I Was Reincarnated as a Tyrannical Villainous Noble, but Since I Don’t Want to Die, I Master Dark Magic That Should Not Be Able to Heal People and Save the Ailing Heroine. ~ When I Cared for the Frail Yandere Heroine, It Wasn’t the Protagonist but I Who Was Doted On


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I, who was frail since young, was reincarnated into the world of a game after death. Condemned by the protagonist, I became the tyrannical and arrogant villainous noble—Diavolo Kingston. Disappointed, I realized something.

(This body… is healthy!)

Unable to do anything I wanted before, I want to fully enjoy this new life. The cause of my condemnation should lie with the frail heroines I tormented. With the dark attribute unique to me, I resolve to learn healing magic. My own illness is scary, given my experiences in my previous life. The skilled witch claims it’s impossible, but having mastered the game, I know what can be achieved through excessive effort. As I desperately strive, people around me gradually reassess me.

Once I master healing magic, I’ll take care of the heroines. The frail maid, the fiancée confined to a wheelchair because of me (Diavolo), the princess afflicted by an incurable curse… Even though I’m healing them with the intention of begging for my life, why am I being excessively doted on?

Having dominated the noble academy with dark magic, the main stage, I inexplicably became a hero surpassing the protagonist.

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