I Was the Unrequited Love of the Male Lead


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“You can’t go anywhere. Not a single step away from me.”

She decided to lay a flower path in front of her favorite book. However, the situation cannot be changed. For her favorite character to be happy, he must meet the original heroine and fall in love! So she tried her best to help the male lead and female lead to meet. Finally, when she tried to leave after fulfilling her responsibility, the male lead became dark. He pulled her arm roughly and the tip of each other’s noses was within reach.

“Ariel, you know everything in this world.”

“I only know part of it. I know it best!”

“If you really knew the future of this world, you would have known at least that it was impossible for me to want another woman besides you.” Kyron’s eyes shone dangerously.

“You belong to me.”

The male lead was one step away from her.

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남주의 짝사랑이 나였다니
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New Anne901 rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c10
Hrm, I am still reading this though I don't really the FL's attitude.

Cringe. Really really cringe.
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New Cand0tz rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c39
I try to put myself into FL shoes. For being transmigrated to that foreign land, I would be extremely scared not wanting to change the plot making my knowledge useless while keeping myself alive.

Her father loved her. The body she possessed was the childhood friend of ML. Naturally, the bestfriend will be upset to know that someone else is already using his friends body while the rest didn't know her soul moved on already.

There were demons in their world. Should the ML act cute knowing full well that someone else... more>> is occupying his friends body? What if everything was just a trick?

I can't wait what will happen next. Will put this on my reading list. <<less
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June 3, 2021
Status: c7
I usually don't give review this early, but the FL slightly irritates me. All she did seems contradictory and indecisive... like she’s super afraid of the duke but also kinda infatuated with him because she knows he’s the male lead?????

Maybe bc it’s the circumstances; she woke up in different body with different personality, but well it wasn’t known either if her personality in her first life was timid too but she acted no different like the body she possessed (shy and timid).

... more>>

It’s not like a usual transmigration story where the FL trying to act calm and composed, adapting to the surrounding slowly, she just hides behind her bedcovers while talking to her brother and father yet somehow acts courageous in front of the duke by offering to help him with his paperwork? I understand that she’s afraid she’d get caught by the family that she wasn’t the original owner, but then again, every time she saw the duke she’d go like “OMG he’s so handsome I’m afraid of him but he’s so handsome...”


The synopsis was interesting but the characters aren’t... or maybe things will take different turn in the future but at this point, for me the FL is simply annoying. <<less
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Meldve rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c10
I like the FL. She seems very human-like to me, because I know that if I was reincarnated in a novel I would be like that too, doing stuff like getting out of character without realizing, acting impulsive or forgetting contents of the novel and then remember them later seems pretty normal to me, I just think she's trying to work her best with what she has. Not everyone can be a quick witted, well composed and calculative strong FL lead.
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Mashiro-chan rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c21
The translations are okay. The cover art is beautiful and the summary very intriguing, hence why I started reading this.

But, I am getting second thoughts about continuing this novel.

Personally, I don't like the FL. I tell myself it would probably be better as the story progresses and we get to empathize with her character more. However, what actually happens is that I get irked by her more and more.

It's not because she is not OP nor funny. I mean, I am an average person so I do understand and appreciate... more>> when a character seems more human / realistic. But this one kinda feels like the stereotype shoujo manga heroine of the past--practically making a fool of herself in front of everybody just for the sake of the dense male lead.

Although, it may not be as terrible since the male lead is not so bad and does not treat her like tr*sh. He is not heartless nor too arrogant. He actually makes a good, strong, and fair leader. It's another male character that annoys and riles me up.

Anyway, got to give credit to the FL for her determination to help out the ML at the expense of her pride and dignity (not comedy). <<less
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Sololvl0 rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: prologue
The translation is really bad. Chapter 2:


She could imagine being suffocated by George grabbing her by the collar with that huge forearm, shaking her, threatening her where her daughter was

As I grabbed me with that forearm and shook me, I remembered that I was threatening where my daughter was, and I choked.

[The hero’s unrequited love was me... ]

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Tobe rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: c35
I rly tried to like this.

at the beginning I thought this will be cute since the FL is like a Fangirl while the ML seems to tease her n I thought wow this is prob gonna develop into a cute relationship.

but wow I was wrong. The moment she admits she’s someone else who is possessing the original body, the story took a rly bad turn for me.

the treatment she got from the ML and the other dude who supposedly has a crush on her (according to the author but from... more>> my POV it was pure hatred) was abuse.

she almost got kidnaped by a villain (she actively trying to sabotage this guy to protect the ML) and what does she get ? The ML n the other guy who has a crush on her detains her after capturing the villain. Like the good guys kidnaped her, ties her up and threatens to torture her. Like omfg I felt so bad for her at that scene even though the tone of the writing was lighthearted, if u look at it objectively, girl is scared shtless coz someone attacked her n the ppl she expected to rescue her ends up saying rly horrible things to her. AND MIND U THEY DIDNT RELEASE IR COMFORT HER AT ALL.
ML even says he will cut off her legs if she doesn’t appear in his office after threatening her with a sword n the next day FL gets sick coz he threatened her in the freaking snow. N ML barges in her room while she has fever n goes “should I cut off ur legs”. Like bruh where all the EQ gone.

I don’t rly hate novels with tr*sh MLs but my biggest issue with this is the weird lighthearted comedic tone of the novel when the FL gets treated bad. It’s off putting. It’s like a happy background music is playing while someone is being bullied in class. It’s just not right

Oh and FL is peak of s*upidity mind u. She’s cute n has good intentions but her attempts to help is very cringy n I feel bad for her coz her sincerity is rewarded with abusive words. <<less
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VoidChaos rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c35
So the TL quality changed starting 3, thank goodness. The synopsis is interesting. Not everyday you see a transmigration where they willingly divulge their situation to the main character.

I have problems with the FL. She's too forgiving, was it the term, as long as it's the male lead. I hope she gets her character developed quick!!!
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