's a cliche but that in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, yet it becomes old fast which is clearly indicated by the length of this novel. An average read that'll suffice if you have nothing better to read at the moment. <<less
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Sirzech rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: --
Im here cuz im liking what I read. For some people this novel might seem bad, but I gotta say this is quite the good read for me.

The story in this novel paces quite well and the main aspect of this novel is the "happenings" and character interaction.... well not much... but its centered upon the MC, and he really likes his monologues... yes this novel have tons of monologues. But hell its interesting cuz we get to see the world on how the MC thinks.

Romance in this is well...... more>> not bad... at least there is a trigger for every affection and not just random gacha heroine (LOL).

Well think of this as konosuba but less wacky and more focus on harem building.

Well its a fun read srsly try it. <<less
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Xenagos rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: c83
This serie is not good, and Author also said that its on of his first works, so gl on writing novels. I also press F to pay respects to translator-san to stick to the series until the end and make the question: "wth happened to succubus?", my own question would be "does Fran join the harem?"

Imo, since chapter 30 I began thinking if this is not good or simply bad, He forces 1 character, that is a spoiled child which the MC flatters sooo much that it becomes repetitive and... more>> boring, its not even an Imouto, but a obsessive/single-minded character, which doesn't feel like a lovable heroine, but an annoying character that takes all the MC concern. <<less
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Hijria rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: --
Here I back again for the 2nd time ! Why you ask ?

Of course to celebrate the end of this terrible series !!

I guess, I'm not the only one think so for this WN not even last until its 85th episode..!

Really ! The story itself is not that bad. But when you're talking about the protag, he's the worst !! F*cking hate him !! He's too faithful to his own desires yet at the same time he want to still look cool n pure but when it's matter he's too... more>> f*cking afraid and a coward to even decide anything !! Not to mention to do anything !!

At first I give this work only one star but now I gave 2 stars in honor to adorable, loyal and lovely s*ave, Yuel, and a quite decent ending.. <<less
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sgrey rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c69
This novel is quite boring. There is stuff happening, but there is no tension, MC is just an idiot and the jokes are not funy at all. I haven't even smiled while reading this novel. It's not the worst out there, but it is still a pretty boring novel overall. MC is immature and all of the problems are never getting solved.
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ZeroA2 rated it
May 26, 2023
Status: c26
This was short and complete so I thought I could pick it up with no issues but MC commits rampant harassment of the girls around him even when he could not be a jerk and have successful healthy relationships, so I dropped it after seeing the sort of same crap in the start of the second volume. I've read and watched culture articles which claim this sort of harassment is supposed to be "comedy" and it's a difference in culture but since these sort of things also show the distress... more>> felt by the people it's done to I think maybe it's not a difference in culture of it being disgusting and horrible but a difference in culture of it being portrayed as normal while still being disgusting and horrible. That is, the discomfort felt by the victims is supposed to be the amusing part.

I almost didn't finish the first volume due to the MC claiming to care about how dense and innocent his s*ave is but then purposefully misleading her all the time while he tries to be an ass with other women and never educating her while she works the overnight shift at a bar as a waitress.

He does seem to care for the women he abuses but not enough to treat them with the decency to not violate them because "comedy". <<less
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