I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me


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Everywhere Leticia went, she was compared to her siblings.
Sadly, it was all too common.

She was not as pretty as her second sister Diana,
nor as smart as her third brother Emil,
nor as good with a sword as her fourth brother Xavier,
nor as talented with magic as her youngest sister Irene. However, she was never jealous or envious of her siblings.

In fact, she was proud of them. And yet, she never knew that her family was ashamed of her. Until the moment her family abandoned her.

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36 Reviews

New bookwurm247
Nov 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I have to agree with another reviewer who said that there’s a lot more “telling” than “showing” and that the characters are pretty much just caricatures and don’t have much substance.

I especially agree with the caricatures comment as I find that the evil family members especially fit this description. Imo they just seem to hate her for no good reason (this is my biggest gripe about the characters). Sure you can argue that it’s because they’re influenced by their father who raised them with the idea that no ability=no worth.... more>> However, this doesn’t explain to me why her siblings actively hate her so much. Hate is a very strong word but it’s appropriate in this case because the actions that they displayed aren’t even just simple dislike or shame about her being related to them. Examples:

1) Her brother Emil kinda figured out early that they made a mistake kicking her out for being “unlucky”. Instead of just letting it be, he actually spread the rumors about her being unlucky which was why she was kicked out of the family. Before that, it was unknown why she was kicked out by the general public. His reasoning? It’ll look bad for the family if people find out that they kicked her out for her “ability” but turns out she didn’t have that ability. 2) Her other brother Xavier meets her by coincidence at a store. He accidentally touched her when they both reached for the same item. He took out a handkerchief to wipe his hands as if she was contagious and was actually disgusted. 3) On several occasions, when they coincidentally meet her, they’re all surprised and disgusted at her for actually living normally and happily. It’s like they all expected her to be begging on the streets. Emil even told her to live quietly as if she was dead so that she wouldn’t “bother” the family with her presence. 4) Diana, 2nd eldest and the golden child of the father, hates her the most for some reason that wasn’t ever really explained. She would ridicule FL almost daily and treated her like dirt while FL was still with them. Author didn’t even explain that it was because she was jealous of FL for being engaged to her crush.

It’s like they were evil and hated the FL simply for the sake of the story. I’m not saying that their father’s policy wasn’t a good reason. I’m just saying it’s not enough and I wanted more complex reasons for the hate that they displayed towards her.

overall, an okay read for me. Just wish the characters were more complex and better written as the plot itself isn’t that unique. <<less
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Jun 16, 2021
Status: --
I have the feeling that anyone who ever did all the work holding up a group project and then finally got to glory in their lazy group mates crashing and burning, is going to like this story. The story is a tragedy-to-triumph tale, which will make you cry as you watch poor Leticia, who is average in all things except for her exceptional kindness, endure the tremendous misfortune of being a member of the world's douchiest and most-superficial family, ever.

Because Leticia has not awakened an "ability", the shallow-but-shiny-and-talented people she's related to downgraded her from full member of the family, to shunting her to the side like a red headed step child they should hide in the attic in embarrassment when company comes over. (Not that these abilities seem to do much: her younger sister, whom everyone treats like the sun shines from her backside, has the completely inane and pointless ability to make it rain flowers. Woo. So useful.)

Anyways, Leticia goes from non-entity to actively shunned and abused when her exceedingly (and irrationally) superstitious father decides she is a bad luck omen, and being around her contaminates the rest of them. Dumped by her fiancé, and thrown out of her family, Leticia lands among the disparaged, but kind, Achilles household, composed of three, down on their own luck, orphaned siblings, and begins to forge a new family.

Of course, we as readers know she has an ability that outshines everyone in her family combined: she makes other people lucky, and seems to grant wishes. While it would be a more daring story if she became happy and whole without ever gaining an ability, our vampire smiles come out as we readers wait with anticipation for the slow destruction of this wretched family for daring to spit on the super powered golden goose and the final vindication of our heroine.

