I Was Pregnant After Divorce


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Lin Zhixia transmigrates into a novel, unaware that he is now the vicious cannon fodder who slagged the protagonist, Luo Qin. Luo Qin, the cannon fodder’s husband and male lead, was cold to Lin Zhixia, not caring if he lived or died, making his life miserable. Fine then! He’ll give the male lead what he wants.

No matter what Lin Zhixia did, it wasn’t enough. His husband was convinced he had sinister motives.

Lin Zhixia made a decision, packed his bags and slapped Luo Qin with divorce papers!

He took nothing with him when he left, only the previous owners bad reputation. He was hoping to make a fresh start but a month later, Lin Zhixia found out he was pregnant!

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Jamieee rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: Completed
So, a previous reviewer commented that the MC is a "weak, cannot help but cry damsel in distress" and I disagree with that. Just because a person/character isn't overly vocal and "badass" doesn't mean they're weak. In my opinion, Lin Zhixia (MC) is a strong person whose strength is quiet and enduring/persevering.

It's one of those Cinderella Debates where there's a misconception that Cinderella is just a fainting damsel when in fact, Cinderella did the best she could in the situation she was in.

The same goes for Lin Zhixia, he was... more>> transported to that world and was placed in a difficult situation. So he persevered to get the life he wanted; a life with love and contentment. Did he agree to the ML too fast? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on perspective, but I think it's more of, he didn't want pride to prevent him from living a life.

On the other hand, the ML. Yeah, he's the typical "gong, top, seme" and was overbearing and stuff, but I don't hate him, the OG Lin Zhixia really did wrong him, the type of wrong you wouldn't forgive. But he didn't know that at some point in time, MC Lin Zhixia transmigrated over. Honestly, who would think that another consciousness possessed the body of a person you know?

He also apologised for his treatment of Lin Zhixia and tried his best to make up for it

in that situation, none of them were at fault. It was an unfortunate first meeting all around.

I love this novel because the MC didn't let pride obstruct his life and in finding his own happiness. My only complaint is that it's short.

Also, CUTE KID! So adorable, and MC and ML both love and took good care of their child (ML was fumbling at first ahahaha which is understandable considering his upbringing and didn't have much close contact with kids. ML was also very weak to his child and Lin Zhixia)

Edit: Also, regarding the ML falling for Lin Zhixia too fast after meeting once more, I think it's that after time apart, he noticed that the Lin Zhixia he knew (OG) was different to the current Lin Zhixia. Inner character and beauty really shines through, and in this instance, without being blinded by his (valid) prejudice against the OG, he saw Lin Zhixia's inner beauty. I think his interest was piqued since the divorce, but didn't actively look for Lin Zhixia because, again, prior circumstances stood, and he wasn't yet in love with him.

Anyway, basically, what you see in the summary is what you get. It's a sweet, short story without too much twists and turns. Translation is great. Seriously. Many thanks to the translator! Will reread the entire thing after the translation finishes. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: --
The premise is actually good, I cried in the early chapters where MC was still in ML's house.......I dont know... just, a man that was being denied of every chances when he tried to fix thing just because he wanted a family. It made me criedd very hard.

Though, when ML showed up again and started to have the feeling of 'I cannot get him out of mind' after he saw him with someone else and be happy without him-syndrome is too lame and predictable plot in every novel.

I mean, if... more>> ML wanted to grab or let his son or to do his job as a father, that'd be perfectly understanable. But not that syndrome I described above. 4years he didnt try to find him. 4years he never thought of MC at all. And now, suddenly he had this 'feeling'?? Ha ha <<less
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Miccie368 rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c15
People need to stop giving low ratings on here just to complain about something other than the story. The summary of the book is fine.


- Tolerable angst

- Adorable af kid

-MC+ML actually takes care of their kid and does not push it to a nanny or some other caretaker

- So actual childcare

- ML+MC actually communicate


- Story seems to not flow so well in terms of setting/environment but that's not a big issue

Will update once I read more
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Aruthea rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel is not very long so it was a quick read. My thoughts after reading this novel was that it's decent, but has quite a bit of shortcomings.

