I, Who Was Dismissed as Worthless Failure by my Family and Fiancée, Discovered I had Reincarnated as a Game Character I Raised with Great Care and Vowed to Take Control of my Life and Defy Anyone who Opposes Me.


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“What? You think I’ll forgive you after everything you’ve done to me?”

The protagonist had lived a life where even his parents, younger brother, and fiancée looked down on him, treated him like a fool, and verbally abused him. One day, he realized that he had reincarnated as a game character he had lovingly developed and played in a previous life.

Of course, the character he had nurtured was incredibly powerful and could even defeat dragons with ease in the game. Now, the protagonist resolves to use his newfound strength to deal with anyone in his way by punching them without hesitation (resolving things through force).

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9 Reviews

Apr 22, 2023
Status: c41
This one's one of those series that anyone with taste would pass on. The side characters are ALL supposed to be portrayed as villainous and abusive (there has yet to be a decent character introduced) but they are all just such 2-dimensional "bad guys" that they make Snidley Whiplash look like a complicated character with complex motivations. Like, seriously, they're all almost the exact same poorly written character but reskinned. Here's low-intelligence cartoonishly abusive character in the Fiance skin. Here's low-intelligence cartoonishly abusive character in the Little Brother skin. Now... more>> here's low-intelligence cartoonishly abusive character in the Father skin. Here it is in the Mother skin. Here it is in the Elf skin, but as an added bonus let's make this one h**ny for the MC for no good reason.

Oh, and speaking of the MC. Dude has about as much personality as one of those hentai protags with the bangs covering their eyes... not that I know what that means. Dude went from a groveling, sniveling weakling that just takes whatever abuse is thrown at him without protest to an "absolute chad" (sarcasm) that don't take no sh*t from nobody, with absolutely zero actual character development. Dude just remembered "oh, I'm actually really strong" and all of a sudden all of his confidence problems, the years of abuse and psychological distress, all of it just goes "poof" and he's all better. It is SO poorly written.

It's like it was written by a middle schooler about their own self-insert Original Character

My OC gets reincarnated as his own video game character, and he was really good at that game so his character was super strong! But, his family sucks, and his little brother is really s*upid and sucks even worse, and even though his s*upid parents like his little brother more than him and gave the little brother a playstation and stuff, he's actually way cooler than Kevin the little brother character. Also, Mrs. Whitney his teacher is a bit*h that blames him for what his s*upid brother did and tries to get him in trouble even though he didn't even do anything, but he's way too cool and strong and she can't get him in trouble because she's s*upid. Also she's an elf and she's really hot, and she wants to be his s*x s*ave, but he's too cool for her so he tells her no, but she really wants it bad so he's like whatever and lets her be his s*ave, but he's still way too cool for her.


Edit: When I first left this review, there were 19 chapters translated. Well, I read through to the end of the first arc (Ch41) because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment. It doesn't get better. Rather, when I said previously that it felt like reading a middle schooler's self-insert OC fanfic, that feeling lent it the sort of charm you might find from watching someone failing despite trying their best. Like a child running face-first into the pillar of platform 9&3/4. It still s**ked, but I felt like cheering the author on despite that, ya know? Well, as the metaphorical child kept getting up and slamming his face into the metaphorical brick wall without giving up, those positive feelings quickly faded and were replaced by concern that none of the author's friends were capable of being honest and giving the author the constructive criticism that they needed to improve, such as "Your work is tr*sh. Burn it all and start from scratch." Fortunately, the chapters are mercifully short, meaning that if for some reason you make the poor decision to read this like me, your suffering will not be prolonged. I will now describe the events of the remaining 20 chapters in the first arc. I won't be coming back to this series any more even if there are more updates, but if you get through arc 1 and want to keep going, you probably wouldn't be reading the spoilers here anyway.

I think I left off in the other spoiler section with the elf being enalaved? So after being ens*aved, she turns into a sort of magical stalker, following the MC to his house and attempts to "seduce" him, if you can call just openly and repeatedly demanding he screw her "seduction". Also, MC's family has set up a duel between him and his brother to publicly humiliate MC and officially hand the heir position over to the brother. Because apparently the people of this world would rather feed their sadism and stroke their egos than handle matters efficiently. Anyway, later the little brother bullies MC again, the stalker-teacher-elf-s*ave-masochist with too many character elements but still zero personality witnesses this and gets pissed, apparently blind to her own past actions. Then it's time for the duel. MC manages to trick the father into stating out loud that he will step down from his position as head of the household and immediately make MC the new head if he wins the duel so he can use contract magic to hold him to his word, except this was completely pointless as, for one, later the MC uses contract magic to forcefully prevent the audience from leaking the results of the duel without needing them to say anything, and then, after he wins the duel and inherits the position of head, he decides to cover it up, not only having his family continue to appear in public as though nothing changed but also having his father continue handling the running of the household... okay, if the dad is still making all the decisions and still presenting himself as the head in public, what was the point? I get that the main goal here was to humiliate and beat up your family for revenge, but t the contract magic thing accomplished nothing, no? Anyway, that's it. That's all that happens, the rest is just details and filler.

