I Will Devote All My Energy to Spoiling My Childhood Friend, a Beautiful Kuudere Girl Who Can’t Be Honest


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I’m going to put all my energy into spoiling my childhood friend.

For three years throughout junior high school, Tsuzuri Sasaki put all of his energy into his studies, athletics, and appearance. Everything he did was to win the affection of his childhood friend, Kotoba Shirayuki, and to lead a lovey-dovey high school life with her.

Tsuzuri, who has become a perfect superhuman, attacks his childhood friend without mercy!

And what is waiting for Tsuzuri? A beautiful thieving cat who creeps up on him, and bastards who are trying to make a move on Kotoba! However, the high-spec protagonist, Tsuzuri, steadily solves the problems that come his way. All for the sake of his beloved childhood friend!

However, his childhood friend, Kotoba Shirayuki, has been in love with him since they were in junior high. Will Kotoba be able to withstand the oncoming spoiling attack of Tsuzuri?

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Sunao ni Narenai Kuudere Bishoujo Osananajimi wo, Ore wa Zenshin Zenrei wo Sosoide Amayakasu
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Roby1610 rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c9
To spare you reading what is more or less me praising this story for not having a beta MC, read it if you like slice of life romance. Its a good, short read with a nice couple. If you want to quickly read a nice romance story then read it.

So this is a story about childhood friends who like each other. Both are smart, good looking and know the other likes them. The problem is that they dont have the courage to confess. That said they more or less act... more>> like a couple. But since they havent trully become a couple, other people try to hit on them. I like how the MC tried to improve himself to better match the fMC and the fact they were more or less made for each other. Honestly everything fits perfectly. This isnt one of those casses where the MC isnt all that good looking, is an outcast, is dumb or etc. Much the same, the fMC isnt some super rich daughter of a ceo, european tranfer student that may or may not be some weird nobility. She also doesnt have any weird fetish, isnt a stalker or a super genius. She is just an above average, smart and prety girl. The weirdest part of her is that she has silver hair and blue eyes (so I guess she might be of European descent).

Ok enough about how the main characters arent in an unrealistic relationship. The plot is ok for now (the translations are up to the 9th chapter after all). I really like how the main leads were more or less made for each other and how the MC isnt just average or below average (i swear to god my least favorite thing in romance series is when the almost background character MC gets super popular with an goddess even though he isnt special in any way whatsoever). I like my main characters with... well character. At least this MC has enough balls to know what he wants and does everything he can to get it. Thats all I got to say. Thanks for reading this whole review and I hoppe it got you to read this series. <<less
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mfssir rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: c22
Too much sugar, there are no love triangle or harem but there are

some cliche around ch3-ch16 like annoying girl who have interest with MC but MC rejected that girl, and handsome senpai who have interest with MC childhood friend but MC protect her and meh, there are not really serious problem after all. And after that cliche who end in ch16 is full of sugar. So if you only need sugar just read from ch 1-3 then 17-latest chap

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