I Was Reincarnated as a Man Who Cuckolds Erotic Heroines, but I Will Never Cuckold Them (WN)


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One day I woke up and I was a completely different person.

That man was a character in a certain game, who stole the childhood friend that the main character was in love with.

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Eroge no Heroine wo Netoru Otoko ni Tensei Shitaga, Ore wa Zettai ni Netoranai
I Was Reincarnated as a Man Who Cuckolds Eroge Heroines, but I Will Never Cuckold Them (LN Title)
エロゲのヒロインを寝取る男に転生したが、俺は絶対に寝取らない (LN Title)
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6 Reviews

Apr 25, 2023
Status: c18
Although it has "cuckold" in the title, the reincarnated MC didn't do any "cuckold-ery" actions because Ayane, MC's childhood friend and has a twist sh*t at the last part in the original game, is the one who always makes the first move towards the MC. In the original game, nothing has shown Ayane's sudden obsessiveness and she even only has 1 seggs scene.

Overall, it's a worth to read and I recommend this for people who likes characters with yandere personality.
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Apr 19, 2023
Status: c17

This story about the guy who love playing eroge with netorare tag. So maybe... he want to get ntr, but he become the ntr guys (protagonist best friend) instead. Maybe that's the reason he want to change the plot of the story.

The heroine didn't love the ordinary face protagonist on the 'ntr' game. She love his best friend. So basically it's just one side love for the protagonist. The 'ntr' eroge chapter only based on 'ordinary looking' protagonist point of view.

From heroine point of view, the protagonist good looking best... more>> friend is her love interest, another osananajimi and her master, the protagonist is no more than just ordinary osananajimi, the reason she close to 'ordinary looking' prontagonis because the 'best friend osananajimi' in there. She got yandere vide from the start. Even 'best friend's try to change the plot, it's become useless. <<less
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Daniel park
Daniel park
May 07, 2023
Status: c20
This novel is really good, I dnt expect much from this novel but I was deeply emotional when I was reading the backstory of the MC, and the reason why the Heroine loves him instead of the original protagonist.

This story is deep and I love it. It brings out so much emotion in me with only 20 chapter anger, sadness and happiness I feel it all this emotion within those 20 chapters

Overall this is a really good novel I totally recommend reading it
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Apr 24, 2023
Status: c18
I really like this so far, at first it seemed like a typical reincarnated as the guy who cucks the protagonist but it seems to be more then that by the fact that the main heroine has actually liked the guy more then the actual protagonist and seems to be pyscho.

It mentions that there are also other heroines besides the main girl that got ntr'd from the protagonist but it seems that the main heroine herself did somethings behind the scenes in the original plot.

Basically I was expecting a typical... more>> fix it fic where the MC tries to fix the plot of the story while still getting the main heroine but it seems there is more drama behind the scenes that wasn't shown and that the MC is unaware about.

Not yet half way through the story but I am pretty sad it's on hiatus <<less
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Jun 08, 2023
Status: c26
The story could be good, but there is one thing which ruin the whole premise: it's the reincarnated guy (Towa) and the heroin (Ayana) actions. In short, Towa did what the title said he wouldn't.

First a little summary of the original game:

... more>>

The plot is Ayana is childhood friend with Chu. But their parents forced them to be together even when she didn't want to (one time she had to cancel her date with friend because her mother forced her to go play with Chu). So naturally she start hating Chu. This got worse when Towa appeared. She fell in love with him, but still had to be with Chu.

Everything fell apart when Toaw got into an accident trying to save Chu. This made him unable to play scoccer anymore. On his hospital bed, the parents scold him and Chu laught at his situation. Plus he confessed his love for Ayana to Towa and asked him to support them. This made Ayana and the original Towa hate Chu. Ayana decided to get into a relationship with Chu so she can dump him in the worse way possible.

There is also the other girls and it's implied but not clearly that Ayana has something to do with them getting NTR'ed.


Now the story after the guy got reincarnated into Towa


The whole problem is that Ayana feelings are not taking into account. The parents expected her to be with Chu. But she doesn't want that.

I was expecting the reincarnated Towa to somehow make people talk and understand each other situation but no. After he understood the whole situation, he called Chu saying that he loves Ayana and go confess to her and they got together. And that's it. He told her to let go of her hatred but when they meet Chu, she doesn't explain the situation. When Chu was sad in the classroom or when he confronted Towa, nothing is done. Ayana kept saying to let her handle it, but she does nothing. What we get is a lovely-dovey relation between Towa and Ayana.

And that's the problem. Nothing is resolved. Chu has trouble understanding other feelings. And he doesn't change. It's not that he is heartless. The only real bad thing he did was to laught at an injured Towa. And that is explained that it was because he was somehow jealous of how great Towa was. He also asked him to support him, but that's because he considered Towa his friend. Not to hurt him or anything.

And Ayana, she is mad at Chu, but really, it was their parents who force them together. Not Chu. But instead, she decided to hurt him.


The lack of communication between Towa/Ayana and Chu is what I don't understand given the premise of the story.

I read up to chap 26. They got together since chap 15. And since, nothing is done about Chu. At least, the problem with Ayana mother is resolved.


Ayana mother, Seina, loved a guy, but she did nothing and that guy ended up with Akemi, Towa mother. That's why she hates Towa and forced her daughter to be with Chu.


It is said this novel has 60 chapters and maybe it will be resolved later but still. <<less
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Jun 13, 2023
Status: --
The story is quite entertaining, I would have liked it much better if it was the original towa as the MC and none of the transmigration stuff as the MC has no business being there, other than that the most annoying part is the flashbacks which appears randomly in the story it was fine at first but slowly it turn into annoyance as it ruins the pacing
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