I Will Make the Original Protagonist Fall From the Academy


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I reincarnated as Seomun Cheon, the older brother of the main character in the original story; the same brother who was kicked out of the Seomun family at the age of 5 for not being a Magical Awakener. When reality didn’t differ much from what I read, I vowed to take revenge with a heart full of resentment.

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원작 주인공을 아카데미에서 추락시키겠습니다
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03/31/23 Paradise Translation c6
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May 01, 2023
Status: c5
I really just wanted to write a review for the sheer absurdness of this one😂

I almost think the first 5 chapters are worth a read just for how bunkers it is.

So MC reincarnated as the older brother of the protagonist who's born without magic and gets thrown away from the family when he's literally 5 years old and has to live on the streets right... (I'm being serious) Boring! who cares?... This isn't edgy enough!

But wait! MC knows this character's secret ability is TO REPLICATE ALL THE ABILITIES OF A... more>> CHARACTER IN A GAME😮

(Only weakness is that it's a one time use).

Yep, so MC spends 10 years designing his own game and basically by chapter 2 becomes a literal GOD🤣🤣

This isn't an exaggeration, the only things this guy can't do are the things he doesn't want to do

Summoning super powerful demon subordinates, traveling through space and time, creating alternate dimensions, infinite legendary items...

You name it he's got it... He's so powerful but doesn't want to just go torture his former family to death... No way, that's too easy... He'll slowly take over the world through his companies, gather a harem of all the heroines since they should all be his women and destroy the protagonist!😂😂😂

A protagonist btw who's really just a villain any way you look at it😂 I don't know what story this guy read where this guy was the hero😂

MC even decided that his younger sister should also be his since she's such a fine woman but isn't worried about in*est since as a god, childbirth from in*est is a trivial problem for him🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I legitimately couldn't even get annoyed at this one and just laughed at the fact that someone could even contrive such an over-the-top plot. <<less
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Mar 31, 2023
Status: c6
Bad written novel with OP protag and harem! Why there is so many novels with harem? Eh... Anyway, I will say what I really find disapointing, lower in spoilers

... more>>

MC will reincarnate as loser villain, which was original protag older brother. He had poorly used "skill", which super OP, but villain didn't realized that. Now, I want question that novel, how "MC" knows this ability if even villain didnt know that? Anyway, later you will see only how he show off that abillity, with goal to make protagonist fall and make HAREM, because protag in original work married some hoe and etc.

Oh! I also forgot to say that MC have infinite power/magic and other stats... So basically he is the strongest! Yeah....


I think, this novel will be good only for those, who like OP MC and harems, while also shaming original protag. Because there is nothing more to see for now. <<less
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Feb 02, 2024
Status: c80
A decent story, I didn't read it all because I found others I'm interested in, but I'll read the rest eventually. Positive points, the story has all reasonably balanced elements and the negative point would be that the limits of MC's power are confusing, but I haven't read it anyway. Contrary to the arguments of the comments below, they basically didn't read it correctly and these people's ability to interpret text is simply low and if yours is the same I'll explain it to you, MC's ability is the ability... more>> to synchronize with a fictional character, however it is single use, in addition, the stronger the character, the more difficult it is to synchronize, the MC took 10 years inclusive, and he knows that the skill is strong because he read the story and it was said, however it seems that the readers below ignored this. It has many chapters in mtl and is very readable for the mtl standard and the ero is very good too. <<less
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