I Will Make an Effort to Change the Genre


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I woke up inside my favorite novel, not as the protagonist, Luca Winterwald, but as Judith, his abusive aunt and the first character to die—time for a rewrite! I’ll hand Luca off to his loving, long-lost uncle as scripted, and then live my own life far from danger. At least, that was the plan. When his uncle arrives, Luca suddenly calls out, “Don’t leave!” Now, I must protect Luca from impending family tragedy, raise him to become the hero, and turn this villainess’s ending upside down!

Associated Names
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It's Time to Change the Genre
I Will Change The Genre
Saya Akan Mengubah Genre
The Villainess Flips the Script!
장르를 바꿔보도록 하겠습니다
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April 18, 2021
Status: c24
I really like the story but sadly I heard/read somewhere that the original author threatened to sue should this be translated. I wish someone could you know, link me to a page where I could read a secretly translated novel of this.
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August 23, 2020
Status: c4
so this one is a [transmigrated to raising an abused child, and I get his handsome guardian as a husband if its done right] story. However, it starts on hard mode. The original owner of the MCs body already abused the child for 3 yrs. She has 1 year to turn things around before his guardian shows up.

Its too soon to tell if it will be good or not, but I am wary... specifically because of the abuse already inflicted on the child by, as far as he knows, the... more>> MC. Normally with stories like this the author will ignore the past abuse after the MC establishes trust & the victim will just forget it ever happened... but thats not really something you can forget.

It takes for granted that the MC is a "different person" than the body's original owner, which none of the other characters know. What im saying is I hope they verbally adress the abuse and the MC apologizes for it (on behalf of the original), or at least tells him shes turning over a new leaf & will do better. Imagine being a child and your abusive parent just suddenly becomes nice one night and never says anything bad again? One night they are suddenly a good person for no reason you can identify. Its almost glaslighting. You would either think they were replaced by an alien (the truth in this case), or that youre crazy & the abuse was all in your head.

Having it be a point in the novel, then having the characters pretend it never happened is the worst. 1 year of kindness does not erase 3 years of abuse.

but again, too soon to tell. <<less
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Tina Wei
Tina Wei rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: --
Can't believe myself but I find the cover art for FL is so aunt-like, not like other FLs being mother figures. She looks elegant, composed, strict yet kind imo. Of course, the attraction comes from the little gentleman beside her.?i know it sounds s*upid but this is the way the novel captivated me hah..? I love the story too and proudly add to my reading list on ''childcare''..?

... more>>

It kinda feels like the baby-boy is not so childish? And he has foxy attitude??I'm not so sure about that but I really hope to see the fluffy and funny moments between this lovely aunt-nephew duo


I am so greatful to the translator-team for picking up this adorable novel. Thank u so much!!Can't wait for the next chapters.? <<less
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keikomushi rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c40
The forty chapters that ST offered were a pure joy to read. The narrative was fun and easy to follow. Alas, this project was halted just as we were beginning to get into the meat and bones of the main conflict involving assassins. Here's hoping that we see an official English version soon rather than the author halting translations without an intention to release for this market.
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Ichigoeater rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c18
So far, so good. There's a couple problems, but nothing much so far. I was worried about how the abuse would be handled, since so many authors in these types of stories like to make it as easy as fixing a meal to make up for years of neglect and abuse. In the synopsis, it says that, once the uncle (and ML, undoubtedly) comes to take Luka, the child runs up and hugs the MC, calling her mom. What it doesn't say, is...

... more>>

that he's doing that in order to scam her into coming with him. Though the original owner didn't take care of Luka properly, forcing him to be independent, there have been hints (such as him feeling betrayed by original aunt when she sent him off with his uncle, and the fact that they both tr*sh-talked each other, a habit that I know from experience is an occurrence in a household where neglect and abuse is normalized) I'm pretty sure he did have some familial love and hidden fondness for his tr*shy aunt, if only a little.

So, even though the MC only had a month to change their relationship instead of the year she thought she had, and hadn't really been able to get Luka to open up at all before her time was up, the brat still didn't want to lose the one family member he already knew, so he made the uncle suspect that she was his birth mother, and essentially manipulated things so that she had no choice but to go with them.

Really, though, it's the right choice for her. As she already said before, it was and is only a matter of time before the distant family that seeks to harm Luka finds her to get at him. Staying with him, and being under the uncle's protection, is really the only obvious answer.