You'll cry and froth at the mouth during Leticia's downfall from her original family, and then cheer her as she climbs back up to a higher branch in her new one. Satisfying and not too complicated. Good for when you don't want moral grey areas: you just want bad guys you can hate, good guys you can like, and some cute moments as you run the gamut of emotion from sad, to incensed, to happy and everything in between.


As it goes on, Leticia does start becoming very Reddit-tween revenge fantasy. In these sorts of stories, main character needs to either be a saccharine-martyr, or transform into a self righteous fury (the creature, not the emotion). This tried to walk a balance between the two extremes, and the result is that Leticia tips into "ok, you're starting to just be vindictive now" territory. You can decide for yourself if that makes her seem like a complex character, capable of being both 'good', and happy when bad things happen to people, or if she just gets annoying and distasteful. But, you'll have a solid run of about 80 ish chapters before this becomes too strong to avoid noticing.


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Jan 11, 2022
Status: --
This is a middle school level revenge story: filled with plot holes, petty people, continuity problems, contradicting actions, changing hair colors, and forgotten characters... You'd think FL's dogshıt family is the pettiest thing in the story but no, FL herself slowly drops to their level.
One thing I liked was the fact that ML wasn't overpowered. It's quite uncommon in these kinds of novels. (but! his personality = air) That's it. That one whole star goes to the nice translator.
Save your time though, don't waste it on this.
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: c98
It hits the emotional notes hard. The reader can easily empathize with Leticia and hate her family. The author does a wonderful job of putting the reader in her viewpoint and developing her nauseous family a little bit at a time. It;s impossible not to feel sympathy for her and hatred towards her family.

It's still early but I am very much looking forward to see where this goes. To borrow a phrase, it couldn't happen to nicer people.


While it did start strong it weakened in the middle. The story is... more>> still good but just not as involving as the opening. As the plot progresses things proceed far too easily for Leticia, she's a very passive character which explains how this all got started to begin with.

The ending is somewhat of a letdown and very anticlimactic. Still a good read. <<less
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Sep 15, 2021
Status: --
They have such amazingly sweet chemistry. Enoch is such an amazing ML cause he’s a genuinely nice person. He’s not just doing nice things for the sake of getting her to fall in love with him.
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Nov 07, 2021
Status: c44
The writing is good, and the characters are described colorfully while their emotions and thoughts are presented excellently. Only problem is that I don't enjoy the story. The good writing just makes it easier and more compelling to read. (Lol idk if I'm making any sense)

So the story is like ur usual revenge webnovels where the tormented FL will live happily ever after while her tormentors' lives are ruined. Usually the FL would actively try to find happiness while either being directly/inderectly involved in the downfall of her tormentors.... more>> But in this story, the FL is a walking deus ex machina. Almost everything in the story is dependent on luck. I know that the characters are trying their best, but because of the FL's luck ability (though not explicitly confirmed, but the authors hints seem to be pointing that way), everything just seems to work out thanks to her.

The FL is just so loving and kind, to the point that she was a pushover for her fam. Thankfully she's learning to ignore those who can't see her value and respect her, I'm all for this. But despite that, her personality is just that - ur loving and kind older sister that's like a saint. She is trying to find a thing she wants to do, while also trying to find out her ability, but it all just points to her being kind and lucky. So I kinda got tired of that.

The ML is just like the FL but only to those he love. So he is indifferent to all. His interaction with the FL is very cute, especially as their relationship progresses. He is a kind brother, showing support and not forcing his siblings. He is talented with the sword, very handsome, kind, and hardworking. Though he is trying to regain their family, he did enter the imperial knights just for that, the ML just does nothing outside that. He supports the fl, his siblings, do knight things, and do paper work, and nothing more. Apparently aside from being poor, he is perfect in every other way. So no development here cuz the money thing is being solved by luck.

the events leading up to the downfall of her family is just sad and forced. There are statements that say they became lavish spenders after the FL's excommunication, thus money problems for her greedy father. But...

investors backing out for no reason? Tableware just breaking?? Testpapers suddenly being lost??? I know it's for dramatic effect and to highlight how much of their success was caused by the FL. I also know that it's a fitting way for them to end. But it's all just s*upidly funny to think that without the FL, they won't be able to live normal lives cuz bad luck just seems to stick to them. It's as if the FL was a shield or counter against the bad luck. (Or whoever falls out from the FL's grace is cursed with bad luck haha I'd rather read a story where her father's s*upid actions, or decreasing mined gems (while the FL was still there), was the cause of investors backing out or something similar.

