I was Sold at the Lowest Price in My Class, However My Personal Parameter is the Most Powerful


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Yuta was sent to another world with his classmates.

In this world, there’s an unique power called “Ludia” which is used to operate humanoid machines called “Magicrafts”, Earthling are summoned to be employed because they tend to have high values. While many of his classmates were bought at high prices, Yuta’s Ludia value was only “2”…

Yuta was sold at the lowest price and became a s*ave, but when he encounters the white magicraft “Arleo”, he awakens as the strongest!?

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Class Saiyasune de Urareta Ore wa, Jitsu wa Saikyou Parameter
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11 Reviews

New 57eve
Sep 02, 2021
Status: c187
In general this is good and refreshing, the system class by Ludia value, Mecha action, but the MC char is same like others general isekai Japan char, (it's kind shallow char) I think one only have a deep char here is Jean (for a side char, he is somehow give an deep accent), for the plot i'll think is rate 3, 5/5 I love the re-unite chapters, but the one I think the author shallow is, the name of the characters (obi-wan? Lucifer? Come on author can make up... more>> a more good name then that) otherwise for an anti-mainstream isekai type I recommended this <<less
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May 23, 2021
Status: --
Kinda meh, tbh. Very simple, not much seems to be planned ahead. Main plot driving force seems to be convenience.

  • oh hey, I conveniently found a new cute girl friend
  • oh hey, I can conveniently get out of here
  • oh hey, I conveniently found some transport
  • oh hey, I conveniently found a rich guy who gave me a job
  • oh hey, I found out my new friend is actually a badass because nobody ever tested her
  • oh hey, I conveniently found a super robot...
Low effort.
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Jun 19, 2021
Status: c40
The word terrible cannot do this novel justice. The highest IQ of anyone is less than 50. continuity errors abound. Is "wrong think" a term? It better be.

MC is just another Neutered Brainless male chauvinist without any redeeming qualities. and no, not raping someone is NOT a redeeming quality. that is the base 0 state to be expected of anyone.

Bad guys are bad because they are bad and look they say mean things so they are bad and you can just kill them because they are bad. I just wrote... more>> more words and took more time than the writer ever even attempted or could muster before their nose started to bleed from overthinking.

I really am not joking about the IQ rate either. these people are clinically ret*rded. Brain dead. Special needs levels of s*upidity.

At first I thought they were treating the High value people nicely because they have the ability to turn against them with super weapons. But that whole idea was thrown out the window when the countries MILITARY just walzed on in and started committing murder and mass destruction when they found out the girl the MC is taking care of has a 30k value. like... she could literally just pretend until put into a mecha and just f*cking Kill everyone. Just go on a massive rampage through the city because you literally KILLED her best friends father.

No brains. No thoughts to ramifications. Not for even a moment did the writer ever even think that these MILITARY people wouldn't be Literally ret*rded. <<less
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May 20, 2021
Status: c350
First, this is mean for snack reading. The aspect of how the mecha moving is really cool. The secret behind MC's ludia value won't be revealed until around chapter 200ish.

Story wise : 3.5-4/5 some chapter can be regarded as filler and this trend continuing till latest raw. You'll find that the robo fighting scene is really exciting.

Robot : 6/5 MC is like gundam pilot, so no difficult jargon just the cool finish. The mechanic will handle the complicated things, all he need to do is pilot his gun-I mean Arleo.

Romance... more>> : the MC keep drawing one women after another. So it might be Harem

If you're looking for easy to read novel, this is for you. It'll only get serious after chapter 200. <<less
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May 20, 2021
Status: c355
Your average mecha isekai. At first, MC got sold as a s*ave but He lives as a s*ave likes 1 chapter sooo.

I don't really think this novel has to be Isekai unless Author wants to write some drama between classmates. Well, It has the potential to be like Gundam seed (you killed my bro so, I'm gonna kill your bro) but It seems the author doesn't really want to write that way. So, It's turned to just average Isekai MC group kick around antagonists ass.

Each chapter is short. The fight... more>> scene is decent. I give some plus for Meacha design.

Okay, I catch up lastest raw (355) The story does not really get any better. We got the main Antagononist now but He just one dimension wants to destroy the world. Sigh, The Novel is very easy to read through good for pass time when you're bored and want something light.

I wish the story could be darker. I feel like it's waste potential but that just my opinion.


Kinda sad when he blew up my Arleo but MC got the Arleo Mk2 good for him.

MC uses to have the main purpose (revenge for some kingdom) but now He just gets dragged left and right by the plot.

The plot of each Arc is repetitious. When the girls got pinched then MC will save them just in time lol. Classmate aside MC, childhood friend, MC crush does not really have any meaning.

The whole romance is sucked since the story is focused on fighting and war butttt MC got like 5-6 girls falling for him? After her Arc ends their presence becomes thin unless they got a whole chapter POV. I often forgot the other 2 male pilots even exist in the story.

