I Woke up to Find I Have a Child


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Han Feixu says goodbye to her deskmate and agrees to skip cram school later tonight so they can go see the goddess performing in the city’s center. She went home to take a short nap, only to wake up and find that ten years have passed.

Han Feixu, with a bewildered look, got up from her bed and looked around the unfamiliar room only to find the goddess wearing casual clothes while leaning indifferently against the doorway, arm stretched out with keys in her hand,

“You’ll need to pick up Yiyi today.”

Han Feixu: “! ! ! ! ? ?”

Later, she went to find that same deskmate from her past.

Her deskmate listens to her story and then stays silent for a long time. The deskmate then takes out a photo of her, her goddess, and a cute little girl.

The deskmate points at the goddess: “This is your wife.”

Han Feixu: “What?!”

The deskmate then points at the little girl: “And this is your daughter.”

Han Feixu: “Huh?!”

The deskmate puts away the photo and pats her on the shoulder: “Don’t worry too much about it. You two will be divorced very soon. Worry about how to get custody over your child instead.”

Han Feixu: “……”

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New Laindesh83 rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: c43
It's a decent read.

Don't know why people find MC unlikable but the FL likeable as of c43.

Without going into spoilers, the FL has done questionable things. Both very and not so very.
The MC isn't scot free either. (Ok I know her flaw now :P)

... more>> (really hard not to spoil stuff lol).

The path between them isn't easy either. Both makes mistakes and relapses into old errors a few times.

Overall it's a good novel. There's some tension and conflicts, but I liked reading it. Any novel that makes you likedislike characters at the start and then change the readers opinion as the story progresses is a good one. <<less
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blazingseraph rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: Completed
So this story is an out and out romance. Pretty much all of it is focused on the reconciliation between the MC and FL. The reason for their divorce in the first place was based on misunderstandings that arose because of personal issues that they have about themselves. The MC has bad trust issues while the FL has confidence issues in the MC's love for her.

The tags for this are slightly misleading because it's not transmigration or rebirth, but just amnesia. It just feels like transmigration for the MC because... more>> she straight up forgot 10 years of her life and has an immature viewpoint. There's two major selling points for this story and one is the setting of the MC needing to figure out how to be an adult while the other is finding out why the MC and FL are getting divorced and how they'll get back together.

It's a process for them to reconcile, but the MC and FL have likeable personalities and it's interesting to see the MC fall in love with the FL again. The FL, of course, has been in love the whole time and has been the one delaying the divorce. She saw the MC's amnesia as a chance to try and stop the divorce altogether, and they eventually resolve the relationship troubles that came about.

The romance was very satisfying to read, and everything that needed to be resolved was resolved. The MC and FL are both 3 dimensional characters with positives and flaws that make them feel alive and interesting to read about. Their individual growth as people was another highlight in addition to their romance.

There's also some side couples that add that extra flavor to the rest of the story, especially since they all have intersections with the main couple. All in all, really enjoyed reading this. <<less
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passerbyreader rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: Completed
MC is kind of a difficult person at rimes, might not be to some people’s taste. However asides from that, I enjoyed this story a lot, personally. From a logistical standpoint there may be some weak plot structure at times but overall I think it’s a decent story and has it’s moments
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Otakumeyurifiedfanatic8 rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c111
I highly recommended this novel to everyone.😇😇😇 I'm sure you guys will not REGRET reading this novel.

I think I fell in love with YE MENGXIN character. 😍😇!
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pikuhan rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked this. The story doesn’t get too crazy and the characters are well written as well, like I really loved the side characters and was also invested in their stories lol. The HFX does some questionable stuff that tests YMX’s (and SSL too, her best friend) patience but it makes sense because she was 16 mentally but you could still tell that her regular 27 year old self was still there at times (that’s what it felt like to me anyway). Story is pretty entertaining and cute, it’s... more>> modern romance so I liked it. Loved Ye Ming

Loved that 85% of the characters turned on out to be lesbians as well and they’re all pretty interesting and fun on their own.

I would’ve loved to see what happened between LZ and CQ lol that was the only thing that I’m not clear about, I kinda thought they’d have their own extra chapter too.

