I Won’t Pick Up The Trash I Threw Away Again


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After six years of war, my fiancé returned.

With a woman and his child in tow.

While saying that he couldn’t leave her.

The same irresponsible fiancé who forced on me the duties of a duchess.

“Leila, you’re not the duchess yet.”

Hearing those words, I decided to break my engagement.


“How far can I go?”

There was a moment of silence. Realizing that I said something strange, I hurriedly spoke up.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I wasn’t trying to ask this, but that…”

“Anything,” Kalian replied, cutting off my words.

It wasn’t an angry tone. I’d rather say that he… was smiling.

“If you’re not selling the kingdom, you can do anything. Because you are my agent now.”

What are you going to do if I really do sell the kingdom?

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Don’t Pick Up The Trash Once Thrown Away
버린 쓰레기는 다시 줍지 않는다
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12 Reviews

Apr 25, 2021
Status: --
The original fiancé is astonishingly s*upid. Like, probably mentally challenged in a literal way. He's about as sharp as a gr*pe. The other characters, and even his parents, acknowledge he's at a particularly low wattage. This is compounded by the fact that he loves feeling intelligent, and often expects people to arrange it so he can play act that he is.

Maybe he didn't get enough air while he was being born, or got hit in the head a few too many times on the training grounds as a child, but... more>> he seems to have vaguely picked up on the fact that his parents greatly preferred their smart, adoptive daughter, (our MC, and his fiancee,) over him. Now he's playing shitty, "if you really loved and respected me, you'd happily go along with everything I say, and agree to do all of the work, too, while saying how smart I am" games with his fiancee, without realizing that's what he's doing. It doesn't help that he sees her in more a maternal/employee aid light, than as a woman.

Our idiot cannot comprehend why his long time fiancée would be upset he brought home a woman pregnant with his child, and why she's failing to sooth him, tell him what a smart, good boy he is, and do the work to make everything all better, like he wants, and this pisses him off and leads him to be petty and vindictive. I'd feel a bit bad for him, maybe he really was dropped on the head as a child, but it's not enough to fully excuse him. He is a twit easily lead by s*x and simpering, which our MC does not know how to indulge, and who grows increasingly a-holish-enraging as he tries to hide his incompetence by squashing those actually smarter than him.

Our main lead does not play these games, dooming her relationship. She is well written and cast of the competent, dignified sort. There is a nice balance between her inexperience from her very young age, and her capable intelligence. She flubs some things and is awkward and unsure, but will still speak up and step in when she needs to. She will only let herself be trampled so far and no further. She is not stoic by choice, but by necessity to protect herself, and endearingly excited when someone hits on a topic which interests her. I appreciate that those close to her know she is a good person, and they don't play any of that "well, if only she was friendlier with the maids!" crap. She is every smart girl who got used by the hot jock, and she will be getting hers back in the end.

Her main rival, Cecily, is a Margaery Tyrell type character. Completely willing to pander and debase herself in the now for her long term goals, we would admire her masterful maneuvers and understand her desire to crawl her way back up from war-orphaned, princess-no-more of a destroyed kingdom to a duchess seat... if only she wasn't hurting our innocent MC in the process, who had come from an even lower background, and had truly earned the place being stolen from her.

Read it if you like whump, because our MC is going to be put through the emotional wringer for a good long while before she gets the chance to escape her engagement.

But, her being Empress seems endgame, so it'll eventually transform from stomping on the MC, to her glorious triumph paying off, and some stomping back. Just have to wait a while. The true ML, the Emperor is an intelligent, progressive man who truly appreciates those skills in others, like our MC, and he seems worth waiting for.

Tons are comparing this with Remarried Empress. There are similarities in the basic plot (sensible wife is cheated on, eventually winds up on top), but I think this is far less "Remarried Empress" and far more Prince Johannes/ Lady Rebecca from "The Antagonist's Pet" (the charming, but incompetent, heir to a crucial position he obviously cannot handle, is given a high-powered, top-skilled fiancée to handle the duties for him, by parents who never adequately made him experience the consequences of his failings. He doesn't appreciate or understand his fiancée, who, after falling out of love and becoming sick of his promises to magically change and shape up once their marriage finally happens, realizes she outclasses her dweeb fiancé and is better off without him.) Still, it is different enough from both to be considered it's own story. <<less
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Apr 20, 2021
Status: c5
Yeah so um.... this is kinda like remarried empress a bit but a different take on the story. I'm ratiing this a 5 on quality of translating aand gradual world-buiilding that's been done in the first 5 chapters.

