I Work as a Guild Receptionist, but Because I Hate I Hate to Work Overtime I Think I’ll Just Defeat the Boss Solo


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This strong and cute receptionist will defeat all bosses and overtime to protect (her own) peace and quiet!

Alina’s ideal job is that of a guild receptionist. It’s desk work so it should be super safe! It’s a public position so it should be super stable! However when she actually became a receptionist, what awaited her was day after day of relentless overtime, far from what she had imagined.

It’s all because they’re failing to conquer the dungeon!

No longer able to bear it Alina headed off to defeat the boss herself, her first rank sliver adventurer’s license that she keeps hidden and her silver shining warhammer in hand.

That’s right. In truth the remarkable and mysterious adventurer who has been the rumour around town, who shows up in dungeons whose conquest has come to a standstill and defeats the boss on their own, who they call “the Executioner”… is her!

But don’t tell anyone! Why? Because receptionists are not allowed to have a side job!!! And yet, did the guild’s strongest party who happened to be present when she defeated the boss find out about Alina’s identity?

This is a thrilling other world comedy about the strongest receptionist who uses her overwhelming power to protect (her own) peace and quiet!

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I May Be a Guild Receptionist, but I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time (LN)
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1 Review

Oct 26, 2023
Status: v2
I'll make this brief since I'm typing this on a phone. There are basically no redeeming features to this work. I read vol 1 of the LN. This is time I'm never getting back...

The main character is insufferable, the world building is garbage. It's incredibly repetitive. None of the characters or their motivations make sense. The word "overtime " is used 101 times throughout this work, but got old by the second usage. The writing quality is tr*sh.

This is just garbage. The only redeeming feature is Jade and me... more>> wishing that he could just be the main character, so it would at least turn into a generic fantasy work. Yeah, that isn't actually a redeeming feature. <<less
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