Edit: so apparently she does cause bad luck as well, Im glad that thats the case. Ill try to reread it now bcoz of that lol. Anyways, if u want to read the downfall part or her fam discovering her powers I think ive read in the spoilers that it would be from chapter 80 and onwards


The arcs for the FL's 3 siblings are better cuz we know that they have these amazing abilities. So it would be s*upid of they just suddenly lose the abilities after their sister went away. So their downfall is directly caused by their parents and 2nd elder sister, because of the pressure to do well, be perfect while taking their achievements for granted. I don't hate them as much cuz their actions are clearly influenced by the adults around them. So I'm looking forward to their redemption arc. But their parents and 2nd eldest sister seems to be irredeemable.

It's not a bad story, and from the other reviews, ppl find this really good. And objectively I think I would too. But I think this kind of story just isn't for me. Though it's "tragedy" after the first 13 chapters everything is just a-ok, mostly light hearted moments, not much sad. I don't think it's a roller coaster story where there are ups and downs, sometimes loops. It's more of an escalator ride to the top with minor inconveniences. <<less
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Jan 27, 2022
Status: Completed
a 5/10 novel, another turn off your brain if you want to enjoy type of novel. Which is okay occasionally.

I think one of the main problems in this novel is that basically nothing happens in it. The same scenarios happen over and over again with the FL voicing a stronger opinion each time. These scenarios are usually the FL being grabbed by her ex-fiancée to try and talk with her, or someone from her family running into and or grabbing her and trying to talk with her. Running into the... more>> same people over and over again is pretty much all that happens.

The secondary characters are way more interesting then anything the FL can offer which is not a good sign. I think it is also problematic that the love interests siblings have more screen time then him.

It is hard to describe it, but everything just didn't add up. I could not recommend in good faith for anyone to read this novel. <<less
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May 27, 2022
Status: c1
It has an interesting premise, but the writing is so poor that I couldn’t continue. It reads as if a very young person is writing, with a lot more “telling” than “showing” and very juvenile logic. The family is a caricature without any substance, acting like jerks for no reason and completely failing to notice how s*upid they’re being.
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Nov 09, 2021
Status: c80
I just want to correct something.

MC ability is not just bring luck, but bring misfortune as well. More specifically (in my opinion) that her ability is bring luck to someone that she wishes to AND bring misfortune to someone that she hate (or that she wishes to).

Logically, her family should be back to 'normal', do not have luck, and do not have misfortune. But in the novel, after the MC is abandoned, her family is just waiting for its downfall.