Basically, it's not instantly whitewashing her, so far. However, it is questionable whether or not Luka understands the full amount of abuse he's suffered, as he may have normalized it somewhat. Even in the original story, it was his aunt selling him to his uncle and abandoning him that he felt betrayed by most, and her pestering afterwards that made him give up on her, so our protagonist may have come at just the right time. <<less
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Mar32 rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c23
The translation is good. Hopefully another group will pick it up.

It's a light-hearted story, and I don't mind those sort of stories at all. However, it has a few painfully glaring plot holes. Light hearted stories are meant to be fun and to be not taken seriously. This doesn't give the author full authority to write in plot holes as they please simply because the reader is not taking the story seriously. There's two in particular glaring plot holes that could have easily been fixed if the author were not so lazy.

There is a balance between switching prolonging the fluff in favor of angst and delivering the fluff early in favor of getting to the fluffy part of the story. This story is on the latter side, and it... more>> was unfortunately not timed properly.


Luca should not be so loving towards the MC. Abuse is not merely erased by a month's worth of kindness and love, especially not from a mother-figure. Not when all the abuse happened during formative years. In the original work, he was clearly attached to his aunt enough to leave him traumatized, and he most likely appreciates the new change in his aunt, but he is completely out of character for an abused kid. There needed to be a reason for the MC to go along with Luca to his home, but the author chose what could have been a decent reason and executed it terrible. Let me make it clear- just because someone is abusive does not mean the victim is not attached in some way. However, Luca has gone full blown into 'lovey dovey' on the MC as far as I can tell. He did play up the part, but he has no reason to remotely enable the spending spree his uncle has for the MC. The MC/aunt's spending made him starve. He has gone beyond the line of unhealthily attached.


I've seen a lot of stories do this, and I don't mind it if it is properly timed too. However, the author was lazy.


These sort of stories don't tend to have much characterization for the male lead other then doting husband/parent, but my gosh did the author not hesitate to rush it his switch. Why is he in anyway doting towards the MC at this point in the story? The MC has done nothing but politely try to give him Luca and show a little bit of affection towards Luca. Why did he spontaneously buy so many dresses for her? His dialogue is also kind of flat. Could the author not have waited 10+ chapters for this development?


This story is good for my sweet-tooth, but I could not stand the plot holes. <<less
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Lucia Elys
Lucia Elys rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: --
I really liked reading this novel up to what's been translated! I like how Luca did not immediately warm up to his aunt even after she transmigrated for a month (though the full reason for why he acts the way he does is not what it seems at first). So far I like the ML and I hope I get to see his and MC's fluffy development

If anyone is interested in reading more, there is currently a manhwa being made for this story as well, and it's gone beyond chapter... more>> 40 in the novel and presents certain plot points more clearly <<less
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dundundun rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: c1
It’s just the first chapter but I have high hopes for this one! I came here from one of the translator’s other works and again, amazing translation thank you!❣️
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Animefan649 rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: --
It's quite good, starting of great and looking forward to how this will progress.

Evil aunt becoming kind to her nephew, now that sounds fairy tale like ?
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Faithyuna rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: --
The writing is good I quite like the premise. I discovered some "problems, probably because the translation sometimes confuses me?". But I'm not complaining. First problem, I don't like the motivation, the motivation isn't strong enough or not plausible enough. I really hate motivations like this where "oh it's because I like this character that's why I did this". I quite loathe it to be honest. But other than that it's quite good I quite liked it.

I'm quite iffy with the MC. She's way too doormat-like for me. I feel... more>> like her characterization is just luke warm, I just want more. Luka is great. ML is boring. Yeah not the best, has some cute moments but yeah. Not the best, although I just read a few chaps but whoops.

3/5 may change later I mispress the ratings so ignore the stars above.. <<less
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yodireads rated it
November 3, 2023
Status: c22-40
What you might think this story is about: A clever transmigrated villainess smoothing the way for her earnest and heroic nephew while melting the heart of the stern, cold, duke's son (of the north.)

What the story is ACTUALLY about: An earnest, transmigrated disaster!aunt getting swept along and into shenanigans by just about everyone she meets, including her stern and scheming little genius of a nephew, a puppy dog devoted duke's son with permanent RBF and more money than any one person needs, a princess or two, and there's also... more>> softball and the occasional clobbering of a would-be assassin with common kitchen seasonings.

It's a trip, and one I highly recommend. It plays with some of the tried-and-true tropes, but puts just enough twist on most of them to make it really fun. The female lead doesn't instantly have all of the answers, and while she is surrounded by bulldozer personalities, her getting swept along with them is honestly super comical - and she holds her own when it really counts. The characters are charming, the supporting cast is pretty well rounded out, and it doesn't drag on forever. It's a fun ride! <<less
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