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Apr 22, 2023
Status: c19
The story isn't very good. Simply put, the protagonist sucks and is a typical overpowered Gary Stu. There are no interesting relationships or conflicts to redeem and drive interest in the story.

Mind you, I would actually have to say that the story is rather realistic in the way the protagonist is just as scummy as his parents and brother. As soon as he gets his power, he behaves just as arrogantly and in the same way as the people he hates. The events are just him overpowering people who get... more>> in his way with very little effort.

What is interesting about the beginning of this story is that it shows you the weakness of telling and not showing in writing. The story tells you the protagonist was a weak, sniveling, and beat down coward before he recalls his memory and power. You never actually get to see this past. The inevitable self doubt and emotional insecurity that it would cause never impact the personality, thoughts, or actions. He is just self assured and awesome with a masochistic pe*verted s*ave stalker that seems modeled after Tio from Arifrueta (just scummier). <<less
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May 24, 2023
Status: c50
Yeah, not much to say about this story aside from “it’s bad”. Things happen too fast with chapters that are too short. Author should look into just fusing some chapters to make it less of a bother to read.

MC seems to come from China in both personality and growth. Dude was a shy/fearful guy who gets memory from the pass and then the knowledge that NO ONE can stop him... he even says that he will go against everyone. The premise was so good, the idea of a dude that... more>> actually has final boss level power and takes no sh*t from everyone and we the readers watch the chaos to come.

But no, what does he do? He stays passive because he wants to “flavor vengance”. He gets BLACKMAILED and FoRcEd to get a s*ave which follows him like some Yandere wife? And she even threatens MC to go towards the king or law and use a “truth orb” to tell that she was made a s*ave by MC... so MC must now force himself to have a clingy elf who wants his babies who tried to forcefully make him a s*ave and even threaten him not once or thrice but like five different times?

The character Darkness is pure comedy, the anime Konosuba is COMEDY. It is supposed to be funny and how Kazuma can’t do anything to go against her. He needs a “tank” and he is weak. This story has comedy tag but the only times air came through my nose was when reading translator notes. The masochist who gets off from telling her no is only good comedy when done RIGHT and the tone of the story at the time is comedy and not tension towards MC getting vengance.

The biggest and most weird decisions of the author was making MC the very same thing he hates... Like any typical chinese grade protagonist. MC gets power and suddenly he is a d*ck who swings his power to cower anyone and demands respects like some young master. <<less
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Apr 12, 2023
Status: c27
Chapters are too short. So can't rate it yet.

But seems like a wish fulfillment story. Might be enjoyable for the face slapping.

Author is going for a good build up of tolerable (for readers) abuse till the first face slapping.

... more>>

Translation is good with great flow.

Edit @ chp17

Progress is slow and the chapters are very small. It really feels like it takes longer to complete the r u human check than read the chapter. Nothing has happened till now, except intro and interaction with 3 characters in total.

Edit @ 27

The first duel still hasn't happened.

Advice to prospective readers. Wait for atleast a hundred chapters. As each is so short it would only be equivalent to 25 normal length ones. <<less
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Apr 18, 2023
Status: --
Self fullfillment story, all the characters are shallow even the MC. Very unlikable MC it feels like he is the same type of character as the side characters.

the dialouge is wierd, the elf teacher in an urgent situation is describing everything that is happening to herself like an anouncer in cooking anime show.
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Jul 20, 2023
Status: --
Chapter is too short. Like 300 word ? Maybe less then that. Same monologue over and over. Whole 100 chapter probably take less then 30 min to read. There is no devopment. If I say charecter is 1 dimention, even that would be disrespect to other 1 dimention novel. Totally waste of time.

someone said if author is newbie and underage, he needs to improve this issue. Indeed it true. Make chapter bigger. Don't say same thing over and over. Write with a story plan. Just don't write to make word... more>> count. <<less
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I hate cookie cutter story
I hate cooki
Jul 11, 2023
Status: c30
The whole storyline is very forced, for some reason a vrmmo's "default" character have a fiance and a family member.

Every single character is generic evil (not an exaggeration)

Absolutely no character development, Generic "revenge" themed novel with cookie cutter format

The only silver lining is a certain elf that's kinda interesting


    • MC weak and Abused
    • MC strong now
    • MC get revenge
    • Rinse and repeat
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Jul 29, 2023
Status: c13
Yep, like others have said the chapters are way to short. It takes longer to scroll past the title than to read the chapters. Forget reviewing the characters, setting, or translation quality. I can't get beyond the fact either the translator or the site hosting this thought that taking one chapters worth of writing and chopping it into 10 "chapters" is a good idea. That is just unmitigated gall to think that folks wouldn't see this and call them out on it.
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Jun 26, 2023
Status: c87
You pretty much have to turn off your brain to enjoy this.

The chapters are extremely short, so I suggest you wait a certain amount time for five, ten or more chapters to get released so you can read somewhat without cliffhangers and you can finish feeling somewhat satisfied.

You can read if you want, I just can't promise you will like it.
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