For the story its just so-so but why I give it... more>> 4 star because the story is very shoujo and it really fits with the genre. I recommend it for you that like shoujo, but I dont recommend it for you that want good story without many holes. <<less
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Oct 24, 2021
Status: c70
Alright I may be biased here cause this was my first webnovel. Now let's get onto the review, so this is your typical cinderella story of the FL being bullied and scorned by her own blood-related family however this trope was executed beautifully, this kind of trope is hard to execute really well since this trope is used so commonly but most of the time ends up rather disappointing . The story starts off with our female lead 'Leticia' being the eldest daughter of a very powerful family in the... more>> empire what's this family famous for ? Well for having abilities but our FL does not have any ability even tho she's already 18 years old while her other sibling have abilities and are very accomplished but she doesn't feel jealous of them instead she's proud of them but her family however do not approve of her not having abilities basically, they consider her to be the downfall of their family but one day she helps a stranger who had a bleeding hand when she offered him a handkerchief (yes you guessed it this "stranger" is the ml) and a few days later her sister (2nd eldest child and is pampered cause when she was born the family had alot of good luck) framed her by saying that Leticia had hurt her of coarse the family did not even try to verify if her claims were true because at this point they just want some ''valid' reason to abandon the FL and she was kicked out of her family and is left to wander the streets but then the stranger who she helped a few days back found her and offered her a place to stay and while staying there she learned the true feeling of having a family who loves her that's the basic premise. This story doesn't have a rich af ML but a ML who's from a fallen noble house who has a lot of debts and he's someone with a heart of gold I tell ya so we also see not only the FL grow as a character but also the ML and I don't really blame her sibling but I blame her parents it's obvious that her siblings aren't happy with any of this but are forced to accept so I really hope that her siblings won't have a sad ending but rather have a character development. As mentioned before this kind of trope is hard to pull off and I have only seen a few other webnovels that pulls off this trope namely 'How to get my husband on my side' which I really recommend even tho it's much more tragic than this one and has a different kind of story but belongs to the same trope. Overall I enjoyed this webnovel very much and would like to thank the translators for translating this amazing story and with good translation cause when I see rainofsnow you can bet I will read the story. <<less
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Sep 15, 2022
Status: c4
What is with K novels' FL? They are all tremulous, helpless, pinnacle damsel on distress, do people really enjoy reading about those kind of girls?

It's as annoying as C novel's standard trope of 'tr*sh to megapowered heroine', and J novels' excessive use of 1st person narrative & repeated "eh" that can be interpreted into million different meanings (surprise, agreement, uncertainty, etc).

Difference with C novels--which made C novels slightly more palatable to me--is the writers don't usually dawdle/offer chapters after chapters about the tr*shiness of the original useless FL. They go... more>> straight 'boom this tr*sh is dead! Fwoosh insert another omnipotent soul from another world. Bang! Revenge to all who previously schemed on the original body, slap slap slap!!!'

And this one novel is no difference: welcome to 4 chapters of useless, scaredy cat, tremulous FL, and it doesn't seem like this torture is gonna end in ch 5.

Okay we get how lovable and gentle yet misunderstood the FL is. Okay we understannddd how wrong everybody is about her. NOW CAN WE MOVE ON, PLEEEAAASEEE? T__T

So to be fair, this one is definitely not up my alley. I've got no patience in reading abusive relationships, pushover FL, and worst of all: I can already figure out who the ML is, what FL's power is, and no: it's not worth my time to explore her revenge/clapback story. As other reviewers have kindly provided the information: you will get 20 chapters full of familial abuse and FL's tremulous little actions. This simply reminds me of 50 shades of gray, which repeatedly assaulted my eyes with words like inner goddesses and other eye rolling phrases. And I think, after reading the first 4 chapters, it is a punishment if I plod on to read more. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 05, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly I don't understand why this novel has such a low rating. It's a sweet, relatively uncomplicated story about overcoming adversity and reclaiming yourself. I LOVE how Leticia struggles with herself to truly cut off all the feelings she used to have for her family and friends, and honestly it's pretty realistic how she deals with the aftereffects of long-term trauma.

I have to admit my favorite character is probably Keena. She's such an utter boss, and REALLY doesn't give a flying fornication what anyone thinks. The contrast with Leticia is... more>> fascinating - they have both lived through similar childhood trauma, but they deal with it in different ways. They're opposite and make a GREAT pair of friends!

I ADORE that Leticia and Enoch communicate with each other and respect and support each other SO much. They really are a fantastic couple. Ian and Elle never fail to crack me up. The side characters are so well written in this story - they feel very real, from the Leticia's siblings who don't regret their actions or even realize what they've done wrong, to the Count and Countess Aster who are such kind and loving people. They all feel so REAL, and I feel like I've met people like all of them personally.

