I Will Leisurely Become Healer in Another World


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Around the age of thirty, the officer worker Shouko suddenly gets into an accident on her way home and reincarnates into a parallel universe. When she reincarnates, a goddess gives her the “power of healing” and caretakers that will look after her until she is able to become independent.

However, she restarts in the form of a 10-year-old…

Prior to her reincarnation, Shouko who opened her eyes on the verge of death was picked up by a handsome hunter named Falco. Shouko instinctively knew that Falco is one of the promised caretakers… but there’s trouble.

Falco’s constant doting can’t be stopped!

Hunting slimes, harvesting herbs, and training to be a healer: Shouko then decides to live her second life with the overprotective and soft Falco.

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Isekai de Nonbiri Iyashite Hajimemasu
異世界でのんびり癒し手はじめます ~毒にも薬にもならないから転生したお話~
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