I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother


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Ethel, possessed into her favorite novel, has married the female lead’s brother Liena.

She thought they would be a natural family, but she was mistaken.

Tired of a husband who cared only for his sister, who was cold to her, and whose attention was always centered on Liena, she filed for divorce.

“Divorce? No way. Things were good when we were together.”

“Sister-in-law, think again!”

Unlike in the past, I am determined now. There’s no need to reconsider.

“Then, can I get back the mine that is my dowry?”

“Wait a minute, sister-in-law.”

I needed an assistant, so I turned to the villain of the original story.

“Who on earth dared to give you a hard time?”

Isn’t this man too precious to be hurt by Liena……?

“The only person I want to keep by my side is you, Ethel.”

……By your side?

Associated Names
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I Will Divorce the Female Lead's Older Brother
I will divorce Yeoju's siscom brother
여주의 시스콤 오빠와 이혼하겠습니다
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12 Reviews

New vytas0210
May 23, 2024
Status: c143
It's slow in first ~50 chapters but satisfying.

Liena, AKA original female lead, shows everything wrong with "regressor gets obsessively adored" subgenre. Plot twists explaining how MC got in this situation are genuinely great! There are some hiccups, such as, ... more>>

ML being cold and a bit paranoid falling for Ethel easily, godness being a troll

to name a few.

About genres:

drama is just Liera ruining her own life by not settling for anything less than perfect paradise, romance is 80% carried by male lead (he deserves respect for polite straightforwardness), fantasy is just there to justify setting (demons invasion is said to happen in the future is but as of 142 chapter, nothing "fantastic").


Overall, it's like a play in a small theater. Basic drama and romance story done right but no Romeo and Juliet. <<less
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Mar 12, 2022
Status: c6
The whole family of the OGFL are insufferable. They really didn't know why she wanted a divorce? They treated her like she's air. Tf! And this jerk of a husband acts like the victim after being given the divorce papers. LMAO I HAVE TO LAUGH. When you do not care about her nor love her and the reason you married her is because

of the mine she owns that your beloved sister wants.

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Nov 03, 2022
Status: Completed
I edited all of my review coz I thought this novel is a bit unique because FL is a regressor and OG FL is a possessor but NO. The plot twist is a bit of a letdown.

... more>>

Both FL (bit*h Liena) and OG FL (Edel)

are both regressor.

The first timeline is when

Liena and Edel are both from the orphanage. One day the duke visited the orphanage to adopt a child that was loved by his deceased wife and it was Edel. Duchess always volunteering at the orphanage and they became close. Young Edel refused coz she believe that her Mom will pick her up from the orphanage. Liena was mad about it coz it's a big opportunity and she thought Edel was just wasting it with nonsense wish about her Mom. Edel still became successful woman coz the Duke sponsored her instead of adopting her while Liena's life became a mess and died.

Second timeline, Liena bit*h regresed and got a blessing which is brainwashing someone to love her.

She used her blessing just to be adopted by the duke and pretend that it's her that the Duchesss like. She stole everything what Edel achieved in the first timeline while Edel became a maid of Terrence. They love each other but she died due to poisoning. She drank the poison that was suppose for Terrence. That's why Terrence became a villain.

Terrence prayed to see the goddess and asked her to turn back the time but the consequence is he won't remember everything. He even asked the goddess a favor if she could give Edel some memory instead. The goddess agreed but Edel will believe that all of it are inside the novel and that's the current timeline of the story.


Still Liena bit*h and Duke family are the epitome of gaslighters and guilt trippers in Edel current timeline.

Edel did not forgive them until the end even tho she knew everything. Deserve and thumbs up for the author coz she did not turn it into forgive and forget scene.

The first half of the novel is fun because you are rooting for the FL divorce but it's suddenly became boring in the second half until the end. <<less
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Oct 08, 2023
Status: Completed
Actual rating: 4.5

This was super interesting.

Unique as well, especially since the tr*sh #1 that MC's trying to divorce isn't the ML, until in other novels where the main character ends up with the person she's trying to divorce. Also, seeing the whole 'obsessed family and adopted child' situation from an outsider's perspective was so satisfying.