My one criticism is I wish there were about 5-10 more chapters - I wanted to hear more of Irene's story, and what happened with Keena, Ian, Elle, and the CP. I'll have to see if the author wrote more - I've certainly enjoyed this one! <<less
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Jan 04, 2022
Status: c104
Alot of the reviews talk about how they don't like the FL as she is weak, but I think she's really strong. Her development is so realistic. It shows how she goes from hating herself to gaining confidence and eventually learning to love herself. This story teaches us that we shouldn't go back to the people who hurt us just because they are family or people we were supposed to love. I love how the MC eventually finds her own happiness and learns that there are people who loves her... more>> for who she is. Its really a satisfying read. <<less
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Dec 07, 2021
Status: c1
the novel is well written, good plot with enchanting characters. Romance progresses really slow on this novel, if it can even be considered romance 🤷🏻‍♀️

... more>>

I mean, how are you going to live with a person you like but not have any s*xual urges at all? There is no s*xual tension between the ML and FL while they live together. It's a vanilla novel. It's to the point where They look like robots in that sense. They talk about possessiveness, love for each other, etc. but not s*xual urges 😂 like, how innocent were they back them?! I think she's in her twenties but behaves like they're 12 in that field?!
It's too innocent.
also!! The FL...

oh my gawd...

i don't like her at all!!!

I don't think the author really thought through about her character's persona. She was all naive and sweet in the beginning, a character that simply exuberanted kindness and all... but then, suddenly, after one moment of pain, she turns into the most cynical, sarcastic, and quite cold blooded, individual on this novel.
mans why do I say she's the biggest lied of all?

because apparently! She's "nice", but treats her old family like sh*t after they mistreated her. 😂 she don't hold back at all, such as telling them she hopes they die suffering and shit.

Yeah, she sweet like candy and soft like flower huh?
She talks down to them, and is quite rude too.
and the worst is that the new "kind" family, are always beside her during the encounters with the old family, and they don't say sh*t about her behavior.
they are all behind her on it. like, "you did a good job. You hold onto that grudge and rub it in their face whenever you see them."


Yeah, they hurt your feelings and all, it was a Shitty move, but your remorseful as f*ck!
If you are going to hold a grudge for that long, I don't think you were that "kind hearted" in the first place!
Call me soft hearted, but I wouldn't be so petty to keep dragging the past along for soooo long. She goes from a angel to a rancorous mournful individual. Cross her once... and that's it! You done for! She'll drag that sh*t out as long as she lay her eyes on you!


I just kept reading to see the outcome of things, but lost interest quite a while back. 😒 I'm starting the think the author might've been a creative middle schooler... OR! An adult with emotional issues. <<less
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Jan 05, 2022
Status: Completed
Overall: 9/10

A very nice story about kindness, choices and warmth. There are characters who changed their ways, characters who remained villainous, sweet ones etc.

A recommended read for all those who need a break and have a dose of happy endings.

... more>> Translation: 9/10

Fluent, quite sophisticated. I found a couple of errors, but nothing that would disrupt the flow.


+ fluff

+ nice character build

+ good FL (you might think she is a softie, but later on she can be serious and straightforward)

+ loving ML

+ well written character development (Irene)

+ a very nice ending

+/- it is a simple novel <<less
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Oct 18, 2021
Status: c41
Im not sure how to rate this one. Its not the best but it is decent and the translation is alright as well.

The different perspectives are well done. The author does a good job portraying the perspectives of the original family. The translator also does a good job bringing it over.

Its sounds like its a about a single child abandoned by her family. However its reads more as being about how parents can ruin their children with demands for perfection and pressure with expectations.

I dont hate her siblings, I... more>> feel bad for them as well as her/the MC. Who hasn't met some crushed under the weight of their parents'/family's expectations. I don't want them to be crushed. The MC tried to protect them but that is something next to impossible to protect against.

Even the most antagonistic sister, early on the MC realls what she was like as a child. To change so much what happened to her? You can get an idea as you think about the mc's and the other siblings experience.

