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My roommate was the “Mysterious Truant”─

At the private Shumonzuka Girls Academy.

Hanabishi Kanon, a student aspiring to pursue a career in entertainment and arts, encounters Tachibana Natsume, a student shrouded in mystery who has never once shown her face at school.

Natsume, with her destructive depictions and unique sense of color, satirizes daily life, gathering numerous followers.

At the same time, she harbored a significant flaw.

“Unable to lead a normal life.”

The act of helping her led Kanon to start living together with Natsume, but Kanon too harbors a secret─ pretending to be the opposite gender as a stand-in for his sister─.

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05/26/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4.7 part2
05/25/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4.6 part2
05/24/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4.5 part2
05/18/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4 part3
05/18/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4 part2
05/18/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4 part1
05/11/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4 part0
05/04/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c3 part5
05/02/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c3 part3
04/28/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c3 part2
04/27/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c3 part1
04/26/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c2 part8
04/25/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c2 part7
04/22/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c2 part6
04/20/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c2 part5
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