I Will Decline the Role of The Male Lead’s Ex Girlfriend


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I was born as the younger sister of the sub-male lead in the 19+ tragic romance novel, ‘The Saintess of Erendel’. I had planned to live as quietly as dust, staying out of the tragic obsession story between the original female lead and the male lead, however…

At a blind date that my elder brother forced me to go on, I ended up getting entangled with the original male lead.

“I’d like to get to know Lady Kristenner better.”

Besides, the male lead was going to start getting involved with the original female lead soon…

“What happened yesterday was a mistake.”

“…A mistake?”

Before I knew it, I was creating all sorts of episodes with this guy every other day. I even did something crazy like sleeping with the original male lead after briefly losing my mind.

“Oh… I know. You’re only going to eat me and run, right?”

“What, what? What do you mean, eat and run…”

“I’m right. Liz is trying to eat me and run right now.”

At this rate, I’m really going to get caught up in this and end up being recorded as the male lead’s ex-girlfriend in the original story.

No! This is a really intense tragic romance story!

That male lead may look normal on the outside, but he’s totally crazy!

‘This isn’t going to work. I need to get out of here!’


“You took my purity and now you’re pretending not to know?”

Right, I wondered why he didn’t mention that. I reflexively swallowed the sigh that was trying to escape.

“My purity was taken by Your Grace, so we’re even.”

“You’re right. That’s true.”

Lyxion Luhanes agreed with me obediently and then smiled, his eyes curving into slits.

“That’s why, unlike Liz, I’d like to take responsibility for that matter.”

“No, I’m really okay…”

He straightened his previously slouched posture and stepped closer to me.

“Didn’t Liz tempt me first?”

As I froze in place with his face close enough for his breath to reach me, his hand landed on my stomach. It was a cautious touch, but it still felt impure.

I had tried so hard not to become the male lead’s ex-girlfriend, so why did things turn out this way?

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남주의 전 여친 역은 사양하겠습니다
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