I Was Reincarnated as a Villainous Noble Aristocrat. Execute, Kill, and Fight.


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Kill anyone who gets in your way to protect yourself!

His family are villains who are headed straight for death, that’s what the reincarnated possessed Est Velden has concluded. While not quite sure if this is a game or a completely different world, as the son of an aristocrat from the Kingdom of Alvara he must fix a problematic situation. Kill anyone who gets in the way. Kill anyone who’s dangerous. Those who can’t be killed… well, deal with them on the spot. With this as the basis for this, the curtain begins on the life of an aristocrat on the edge of the Velden Count’s household, together with Est, an ordinary person with no cheats or protagonist bonuses.

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俺の悪党貴族転生! ~処して殺して戦って~
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