I've always found the whole 'who's the child gonna marry?! Her 40 yr old father, her second whiny brother, or her cold oldest brother!?' weird and creepy af. Like what the hell??? I can't imagine having... more>> such over-bearing people around you, always limiting who you hang out with. Your love life, your friends, any people of the opposite gender. I mean, seriously??? And you have to stop them from killing other people cuz of their obsessive problems and dead mommy issues?? f*ck no, man. Go get a therapist or smth.

I really love childcare novels, so I get very frustrated because the family is always so annoyingly overprotective--and not in a good way (the rare cute ones with overprotectiveness-but-not-too-much are GEMS) So, this was so satisfying, cause MC just... yeets out of the situation. Like 'hell nah I'm not dealing with that for any longer', and leaves.

Okay, but seriously, these annoying freaks need to let people divorce in peace.


Do you know how annoyed I got when the lawyer said that MC's situation wasn't as serious as people who tried divorcing in the past because she didn't go through things like abuse, so she shouldn't need to get a divorce? I mean, obviously going through things like abuse are horrible and---but seriously?

'Don't leave a unhappy situation because other people have even unhappier situations' No, like, seriously? This was basically what he was saying😐 I personally think that you should be allowed to divorce without a reason like cheating, abuse, s*xual harassment, or anything like that. But whatever, this is a different time (doesn't make it better) and MC ended up getting a divorce either ways, so IN YOUR FACE, tr*sh FAMILY🖕!



Also I love the way the OG FL is actually smart and manipulative. She's genuinely a tough match that is hard to handle, especially when she's trying to stop the divorce between MC and tr*sh #1. Also, the way she influences others?? Scary.

But what I do like (so far) is that she actually seems to care about her brothers, unlike in other novels, where the OG FLs mostly get close to the characters to use them. It's a unique and kind of heartwarming twist. Though this is mostly my judgement based on what I've read so far, since I haven't read the entire novel yet.

Though I'm not sure if she's a villainous characters or not, things are pointing towards that direction. Still love her though---her character better not be badly-written in future chapters.


Okay but the ML??????????? The slow-burn is SLOW-BURNING I tell you. Well, not really since it's only been a month since they've known each other but I'm impatient...... the chapters need to go faster istg. Like I need them to just, , , , go on a date or smth. OH, but, the tree scene after the court trial was cute<3

And ML calling himself MC's comrade repetitively is pulling at my heartstrings for some reason. And like, him calling himself MC's bestfriend and Diana feeling competitive---and then Vinetta appearing out of nowhere and calling herself MC's bestfriend ugh they're so adorable😭<3

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the ML's hand discreetly being in the cover is just such a neat and cute touch🤭


"The blue eyes of the Duke who saw me off as I boarded the carriage looked somehow different from usual. It may be a little, just a little, but it seems to have cleared up." Hmmmmmmmmmm most of the time when this happens, it's like some kind of controlling spell or smth like that disappearing/loosing control over the victim.


The head-butler and his son's situation just broke my heart; I never did like when fathers in childcare stories go after innocent kids and I'm glad the aftermath of that was shown.


I was so mad when the tr*sh #2 (duke) said that he would never regret what he said (about the butler's son being weak) and then just 5 second later he starts asking for a second change for forgiveness. AND THE HEAD BUTLER GIVING IT??? SERIOUSLY??? (well it was hinted that they 'had a long conversation the whole evening' BUT f*ck THAT!)

Like okay your son is traumatized and has to get mental help cuz of this guy, sure go and give him a chance IDC😒


The MC isn't some kind of God, she doesn't have superpowers. She's just a normal person trying to survive and endure things. Seeing her throw the anniversary's gift at tr*sh #1's head was so satisfying, and her cursing swear words at him? Hilarious. But not tr*sh #1 acting like he's the victim💀💀


When the whole "tr*sh #1 has problems with his down-there (sterility) " came up, it was so hilarious and satisfying.