Firstly, at the start of the novel Lin Zhixia (our MC) transmigrated into this world after having lived a harsh life as a poor orphan who had to fend for himself. The angst that comes from being rejected from the ML after his many attempts to reach out to the man in hopes of a complete family is very understandable and I... more>> even feel for him at times. We learn that Lin Zhixia (story canon fodder) did something incorrigible to Luo Qin (ML) by threatening Luo Qin into marriage with him. It's sort of implied, and this causes almost everyone and their mom to hate Lin Zhixia a lot. It does not help that the story Lin Zhixia did not graduate out of highschool either, so he's definitely considered a gold digger.

Why does the plot suffer then? I feel like the conflict is not very well established or are driven by really reckless people.

For starters, the original story's MC named Qiao Ruxu doesn't really do much. He is quite passive. Rather, it's his younger sister Qiao Mei who stirs a lot of sh*t and caused the whole divergence in the first place. While I'm glad that the original MC wasn't antagonistic, it kind of makes me wonder why he was so hella passive in chasing the ML. By the time he finally decided to confess, ML had already fallen in love with our MC Lin Zhixia. Instead much of the conflict is caused by his sister where she keeps trying to sabotage MC's life as much as possible. It is later revealed that Qiao Ruxu has been constantly forced by his parents to clean up after her mess. So ML told him that he doesn't have to keep doing it anymore if he does not want to.

The other source of conflict is Luo Qin (ML) 's dad Luo Zhenyan. He is your typical dad who thinks he knows best and he is the patriarch, you Cannot Disobey him. ML is mad at him because ML's birth parent fell in love with ML's dad, but ML's dad went back home to get married to another woman to get his inheritance. So basically ML's dad is super materialistic and he sometimes tries to get the little bun back into the Luo house for the 'best education' and gets in the way between MC and ML. ML's birth parent then shipped ML to the Luo family after a few years living together and never kept in contact. Despite his illegitimacy, he is still the Luo family heir and was accepted based on his merit and smarts. This is why Luo Yao, who is the legitimate daughter of the ML's dad relationship, actually looks up to him even though they are not close.

As a result of his childhood, this is the reason why ML came to take responsibility when he found out that MC has a 4 year old child. He did not want their son to end up like him with a incomplete family. How did he find out the existence of their little son? A friend of his worked at the hospital MC had rushed their son to after the son played too long in the snow and got pneumonia. Friend tipped ML off, and ML then told the friend to upgrade the ward. The son is named Lin Keai. Literally, the word for cute in Chinese. So I'll refer to him as Lil Cute. Lil Cute loves this Uncle Luo who popped into their life.

However, the MC is naturally frightened since the ML has more power and the riches to just take his son away from him. It takes a while for the ML to coax him that no, he won't separate Lil Cute from him, and he wants to co-parent. ML respects his decisions for the child and does his best to shield the MC from his dad as well. He tries to compensate for the four years he was not there. For some weird reason, he had a dream of when MC was working hard at his small street restaurant and having a fall. This makes him want to take responsibility more, and he takes it slow, which is good because our MC is traumatised from his short time at the ML's place.

Our MC, Lin Zhixia, the one who transmigrated, is very determined and hard-working. His life experiences was harsh, so he adapted to life without the ML really well, even though he literally replaced this new life of poverty with a child who unfortunately was produced out of a accident that was caused by, you know it, the other MC's SISTER. Yeah I swear, the conflict is really just... coincidental as heck. She drugged our MC and fortunately he ended up sleeping with the ML. ML had thought MC was still the original Lin Zhixia, and did not bother investigating deeper since he thought it was a ploy to trap him until they met again four years later. That was the straw that broke the MC's back so he just up and left after divorcing.

MC is fortunately helped by neighbours, and even managed to get an eatery in a poor neighbourhood. ML found him by chance when he knocked off work to check the district that his company happened to have oversight in. MC does not hold what ML did to him against him since well, how do you EXPLAIN being a transmigrator without being shipped to a mental institution? Instead he focused on what he had, which was the son who was conceived from that fateful night. He pushes on towards life with him, with the son the motivation to live on. Thus, he will feel extremely demotivated if his son is taken from him. His only family. The only family he has had ever since his last life. No wonder he is very anxious.

MC and ML eventually get together, but of course ML had to clarify with him that no he is not getting with Qiao Ruxu. They may have been close friends, but romantic attraction just... never really came to be. Which is good, Qiao Ruxu also backs off after realising he has no chance but at least he knows when to cut his losses. His sister on the other hand... has no brain cells. Oh my goodness.... Later, ML went to find his birth parent, only to find out he has passed on. It definitely broke him hard that he could never get the closure he wanted, but MC helps to calm him and support him emotionally.