I looked up some spoilers to find out when a certain climax event happens and


tr*sh husband gets dumped in ch 40 and around ch 100 is when the FL goes to the capital ccity to become an aide for the emperor who iis the ML

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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c35
A bit mitiged on this novel... On one side it's well written, the characters are interesting, the plot is fun and somewhat new on the other side, the heroine keep giving up her own interest just so she can help people taking advantage of her.

From the first chapter, the author wish to tell us how smart the heroine is, that she has a vast knowledge, that she knows how to use it, that she is daring, etc. but he shows us that she doesn't even have the basic instinct of... more>> not doing things which are bad for her.

It's frustrating and I found myself peed reading through chapters because I want to quickly get to the point where she will grow a spine to stand for herself and not just say "How sad I am, but also looks how nice I am" every time someone treat her badly.

If someone want to read this, I would say to wait for at least... probably until around chapter 50 is out. That way, you will have something to look forward when your read the previous chapters. <<less
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Jun 22, 2021
Status: c14
Chapter 14 and this is actually agonizing and frustrating. I rated it a 3 but I wish I rated it a 2 - the emotional torture starts right away and it doesn't seem like it'll end for a long while. I'm just not into watching people get kicked around like this. FL needs to get some ovarian fortitude and walk away.

On second thought, I'm just going to drop this. One sided emotional torture isn't enjoyable to read about.
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Mar 18, 2022
Status: c64
I love the author's depictures of drama and internal monologues, they feel fairly realistic and moving. My main gripe with the novel, however, is that I'm really just not sure what the MC's goals are - at present, they feel like a very blank slate who feels despair and misery basically 24/7 according to the author's wishes when writing any particular scene.

If the MC wanted power, she had 10 years to seize the hearts of the people working for her or to take effective authority over the estate as the... more>> to-be duchess. However, she seemingly shut herself away in her office for 10 years, and almost none of the employees seem to have any particular feelings about her (they don't particularly dislike her, but they don't like her enough to support her either). That's a pretty pathetic atmosphere if you've worked in a corporate environment for 10 years and have only 1-2 close associates.

If the MC wanted status, she would have married the duke before the war instead of staying in this vague position for 10 years. She would have connected with other noble families, or formed connections outside of her mansion. But again, she appears to have barely left her home in the past 10 years.

If the MC wanted resources for her own education, that would be wonderful and I almost think closest to her actions during the past 10 years. But at the same time, she feels noble pride in just the strangest places that stop her from investigating her own interests or considering future paths. She doesn't dare to imagine working a normal job, because "other people" feel a noble lady shouldn't work a commoner job. She won't speak out against her husband in public, because "other people" feel a noble lady shouldn't talk back. If she actually came into the relationship hoping for self-empowerment, I can't see these particular actions as reasonable.

It's also possible that she's also confused about her motives, which I think is what the author is going for and why I called her a "blank slate" for the author to write however they wish in a particular scene (at least, that's how it came across to me in practice). However, it's mentioned many times that she has a purpose for this relationship, just that the purpose is never really mentioned or detailed.

In general, I like the characterization and the story, but I feel the author could have established their premise before continuing with the plot so I could feel more empathy for the characters and their actions. It's not like I don't feel empathy for a women cheated on by her fiance, but it's also made very clear in the novel that that's not unusual for the times and that she even expected something like that might happen. In that sense, I just don't really understand what the MC's motivations are and whether I should mentally support her actions as they align with those goals. I'd edit this post if I learn anything in future chapters, though.

Edit at c64: you find out more about the MC's past in c62. It's up to you whether you want to read that far, but it does explain more about her motivations! It doesn't help justify the confusions many readers might have in the beginning, though. <<less
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Mar 21, 2021
Status: c3
So far it reminds me a little of the Remarried Empress. FL is engaged at 14 and works really hard so she can be a proper wife and Dutchess in the future, tragedy strikes and she is left to take over both roles of the Duke and Dutchess because ML is incompetent. After he comes home from war with a pregnant woman, FL is left to put up with it.