Like MC and her lawyer, taking pity on tr*sh #1, requested to change the public court trial into a private one so that they could reveal things without hurting tr*sh #1's reputation---but the opposition lawyer was like "as if the info you have will harm us! We reject your dumb request🙄🙄"

.... and then it was just pure silence after tr*sh #1's problems about down-there were revealed💀 AND THEN THE OPPOSITION LAWYER STARTED BABBLING ABOUT HOW THEY WERE TRYING TO HARM tr*sh #1'S REPUTATION???? LIKE BRO??? you got urself into that one😭


Overall, a good story. The plot is definitely moving well, and the characters are well-thought out. I'm glad that I decided to read this, even with my initial avoidance of divorce stories (cuz of how annoying the family always are). This was such a good read, honestly. Also I have beef against half of the characters here, especially the tr*sh family xx. MC is so kind honestly, like she offered the countess (her mother) divorcing options to get away from the even tr*sher family, even after all the sh*t the countess put her through : (

This is, honestly, one of the most refreshing stories I've read (though I wouldn't trust my judgement). All the characters are so well-thought out - and I know I've already said that, but I just can't help it. Even characters that are supposedly the 'antagonist', they all have some kind of reason--some kind of follow-up to their actions, and it's just so eternally satisfying.

The empress, the ogFL's grandfather, MC's mother, ogFL, etc---I wouldn't say these characters are necessarily evil, but I wouldn't say they're saints either. They're just human beings (... well maybe except the ogFL's grandfather, , , 💀) all going through their own life and circumstances. And the characters actions aren't just irrational, they all follow a realistic pattern and thought-process (except the ogFL's grandfather💀).

I find that just wonderful. Actually I'd say that no one is really 'evil' in this book, they all have their own perspective, and of course, there are antagonists, but that's all that there is; someone's who's against the MC. Being against one person doesn't make you evil, it makes you human.



I'm not gonna paste the entire chapter, but basically.... unconsciously, tr*sh #1's been thinking of MC as a sister (he didn't realize until MC figured it out and told him), so he actively avoided touching her and was super cold to her so that she wouldn't have hope of a romantic relationship.

"Still, the moment I grabbed my wife's shoulder, thinking that we had to do our duty as a married couple, I felt a strong feeling of rejection. Like when you commit a sin." 😭.

Even in previous chapters, it says that tr*sh #1 didn't see MC as the opposite s*x, and he compares MC to his sister (ogFL) a lot. Also, tr*sh #1 saw ogFL as his sister after she took care of a wound he had when they were both children, and MC also healed a wound he had in their first meeting, so MC just smartly connected the dots💀

Luckily, MC doesn't give him a second chance cuz he was an as*hole who didn't communicate and treated her like shit.....

"That day, when the sun disappeared and darkness began to fall, raindrops began to fall. Leandro remained standing there in the rain even after I left. With his shoulders slumped limply."

... idk how to feel abt this man💀😭 should I feel bad orrrr, , , , ,


Edit: Just finished the novel. I feel kind of... empty. Especially seeing the way the Goddess sees all---no offence, but I, personally, will never understand or have such a way of mind. For me, it's an impossible and illogical way to think. but hey. She's a Goddess for a reason🤷‍♀️, if anyone could see the way she sees---then what's the point of humans????


Hot tears welled up in Riena's eyes.

"... ... "There was only one person."

There was only one person in this world who loved Riena, who did not have a blessing, when she had neither a flashy background nor a made-up personality.

And Riena betrayed that person.


For context, Riena is the ogFL. Honestly, in the hundredfifty-ish chapters of the novel, I was mad that the character of Riena was ruined because of how recklessly uncharacteristically she was acting---the way she was so desperately falling and clawing at impossible possibilities with people, but this chapter (Chapter 169/170) truly placed Riena's actions and feelings bare.

Though her actions after this chapters was so frustrating (iykyk) ---good thing MC puts her in her place (eventually💀 have patience guys).

Also that ending was dissatisfying and hurried af<3!


(No, but seriously, where the hell did the biological mother come from all of a sudden? I smell gold-digger😒😒)

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Mar 12, 2022
Status: c97
So till latest chapter, this was quite fun.


1) During her whole stay with ogfls family she never tried to use her novel knowledge that much. I mean come on I know she likes ogFL and her family but what's wrong in getting power? So I don't like this matter.

2) it takes quite long to take divorce like 60chapters.I know that the title is related to divorce still I hoped for more ML and MC moments.


And ML is quite likable too. But ogFL family is annoying.
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Jul 24, 2023
Status: Completed
To be honest, I never expected the plot twist. At first, I thought this story would be the typical transmigrated as extra - divorce - found the male lead - additional plots to highlight the couple - happy ever after. But who would have thought that this story would take a sudden turn. With 3 timelines, happy - bad - happy.