One good thing about this novel is that it addressed the issue of 'do people actually realise Lin Zhixia is not the same person?' thing that most novels tend to just shove under the carpet. Yes, before MC proposed divorce, the ML noticed that the MC's behaviour is strange and different from the Lin Zhixia he knew. Over the course of the novel, he constantly picks up on cues that differs MC from the story Lin Zhixia. This ball is dropped at the end of the novel when they were celebrating Lunar New Year as a family when Lin Zhixia insisted on making Eight Treasures because 'it's a tradition in our area', but it wasn't, and ML knew that story Lin Zhixia lived in this city his entire life, and the tradition was not Eight Treasures.

Upon calmly chatting with the MC that this will not change how he views him since he knew he was a different person, this also allows him to realise that, shit, he literally mistreated a poor, warm gentle man who is as hurt as he was. He feels extremely guilty upon knowing that MC had just come to this world knowing nothing and he had just kicked a man who was down even further. Knowing the lonely life the MC had, it made him want to do more to compensate. In which MC tells him not to worry and they finally remarry and have a good life together with their precious son Lil Cute.

So, is Lil Cute your OP smart child from most child novels? Surprisingly... not really. He's smart enough to know that ML's dad is trying to put him against his own dad (MC) but he is just a kid. He loves snow a lot. He loves to roll snowman and ML indulges him on it. MC is more strict, and wonders where did the kid's love for snow comes from lol. Lil Cute is also quite the gourmet, he loves food and eating, which MC surmised was probably due to his poor nutrition. He also gets gifts and he doesn't really put the dots that Uncle Luo is his other dad until MC told him. MC took a long time to tell him because he did not want to drop a bomb, but he almost forgot about it until the end of the novel when ML had to intervene and stop another kid from bullying his son lol. And Lil Cute is very happy!


Honestly, this novel does not feel much different from your usual OP president and some woman who accidentally got knocked up by him and she runs away unknowingly pregnant novels. Okay, the ML is still a decent guy compared to the MLs of those het novels but still, that's how I felt at the end of the novel. Sure, the worldbuilding is there, like for example the MC realised that there are gay couples who actually have their own biological children, and ML's other parent is implied to be male as well but it's mentioned like a one-off thing which might as well be non-existent.

However, I give it points for the effort in childcare, the relationship building and for addressing the transmigrator issue. It's a short, decent read that is not too angsty and the supporting cast is just here and there. The good thing is that the ML's family is not super awful. ML's sister Luo Yao comes to become a decent aunt, probably when

her dad ended up in the hospital because of the shock of ML's birth parent's death was too much and the ML was incapacitated in an accident caused by, yours truly, Qiao Mei, who tried to get someone to ram a car into MC. She matured despite being a brat to her nephew at the start. ML's dad also becomes better and supportive. So yes.

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7starkiller99 rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.


MC is a weak "cannot help but cry" eternal damsel in distress easily won over by scumbag ML. He is super beautiful and faints all over. Also MC can't take care of himself, and barely can manage his son. MC is easily fooled by villain fodder and is always overwhelmed by literally anything going wrong.

ML is your typical overbearing President figure who wants MC after magically instantaneously falling in love with MC and seeing his son. The second male QZ is a kind nobody. Then there's... more>> the Tropey grandfather, servants, and Ml's friend etc.

You already know MC will easily forgive ML no matter what happens, ML swiftly discovers misunderstandings, and MC already acted extremely Ooc from the person he crossed into.

Novel is bad due to the MC excessively just obeying the ML and it only gets worse as it goes on. ML doesn't really have to struggle much to get MC back, just look somewhat sad and MC is already feeling sorry. Instead of making a clean break, MC lets ML hang out and even immediately feels guilty for Ml. So disturbing how this all happens especially with the s*x etc and ML never taking responsibility directly for the early r*pe when MC was drugged.


Worse so, later on ML's father kidnaps Mc's son so MC agrees with ML to live with Ml. Author writes a lot of Mc's complaining but MC never acts on any of it nor ever talks to his son.


The story is absolute garbage. The drama is weak and it never feels like a sweet story. Not comforting at all, especially with how the MC is so easily emotionally manipulated.