Well the tragedy tag doesn't belong to the MC alone.

Her power is rumored to be one that brings misfortune to the people around her. When you look at her family this is somewhat correct. The false rumours have a smidge of truth... Before the overall success of the family it appears all the children weren't under the same pressures to succeed. Before the MC is kicked out the siblings are successful but are not happy. In a way the abnormally good luck the MC brought was too much and helped with the future distruction of the family she once loved. Its rather macabre...

Yes she doesn't have to forgive the emotional damage done by her family and its good for her to get out of it. But I for one am not looking forward to the family being face-slapped/ destroyed as seems to be typical in this type of webnovel. <<less
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Sep 18, 2021
Status: --
Loved reading this novel, although sometimes it's a little repetitive but it's not as annoying to the point I'll stop reading it ! The fluffy lovey dovey moments between the ML and FL is super cute
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 09, 2022
Status: Completed
The dynamics are very weak and the story ist written poorly. The actions kept repeating and it was very boring. Cant believe how I managed to read till the end... took me a while to finish it though. Be ready to read „Leticia bit her lip without realizing it“ and „Leticia held the hymn of her dress tightly“ at least 20 times. Also the romance was indeed cute but far from good. This read was definitely a waste of time, I don’t recommend!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 05, 2022
Status: Completed
I would say this book perfectly fits with 3 stars, it doesn't have any glaring issues or that bad of a plot line but there are times where the plot is uninteresting and repetitive. Just to clarify, the story is not bad... Most of my review from this point onward is going to be complaining about it but that's simply because its a lot easier to point out issues with a story and none of the issues I'm pointing out actually affect the book much. I believe the story would... more>> be better if these issues were fixed but the story is not bad even with these issues.

Now onto the issues I had with this book, first of all the romance itself is kind of stale... they do get closer and develop but its never in a way that makes me emotionally involved with the events, its hard to describe but while their romance works perfectly fine it lacked that feeling that you get when reading of wanting the couple to get together. Now onto the main plotholes with the story, and for these I'm only going to complain about the two major ones (And by major issues these are things I think are very off with the world building but they don't actually affect the story much so while I am complaining about them and believe they make the story worse it shouldn't be a reason why someone shouldn't try the book)

