I Will Make the Original Protagonist Fall From the Academy


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I reincarnated as Seomun Cheon, the older brother of the main character in the original story; the same brother who was kicked out of the Seomun family at the age of 5 for not being a Magical Awakener. When reality didn’t differ much from what I read, I vowed to take revenge with a heart full of resentment.

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원작 주인공을 아카데미에서 추락시키겠습니다
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New Arthas rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: c6
Bad written novel with OP protag and harem! Why there is so many novels with harem? Eh... Anyway, I will say what I really find disapointing, lower in spoilers

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MC will reincarnate as loser villain, which was original protag older brother. He had poorly used "skill", which super OP, but villain didn't realized that. Now, I want question that novel, how "MC" knows this ability if even villain didnt know that? Anyway, later you will see only how he show off that abillity, with goal to make protagonist fall and make HAREM, because protag in original work married some hoe and etc.

Oh! I also forgot to say that MC have infinite power/magic and other stats... So basically he is the strongest! Yeah....


I think, this novel will be good only for those, who like OP MC and harems, while also shaming original protag. Because there is nothing more to see for now. <<less
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