-300tril/10. <<less
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Blubber_faults rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: --
So...I did find the first few chapters cute but later on I started to get very frustrated. The entire Luo family and the ML just annoy me so much. I think if that bastard doctor hadn't have called the ML and interfered... MC and his baby would've continued to have a peaceful life.
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Caramellatte rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c1
Ummm....I just read c1 but who the hell put the novel's description? That's not a 'description', that's a whole lot summary, with spoilers and probably the plots all laid out in the open.
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Daph123 rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: c24
Okay, first and foremost, I am not a professional reviewer, but the author's pacing is excellent, and the story is adorable, soft, and fluffy.

Sincerely, I'm not sure what kind of dog drama some people prefer, but from what I've read, I adore it.

It's 1 a.m. Here, and I'm still awake because I'm tempted to finish it with MTL.

... more>> Those who don't think it's their cup of tea or coffee should not discourage those who want to read it.

The MC and ML have flaws that they are attempting to correct; however, this is a novel, and many of you who are complaining about the MC would most likely be weaker in those situations if they were placed in real life.

If you love to know more ignore the bad reviews and see for yourself 😉 <<less
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puririnpa rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: c22
Dropped it out since its get too messy... Like, the characters personalities, developments, plots... It felt like I was using a pen with the ink coming out one second and then the next is gone and it keeps on going like that, creating words but only parts of it visible and the rest are ugly....

I mean, this novel has such a great potential at the start. Everything just went... Nope when the ex husband appears
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KeraShr rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Loved it!!!😍

It's very similar to other transmigration-to-cannon-fodder novels but it was also very realistic. MC here was one of my favorite characters. Not because he was an absolute cutiepie but also because he was so damn mature!!!! This novel was realistic in the way that MC actually didn't love ML after leaving him. When they meet again, he was quite indifferent to him and afraid that ML will take his son away. ML had to literally work hard to win back MC. And believe me, MC didn't make it any... more>> easy for him!

Their new beginnings was portrayed very beautifully along with their cupid I.e. Their Child Xiao Ai!!!

I recommend reading and then again reading!!! 😁 <<less
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Reader036 rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Ansty in some parts.

Hard working ML to get back his wife and make up for his mistakes in the past.

ML got his punishment for his past deeds.

... more>> MC transmigrated into that life when it was already f*cked up. But he will be extremely happy.

Real childcare, the kid is loved by both his parents, aunt, grandpa.

Kid is just lovely~~

Fluff and cuteeee. Pampered wife and child.

Not drama, maybe just enough for the story.

The relationship between MC and ML is beautiful. There's good communication between them.

At first, ML and ML's family might seem annoying, but don't leave cause of some earlier chapters.

ML was not at fault for the things that happened, at first he didn't know. MC also understands that, so he doesn't go around blaming him either. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I went into this knowing that I would probably shed a few tears because I could smell the dog blood from ten meters away. And I, admittedly, cry very, very, VERY easily. As the Chinese like to say "women are made out of water" (men are, too, but in my case, my gender seems to lean more towards a broken water faucet).

There was enough drama, not too much and not too little. The characters were also fine, many experiencing good character development.

The og. Love interest of the ML was a... more>> bit of a letdown though. After having the author hint at his green tea personality I kinda expected him to play a more dramatically antagonistic role. He had his role stolen by his sister instead while he himself anticlimactically turned into the human equivalent of mayonnaise, and not the yummy kewpie mayo either.

Either way, I did end up crying as expected. No surprise there. But that's what I came for so I am satisfied. The ending was also satisfactory in my books. So no real complaints from me. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: c33
MTL is pretty good already. Angst was real, shed some tears but tbh the drama was already off the rails I only continued to read to see how both MC and ML patch things up. I feel that the relationship only sparked because of the child though it was nice to see the ML getting some paybacks.

I'm probably going to stop here as I'm thinking that it'll just be the generic chase > drama > faceslapping > HE route.
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mariaflora1208 rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a good and well written story. MC is not weak, he is actually strong. I love how the author portrayed him as realistic as possible. The initial chapters may be frustrating, he also seems so forgiving. But as the story goes by, it was also showed that he is not really like that. He is just rational and is trying hard to "forgive and forget" the bitter past just to live a peaceful life. Reading his thoughts and feelings just made him so real.

ML was a scum but... more>> you can't also blame him, considering that he really did have a bad experience with the original body of MC, and he really did try his hardest to redeem his self.