Its too early to say how the story is but I already don’t like that she’s gonna spend a lot of... more>> time in the novel putting up with disrespect when she’s so sweet and puts in a lot of work. <<less
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Jul 26, 2021
Status: c25
At chapter 25, I am very happy to have found this story. Although some of the circumstances did make me think of two other stories, this world is not the same. These unique characters and their actions drew me in in their own right. Leila is an intelligent, clever, level headed woman who has never been appreciated and is trapped in a difficult situation, alone. Her fiance, Duke Phillen, has a talent for swordsmanship but little else and is easily manipulated. The mistress is a former princess of a conquered... more>> nation, pregnant with Phillen's child. Ceilia, the mistress acts pitiful and cute in front of the ignorant Pgillen, but I see a more calculating mind at work. Enter the emperor and his progressive ideas, to allow women to become public officials and his, so far, platonic interest in Laila and there may be a way out of a heartbreaking situation. I look forward to more. <<less
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Dec 15, 2021
Status: c52
I've really enjoyed reading this series so far. It may be painful for some to read, as the main character has to deal with a lot of bs. It does get better as things go along. I really like that this is focused more on what the MC wants to do with her life rather than romance. I'm sure the romance is coming, but the fact that her life goals/career take a front seat makes this a better read for me than most novels. Definitely recommend reading for anyone who... more>> can get past the initial abuse MC has to go through. <<less
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Dec 07, 2021
Status: c51
I’m at chapter 51 and like where it is going but wish there was more vicious revenge on the tr*sh fiancee and mistress but it’s probably coming. Just slow paced.

emperor is cute :) and I like how FL is genuinely capable.
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Oct 13, 2021
Status: c43
This novel is a pretty satisfying read. We have a very similar dynamic to the one between Rebecca and the crown prince from The Antagonist's Pet, where you have a brilliant and skilled woman being paired with an incompetent man and made to make up for his shortcomings by his parents, with the main difference here being that Philen's parents are a lot more sympathetic because their son wasn't a complete scumbag when they were alive, but rather an honest airhead.

... more>>

The FL does have a pretty bad time throughout, basically being treated like tr*sh while being the sole factor keeping the duchy afloat, but her interactions with the ML and obvious setup for her ascension to the title of empress and the duke's ruination in her absence makes me, at least, appreciate all the misery as to make the duke's inevitable downfall that much more satisfying.


All in all, the catharsis here is bound to be fantastic, so I'd recommend you stick around until that happens. <<less
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Jul 23, 2021
Status: c23
The FL grew up thinking that they were going to get married and similar to Remarried Empress, the FL does not have a clear idea on what to do if the marriage does not happen. This is good for character development and allows readers to be more immersed in the story, meaning readers hate the mistress and SOB more. I love the storyline slightly more than the Remarried Empress but both are capable women and their ex-partners are SOBs, and the mistresses are Bs. Give this story a try and... more>> form your own opinions! :) <<less
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May 13, 2022
Status: c1
very draggy because of ex-fiance who can't understand human words and also FL who is indecisive in emotional aspect

FL is supposed to be smart, reading all those philosophy books yet doesn't realize promises shouldn't be kept if she gets hurt by it. If she knows Duke of Idiot's parents loves her like a daughter, that means she should realize how much she can love herself.

I mean what kind of person has to be her fiance's nanny just because his parents asked you to wipe his butt if he can't do... more>> it? Also that your words don't hold any meaning to him? Does he see you as human or servant? He expects you to continue becoming a nanny for him and his lover plus child

The servants don't see her as a master either, they expect her to continue playing nanny for the entire territory and not care of her mental health or wellbeing

"oh yes, we want her to be our lord and savior forever, we don't need to care about her emotions, let's just give her some pity during unfortunate situation, that's enough kindness as repayment after her 10 years of slaving away governing the territory"

for ten years, she never realized to love herself

plus fiance doesn't understand human words

like you want to be ml, drag him to dungeons under charge for treason due to defying imperial order, punish this irredeemable man with language class torture until he can understand "no" doesn't mean "I'm just playing hard to get, I still have feelings for you so you gotta pester and coax me with force until I say yes" <<less
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