I, Who Transferred to Another World, Increase the Number of Friends and Seed Them with the Skill [Seeded S*x King Libidordeus]


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A s*x adventure fantasy in which the protagonist (17 years old) is transferred to a different world, where he ejaculates v*ginally with beautiful girls who have been turned into s*x s*aves with just his c*ck.

He has s*x with various girls and has impregnated girls who have nothing to do with the main storyline. Usually he is a normal young man, but when it comes to sex, he turns into a bed yakuza.

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Isekai tenishita ore, sukiru [Tane-dzuke-sei-ō Ribidorudeusu] de nakama o fuyashite tanetsuke shi makuru
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09/23/22 Travis Translations c3
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08/19/22 Travis Translations c1
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