I don’t have much complaints, I just enjoyed it so I gave it 5 stars even though that seems a little too much but hey it was entertaining for me. I usually hate when they use misunderstandings in stories unless it’s for comedic purposes but this one was handled pretty well and not as annoying. <<less
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Altair545 rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: Completed
It's pretty good though the MC is a really bothersome person at times and she's really damn lucky the FL loves her so much to put up with all her BS, like really most of the problems and drama happened cuz she's too bullheaded and crazy, but damn I love the FL, she's a little black but she's a real sweetheart it's a joy watching her get her lover back and it really pulls at your heartstrings seeing how much she suffers and cares for MC.

The kid isn't really that... more>> important tbh though, she really couldn't be here and nothing much would change, at least she's not an annoying spoiled type kid character I hate those, she's kinda just meh, I thought she'd be more important given the title but nope, welp again at least she's just neutral and not detrimental to the story but actually

almost every female character that shows up in this series ends up being a lesbian which I always find a little ridiculous but also appreciate cuz you know I love Yuri lol but then the daughter ends up in a regular relationship? And it's just an extra chapter at the end that seems way too dramatic for my tastes, idk it just really killed the whole Yuri vibe that was going on and really bothered me after f*cking everyone else was gay, like why? Why a regular relationship with her author? It pissed me off.


It's the usual entertainment circle Yuri stuff though (why are like 80% of Yuri stories about this lol?) But it's done pretty well and thankfully the relationship is always more important, MC has suddenly woken up 10 years in the future and lost her memories and is facing a divorce with the woman she idolized, FL and her have been having a lot of problems and MC was determined for a divorce but now that she has amnesia FL takes it as an opportunity to connect with her again and oh boy does she give it her best cuz god damn FL really is just too good.


and like bruh MC really, really pissed me off a lot on many occasions cuz she really takes advantage of how much FL loves her to be a spoiled sack of sh*t like really most of the problems are cuz she was such a dumbass..... FL really f*cking loves her and tbh I found myself questioning if MC even deserved it but welp that's how it is, I just wanted FL to be happy.


Good side characters though they're kinda neglected halfway but get at least a proper send off at the end aside from 1 couple which was honestly the one I wanted to see most so that s**ked quite a bit, can't believe author forgot them, but like damn most side characters are really damn good I got quite invested in them, I feel a lot of Chinese stories struggle with this actually, good side characters so it was nice to see a relatively large, likable and important side cast.

Pretty good Yuri series do recommend, again MC can be annoying but it's sweet seeing her and the FL come together and resolve this differences to fall in love.

The ending is also great, Chinese stories I feel mostly always muck up the endings but here things end in a very satisfying note and the extras really just neatly close off the side couples perfectly (aside from 1...) Lol but this one really left me feeling satisfied at the end 8/10. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
di2857295 rated it
June 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I like this novel but like one of the other reviewers only about half the time.

The whole detailed acting subplot doesn’t really add any value to the romance plot and is representative of this story’s biggest weakness - siloing.

Each individual subplot or storyline feels like it was conceived separately and exist beside each other, not integrated into each other. This story could’ve been infinitely stronger if it integrated the emotional moments across plots. Since it didn’t, the characters are left feeling as less of characters and more as narrators.

Still a... more>> good story despite its flaws. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Twistedfire425 rated it
January 15, 2023
Status: c31
I don’t actually car for the novel half the time, but it well written and there’s no real problems I saw in it in the chapters I’ve read. I’m tempted to give 3 stars cuz I don’t care much for it, but given how well it’s been written so far, it deserves at least 4 stars. I’m just super burnt out of all the entertainment industry novels, it’s getting super annoying to read them. I wouldn’t mind so much if it just took up a small portion, but so far... more>> that’s what most of the novel has been about. I also dislike how easily swayed the MC is by the FL like dude, I’m the early chapters it mentions that the FL obv didn’t trust MC and thought she cheated and had someone else’s child, that’s reason enough for MC to dislike FL given how she went off on her friend but it just has no effect on the twos relationship. MC should have been more stubborn abt the divorce imo and Yiyi has had way too small of a part of the novel. She should be a huge bridge between the MC and FL relationship and the interactions MC has with FL cuz of Yiyi should be the reason MC softens up on the divorce. That’s probably the thing I disliked most, Yiyi plays basically no role. <<less
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