I Will Return My New Brother


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Sometimes, your environment could change overnight without having to experience regression, transmigration, or even reincarnation.

It was when your mother fell in love with the Duke of the Empire.

That’s why I have a new brother.

But he’s a little weird.

“I promise you I will look after you, so you won’t get even a drop of water on your hand until the day I die.”

“Why do you promise me that?”

“I prepared this for you.”

“I hate wasting.”

“Feel free to let me know if there’s anything you want.”

“Please don’t stay at home, meet your friends outside and socialize.”

Really, why is my brother like this to me?

Even today, this little sister is worn out.

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I Will Refund My Brother
새 오빠를 반품하겠습니다
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January 31, 2022
Status: c31
honestly, MC has very strong ‘not like other girl’ vibes and excuses her mother’s emotional/physical/mental neglect too much. The story is filled with MC having powerful friends who help her and ‘worship’ the ground she walks on. I wish there was some premise as to why she’s so loved but in reality she’s boring.
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nienienie rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is really good. The chapters I read are based on the raw novel so it might be different from others who read through translation.

Light but not light. The author's way of telling the heavy story mixed with humor make this novel bearable to read. Everytime we entered the serious, core of this story, the author always slipped in some funny dialogues, actions or thought of the MC and the others.

At the first 20 chapters, we're focusing in the opening of this story. How MC met her new brother,... more>> her friends, and some hint on the past. The next 30 chapters, a bit of secret began to unveil, and here we will see how the MC went through it with her friends. And the next, it was full of mystery. Who is who? What is what, what was what?

Rather than focusing on the romance, this novel focused more on friendship, adventure, and family. My thought on the pace is this novel shouldn't be read when the chapters are still a few. I suggest for those who read this novel to read it when there are enough chapters to binge. Chapter by chapter might make you understand this novel wrong and you might miss the subtle hint given by the author.

Anyway, what a good read. Healing? Yes, very. <<less
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kkirsten rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: c18
plot: the story starts w our MC, marianne, getting ready for her mothers hundredth remarriage. We get told glimpses of how much the mother has neglected her for men but her mom really does a number this time around when she remarries with a duke. We then get introduced to her new step father and brother. Soon we learn the brother is a bit more than she expected.

to start off, I really hope we get more backstory w the mom bc I literally can't stand her. I guess you could... more>> say she just falls in and out of love too easily but not once had that woman even glanced at her daughter. The neglect in this story is no joke.

i really like how MC and presumable ML know each other way before the novel starts. They already have a really nice friendship.

regarding her new step brother orion


he grew up lonely and pretty much isolated so when he learns that he's getting a new younger sister he gets really excited :' (. You can really see just how much he already adores marianne in the recent chs


we have great foundation for a sweet romance and doting brother! <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: c95
Admittedly this novel initially comes off as Marianne being ordinary surrounded by extraordinary people while also being "not like other girls" but I think it's a disservice to write off this novel as just that.

Marianne can be annoying with her insistence on being ordinary and her subtle distaste for nobility. She maintains this stubborn distance from her new stepbrother and hates standing out but as the novel plays out, it kind of explains her mentality and when she does acknowledge their sibling relationship, she does try to get along more.

There's... more>> actual plot that begins to occur and it's pretty clear there's a conspiracy that ties Marianne and her three friends deeply together and also influence how each of them act. The conspiracy and emerging plot is quite intriguing so far.

Marianne's mother also has more to her than meets the eye. I wouldn't call her a good mother but I don't think she's a vapid as she appears. The few deeper interaction Marianne and her have make it apparent she keeps tabs on Marianne and knows how to influence her.

This novel isn't perfect. Marianne can be appear to be "not like other girls/nobels" but I also think the novel isn't trying to discredit women in general. Marianne's mother is a very easy target to be written badly but I think she's handled well.

If you can get through the initial annoyance of Marianne being stubborn Vs her new family, I think this novel is worth a read. <<less
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TheBookwormLife rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: c15
I only gave it 4 stars because there are only 15 chapters so far. But it’s interesting.... more>>

So far the MC’s mother likes extravagance and falling in love while the MC likes the basics of living and doesn’t like to draw attention, she a realist. But the stepbrother is looking more and more like a sis con which is funny because he’s a duke, meaning money, power, and a stubborn personality. Though I haven’t seen enough of the Duke to say anything but we did here a little bit more about the past for the step brother and father in chapter 15.

It’s more amusing than I thought it would be as a whole so far. Looking forward to more chapter translation releases. <<less
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