It's funny when the author keeps teasing MC and his crush missing each other but Those two never interact with each other in the story at all (except a little flashback). So, I don't feel like rooting for them. It's just used as a convenient excuse for MC to refuse another girl. "I already have my crush he said" yeah but in 355 chapters I knew you're busy on war and stuff but MC never proactive in finding his crush at all.

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Jun 16, 2021
Status: c65
So... I went into this expecting some low-effort snack reading.

What I got was a headache-inducing pile of "meh" which could have shined under a better writer.

The story has a lot of potential-- and each new plot development seems to justify the muddy actions what preceded, but overall, the author doesn't have the skills to pull it off.

So MC is configured as a bit of a sperg and dumblefark, which has been put in place to explain many of his idiotic actions within the story-- allowing the first client of his... more>> newly-formed mercenary company to screw him over by playing the "three strikes and you're out" rule, or the Japanese version of it, at least (something about Buddha and a face, or some-such), which is explained later as a rival merc outfit (what has some of his Japanese classmates) screwing with the action report-- "lol, we fooled you, now you're losing the war and we'll both die horribly! Huurrrrr!" rather than the idiot MC being unable to stop the client from cheating him out of his pay.

Also, it seems that most of the other Japanese kids what also got summoned turn out to be a bunch of douchebag twitter-kid once they get Isekai'd because according to this story, MORAL CODE OF GLORIOUS NIPPON is the only thing that keeps the flowers of Japanese womanhood from going into blue-haired twitter-grifter mode (yes, a lot of the Japanese douchewads are female).

Even the supposed "childhood friend" and "love interest" from GLORIOUS NIPPON wind up being utter twats.

Maybe it's to contrast the newfound companions in Isekai World who are far more personable in comparison.

Even then, they all seem to have their personality defects--

    • Loli who refers to herself in third-person with no sense of personal space
    • Kemonomimi cardboard cut-out character who's main characteristic is she's friends with Loli
    • Sneaky Fast-talking Salesman Manager of MC's merc unit
    • Onee-san Gladiator Champion with unhealthy obsession for MC
    • Loli Mechanic with unhealthy obsession for Onee-san, who hates the MC because of Onee-san's unhealthy obsession with MC rather than Loli Mechanic
    • Special Needs Sperg Big Guy who's there to make the MC look like less of a sperg
    • Former Onee-san Soldier companion of Japanese "Childhood Friend" who's now stuck working off her debt to the MC and thinks he's a perv because of Loli and other Onee-san's MC obsession
So yeah, it could be an entertaining story under a better writer, but its clunky execution leaves much to be desired.

Translation isn't too bad, but website navigation is a bear, since it's blogspot.

I understand that they've started doing a manga adaptation, which means there's probably a LN version.

Hopefully, under the watchful eye of an editor and a ghost-writer, the LN may be a much-more improved version.

God knows this story needs it. <<less
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: c51
The storyline isn't bad, but only the fights have details. People, places, objects have nothing. It's like the writer expected the reader to already know, then you get to a fight scene and in some of them it's almost spelled out exactly how they move
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May 18, 2021
Status: c38
Don't get fooled by the bad ratings, I'm sure that everyone who rated this 1 star did not read past c10.

It's true that the start it's slow and the MC is not the smartest but I don't know what are you expecting. MC has no knowledge of the world and how is he supposed to know that he is strong if no one can't measure his ability.

The story gets better after c12, so if you get past the first few chapters you'll see that this story is not a 1... more>> star. <<less
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Jun 20, 2021
Status: c27
I've been wanting to see mecha genre novels because very few can genre about it, most of the novels focus on magic and life, so I won't say much about this. About the content his fortunes all appear like in other novels, the plot development is quite fast and I will have to re-read the previous contents to understand the following plot, I hope the author will give The plot of each chapter is longer and has depth to understand their lives and psychology
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 04, 2021
Status: c7
I like the setting, but I expected it to be a little more dark I guess. Also the author sucks at character intros. I had to look back at the summary to make sure I knew the MC's name. It has potential, but I'll wait for more chapters to get TL'd.
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May 03, 2021
Status: c6
The second story of this type that I've seen. This time with a more curious main character that's willing to move a little.

... more>>

The second story that I've seen where the magic reading meter doesn't have enough digits. I'm kind of curious why it's "2" again though.

On the bright side, this version of that tale is a bit more serious since the main character is dropped straight to the bottom and doesn't have a high-ranking family to protect him this time. It's not hell mode since he can cheat the system, but it's definitely not the casual run-through from the other story.

And to further help, he's also less trying to find ways to preserve a sedentary lifestyle and more curious and adventurous. That other story was charming in its own way but this one has the making for a more dynamic story.

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