So first when the bio-father learns that her ability is luck and tries to get her back into the family. At one point in the story he sends people to kidnap her who were apparently strong enough to knock out her guards and she was only saved because Kenna happened to be there. Now, this issue alone has the major issue of absolutely nothing came from it. At the very least we should of gotten something like a report that the investigation came up with nothing and that she has more guards posted around her but it was instantly dropped like getting attacked didn't matter (Probably because the author wasn't planning on having it happen again they forgot how people would react to this occurrence) but my big issue with this was at a later point in time her father meets with her in public and due to the eyes watching them (Since they are in public) she went with him to a private location. This is one of the major problems with this series, this author isn't creating a realistic environment. The female lead continues to go out in public alone, walk at night, ect. despite the fact that we have been shown that violence and crime exists in this world. At this point in the story she fully knows her father is a piece of shit, she knows that he sent people after her, yet she decides to go to a private location with him (If I remember correctly it was a cafe) to talk. This man has already shown how low he can go so why aren't you assuming he might spike your drink and take you while pretending to take care of you... I think the issue is since the author knows that he wants "Meet in public -> He blackmails her -> She hates him more" they forget about how unrealistic and s*upid it is to interact with such a person... There are a lot of events in this story where the world building is just subpar because the author is making it work for whatever plot line they work rather than making their plotline work with the world building. An example off the top of my head is how her bio-brothers essentially forcibly broke into their house and wouldn't leave when requested and yet the entirety of punishment for this event was the bio-father having to apologize... There should be a lot bigger ramifications even if its just something like public opinion of those two being extremely negative...
Now this leads to my second big issue with this book which continues with what I was saying before, the world building is inconsistent. Kenna's family was framed for raising an army in secret and as a result everyone except for her were killed... Kenna herself if caught would be severely punished if not executed (The author never really goes into what the punishment is but due to Kenna's immense grudge against bio-father and how she isn't living with them after exile I think its safe to infer that they have been executed) and this is where a major plot hole is created in my opinion. The crime of raising an army against the emperor is a complete execution for the family yet when it gets released that the bio-father framed a long standing and loyal family for this crime the only punishment he receives is an exile with his family... The imbalance between the punishments is completely unreal and the part that really pisses me off is how the author plays it off as if this exile solved all of the problems... There are a lot of dark undertones in this story like kenna's family yet the author seems to hesitate to actually put these into words... The fact that kenna is suppose to be satisfied with this shitty punishment is just unrealistic, her grudge as we have seen is very deep... she would track him down after he left the country and kill him with her own hands or ruin everything and make him starve to death. It just overall feels like the author is trying to paint a happy world while accidently adding undertones like abuse and execution into the story since they are coinvent for the plot at the time. I'm very big on world building and consistency so while this is honestly very minor thing when reading its something that makes me dislike the story so I am biased but it feels to me like sloppy writing... The author subconsciously has a double standard... raising an army and forging an empirical verdict based on this timeline should result in the same punishment, execution. In order to maintain power rulers will shut down all forms of rebellion, the reason why they wouldn't be exiled is because that isn't a bad enough punishment... People might hesitate to forge an order that would benefit them if their entire family along with themselves would be executed for it but a simple exile would make these people prepare if they did get exiled and then commit the crime. In this case it would be an even harsher punishment due to the lose of a loyal family with a lot of history, its just an unrealistic punishment in terms of world building just because the author doesn't want the bio-family to be executed, they wanted it to be them suffering on a farm in another country... I went on a bit of a tangent but my overall point is the world building feels inconsistent and forced, its unnatural and changes based on the whims of the author... Things like how there is basically no difference between aristocrats and commoners except for one rules over territory (Book doesn't get into specifics) but there is plenty of interaction of elle making jewelry or female lead selling cookies yet then the author adds the line diana said about how she would execute kenna (Who she believed to be a commoner) for speaking back to her... The rules and design of the world are not consistent and while it doesn't change much with the main story itself this is just something I really hate when authors mess up. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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May 07, 2022
Status: c109
This is one of my favorites! It's a very sweet found-family story. I'd say the FL might come across as kind of an airhead at because she's very gentle and good-natured, but she's not genuinely naive. She sees through people's motivations almost from the start, stands up for herself progressively more as the story goes on, and does not forgive her birth family in the end. "Kindness is not the same as weakness" is a major theme in this story. She pursues her own ambitions and happiness instead of actively... more>> pursuing revenge against the birth family. When they try to sabotage her future instead of letting her go and leaving her in peace, she exposes their crimes and then just stands back to let all the natural consequences of their own choices come crashing down on them. "Kindness is not the same as weakness" is a major theme in this story. There are also a lot of really sweet moments with her new families that she chose, and it's gratifying when they all treat with actual love and respect. Honestly, I loved it. <<less
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Feb 17, 2022
Status: c15
the story feels painful like its trying to force the outcome/ set up. an example is the ml.

... more>>

... some parts feel forced in a way that I can only describe as just feeling bad to read. I don mean this as in the writing being bad, I mean it as the situation being painful to witness if that makes sense. the main one for me is levion because his point of view is shown and you can see he isn really bad, more like inaction to a fault. I think it would be better if his character was committed more to either good or bad (subjectively ofc) so that it would feel better to like or dislike him. as it stands, he didn wan to end the engagement. their relationship further falling apart because of a misunderstanding caused by diana would have been fine. if he didn ask why "leticia sent diana to wish him luck as she wouldn be there and why she was there giving a golden band to another guy" and she didn deny it. the worst part is when he shows up at enoch's house to get leticia. the story acts as though he is in the wrong for looking for and going to get his fiance (who he cares about) who is staying in another guy's house....

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