I Was the Heroine, and in the Sequel, Even Though I’m a Mob, All of My Stats Are Maxed Out


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Summoned as a saintess heroine to the world of an Otome game, Nina saved the world with her capture targets and returned to her original world with a grand ending to her friendship.

Two years later, Nina came to the sequel world.

“All the stats are at MAX? Eh, what is this color… How scary.”

This time, she was supposed to be a mob with no role, but somehow, she had inherited her previous saintess stats. The hearts, which represented the level of favorability, were all full, but for some reason, in the case of the prince, they were completely black.

At any rate, there seemed to be a different heroine this time around, and the script might go wrong if I were to be there.

With this in mind, Nina changed her appearance and decided to use her cheat-level magic to live a leisurely, slow life in the countryside.

However, the previous capture targets who inadvertently met again chased after Nina, ignoring the sequel heroine. Rather, even the heroine became attached to Nina.

“Hey, why did you betray me?”

“I won’t let you go again.”

Above all, Prince Alvin’s appearance was strange.

Far from a leisurely slow life, Nina found herself caught up in the game world and the bug that took her life last time.

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Moto Seijo Heroine no Watashi, Zokuhen de wa Mob nanoni Status ga Kansuto Shiteirundesuga
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7 Reviews

Feb 23, 2023
Status: c24 part1
The main character is not dense. She is just outright s*upid. The ML is honest about his yander tendencies. He says he wants to lock her up and isolate her from all of her friends and she's like "okay!" He says that he will kill any potential rival, And she's like "wow his love is heavy but I can accept it."

She doesn't tell anyone that she was mu*dered. And how the hell did she even manage to get mu*dered when she was chomped on by a dragon and was fine?... more>> They don't hunt down the mu*derer so that way she can be safe.

I generally like the concept of the story however I cannot stand the MC. <<less
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: c37
Hi! I'm the translator/MTLer for this story. Early review here! I really enjoy reading it, other than the Yandere element (which I love), so far, the pacing is just right and it's pretty fun. I'm really interested in how the OG heroine's relationships with others will play out (also with the sequel's heroine) and the inevitable moment when they realized it's her.


Okay, I love this story (maybe it's a biased review, but so far so good for me) ! There are a lot of lovey-dovey moments between FL and ML... more>> in the beginning, but halfway through the novel, the author really explained the backstory. I didn't expect that, but I'm only halfway through it so I don't know what to expect and how it ends. Hoping for a good ending.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 18, 2023
Status: c25.1
It's just very mediocre. 25 chapters in, and the story so far is everybody fawning over the MC. That in-of-itself isn't terrible but there has to be something else to chew on.

For example, the central mystery introduced in chapter 2 --


who killed the saintess, and why?


-- that the story pivots on seems to be forgotten. 25 chapters in, and nobody mentions it, talks about it, or questions it. It's just one massive, creepy lovefest


Who prepares a wedding 1 year in advance and not even tell the partner, let alone propose?

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 02, 2023
Status: --
It's too early to judge, but so far, it is good.

Pacing of the story seems right (although novel itself is rather short), it will make you laugh here and there.

Characters are mostly likable. At first, I was concerned after seeing Yandere tag, but it turned out well handled which is rare.

Overall, recommended.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 14, 2023
Status: c81
It was a fun story with some twists, also the Yandere elements were a bonus. The friends she met along the way, the clumsy actions and other funny moments happening, and the pacing not being too rushed. Sadly, though, the story was not that long and I still had many questions left unanswered.

But well overall, it was a fun story.
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Mar 19, 2023
Status: --
I enjoy reading but still think MC is kind of...... tbh s*upid
If she didn't want anyone to found out and why she use same name!? and even she know lastest saint can saw her magic trace she still using it!? she said she should go to other country but didn't tried to!? (She should do!)

when someone said 'slow life' no one do that all of her action didn't lead her to peaceful and slow life at all

I still enjoy reading but just......
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 22, 2024
Status: c11
I don't understand the four star rating. This novel really isn't worth reading, it's really boring. The way how it's written is literally like a running account of mc's first pov. The writing is dull, lacking imagery, initiative, and passion.

It's a lot of telling as opposed to showing, so you can't even feel the thrill of the MC returning to a fantastical world, or any loss (if she felt any at all). There's little to none physical descriptions of the characters or how the MC feels when she regards them,... more>> so you as the reader will just have to read it and think; "-Ah, this and that character has this color eyes and hair combinations. Oh, this and that character are from mc's protagonist party, so of course they're (probably) attractive."

What does MC think- feel- compare their looks towards, or otherwise provide any frame of reference for you as a reader to develop ANY sense of investment towards the story? Haha, none, you'll just have to keep in mind how they look on the cover and experience the novel like a blind person and take mc's narrative at face value.

I can't outright call MC s*upid, because that would be unfair of me to target her alone when the original writing itself is shallow and lacking in just about everything. This isn't the translation or editors fault of course, you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

And oftentimes, Japanese novels are just written this way as if they're allergic to imagery. So if you're used to this style of writing, then you should have no complaints. <<less
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