Seeing the 'doting family trope' from other perspective was also a fresh breath of air. Especially the part where the Father would almost kill an innocent boy just because he... more>> was attracted to his daughter. We should refresh our minds again that not all characters were resilient or with overwhelming mental strength to withstand bloodlust like the typical ML. Was it even necessary to highlight the doting part like this in typical child-raising rofan stories? Seeing the absurd excessive doting was also freshening one's imagination. It was like watching chaotic idol fans who tried to promote their idol in every way possible.

The Goddess in this story was actually the most God-like characters in almost all rofan novels that I could find. Loving equally, not biasing toward one —it could also interpreted as 'I didn't treat you as special, so why did you act like you were the only one who the Goddess treated preferably'. The main antagonist —personally, I said that she was one of the most absurd and nonsensical villain I've ever met. <<less
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Oct 20, 2023
Status: c6
I love genre-savvy novels.

This one takes the very common story trope of "'Evil' family becomes absolutely obsessed with a cute little darling" and presents it from an outsider's perspective. And the results are fun and thought provoking.

It definitely highlights that such slavish, obsessive, focus on a single person is actually abnormal, weird, and very not healthy. Viewed from the outside by our MC, their excessive doting can be seen for what it truly is. And it also points out that the "evil" families in all of these stories well and... more>> truly earn those titles. While they may grow soft and sweet towards the object of their focus: they are still villains in their treatment of everyone else.

Fun and different, and the soon to be ex is not the ML.

There is a web comic of this story. <<less
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Dec 31, 2023
Status: c77
the story is well written and focuses on the plot and the divorce process. I would give it 4 or 5 stars if I could change my rating. Notice for future unobservant people/people who use reader view on their phone: scroll to the bottom of the chapter and click the link to the full chapter on Levelingods translation site. I got confused before and gave a poor review but they do have the full chapters available and the translation is really good.
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Feb 15, 2024
Status: c79
I agree with most other people here. The first half where the MC is fightjng for divorce is the good half. Once

... more>>

the MC gets her divorce


and the "plot" begins it starts to get pretty boring. It feels like the author made a funny story to upset the golden-child-loved-obsessively-by-her-family trope, and then realized they wrote an actual story and it needed things like adventure, romance, and complex plot. The OGFL being an obtuse insane uwu chatacter who is 100% convinced everyone loves her is a hilarious obstacle to the straight-man MC who just wanted a normal life. the fact that it is


a brain washing super power


is equally interesting. The second half just doesnt really add anything to the equation. It just sets the MC up as her own loved-by-everyone-bc-destiny trope. It feels stale.

We spend the first half making fun of the cringy mary sue character (love love power of friendship), only to have the MC become that in the second half... and we are supposed to root for her now? <<less
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Feb 19, 2024
Status: c100
I agree with everyone's opinion about the fact that this novel is indeed fun, but just the first half.

Because I think after the fl's divorce everything just feel... kinda bland.

And I low-key feel annoyed (?) Because our FL uses too much of her novel knowledge like... But after reading Pabsss' spoiler on the plot twist I get it now. It's a good read tho.
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Jan 12, 2024
Status: Completed
This is hand down the best novel i've read until now. I feared at the start that this would be the boring over used plot of possession regression blablabla but the story is getting more and more twisted as it progress.

The way it's written is good and it flows very naturally. The characters are both sweet, frustrating, funny. I love it and will be surely re reading it a few time.
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Dec 04, 2023
Status: c60
I'm surprised this isn't better rated. It's written really well. It's fun, it's cute, I want to hug the FL and punch her ex and slap her ex's sister. Her whole ex's family is tr*sh. I have not read spoilers but I'm starting to wonder if it's a bit like "I thought it was a common transmigration" and maybe everyone is brainwashed? It's certainly giving off some similar vibes, except this FL is having none of the shitty husband and his Shitty sister obsessed family. She is just "peace out."

FL... more>> is fun, and smart. She has good chemistry with ML. Really the story is 5 stars. I hope more is translated soon.

Not trying to be mean but the translation is ok. It has errors and 1/3 of the links to the next page are broken. It's not quite bad enough to be upsetting but it really could use an editor. The translator makes a lot of mistakes where they use "." for thoughts and '.' for speech- which is backwards and it's inconsistent so sometimes I don't know if someone said something or thought it. Later in the story there was reversed gender in some things which was confusing and some confusing running words where multiple words were jumbled together. I'm still grateful and it's much better the MTL, it just needs an editor. <<less
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