I was just a bit dissatisfied at first but the general flow of the story is really good. <<less
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kaytiti rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Love this. Sweet and totally happy ending made me smile. Positive, hard working and strong mind MC is this novel's main point... made ML's heart changed. I don't think the change was unreasonable since ML did notice MC's opposite personalities before and after transmigrated. There were misunderstandings at first but later all solved and further straightforwardly. Yes! Recommended.
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October 20, 2021
Status: c50
Read with MTL because I wanted to know the ending right away, still would wait for the rest of the translation though. Cute story, I feel for the MC and small bun, not the worst ML that I have read, about he was about average (typical cold dominering president). Mostly sweet slice of life.
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Ikkuzaoshi rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is.. Unexpectedly GOOD?!

MC transmigrates into a book he heard of but not knowing the plot. He was a lonely orphan in his og world so when he transmigrated as a wife as rich ML, he thought that he might be the protagonist sweetheart, but then he realised, the ML, and all the ppl around him hates him, treated him like tr*sh.. He was originally so excited because he longs for having a family, but when he realised the host is a despicable person, he decided to stop living as... more>> canon fodder and just divorced the ML. He really never looked back and started building his own life with the unexpected surprise (the baby) until 4yrs later when the ML learned abt the baby existence and started to get involved again in the MC life.

What I liked about the novel



He knows that the hate ML and others felt against him is justified bcoz the og host is really tr*sh, but he doesnt care anything abt trying to be nice to ML whatsoever and just tryin to live his life by getting out the ML life. He is firm with his decision, he really doesnt give a thought abt the ML after the divorce, but he is rational enuf to know that his baby is still the ML son and he cant really sever their relationship thus he allowed the ML approaches. He is not some saint that he can forgive the maids and ML family that treated him badly, but he choose to justi gnore them all as theyre still a part of ML life and he knows that ML is someone who lacks familial love. I also liked his friendship with Qin Zhe




He started off as a scumbag but thats bcuz the og host is really tr*sh. He feels soft when he first saw the baby and thru constant stalking, he fell for the MC personality. He wanted to get them back but ofc rejected bcuz MC doesnt care abt him anymore. His constant suffering n jealousy while chasing MC is what I liked the most, even tho he didnt really deserved it tbh. He is honestly someone who lacked familial love, and I think he wanted to be a real family with MC and the baby when he first approached them before slowly fallin for MC.


The baby future partner


demit the baby is seducing bois, it would be good if theres an extra abt the baby future partner lol


Its a light but unexpectedly fun read and theres not any extreme face slapping. The love rival are quite tame and knows how to behave themselves. Most of the story is how the ML trying to gain points with the MC after the separation <<less
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Xxbelalangxx rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: --
Im confused why many people give it low ratings. It's really a good story, it may not have a strong face-slapping scene, bcs its more focused on how they reconciliate to be a better couple.

Many people hate the ML, but I think its still excuseable why the ML choose not to find the MC when the MC left for four years, the previous MC attitude is really bad, blackmailing and threatening the ML, no wonder why the ML really hate the previous MC. The ML didn't even know he had... more>> child with MC, nor has feelings for the MC. Even though after the transmigrated MC come, there is sudden changes in MC characters but still its only a month! What do you expect from the ML who has been manipulated by months (or years?) by the previous MC, he still thinks the MC has ulterior motives with a sudden kindness and cheerfulness showing.

And after finding out the MC has a kid with him. ML really changed his attitudes towards the MC

the ML realized himself that the MC is different person from the previous MC he had known, he realized that pretty fast after met MC four years later


Its pretty short story, but I really like it! The MC might not that powerful with bursting energy to revenge whoever who hurt him, he choose to forgive them and let them go, he really want to have a peaceful life with his baby. He's really calm, and strong in his own way. That's why I really like this storyyy! <<less
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marsGF rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: Completed
This made me cry slightly 🥲.

I love this novel because:

  • Heartache. That delicious drama~
  • Childcare. So cuteeee!!
  • Hardworking protagonist. Ohmylord, I'm crying at our MC's experiences.
  • Redemption. ML's a d*ck at the beginning but he's eventually redeemed. Don't worry because he's not actually bad, it's just that there's a lot of misunderstanding. (Didn't change the fact that he was a dick)
This is a good short novel that's great when you're looking for a little drama that wouldn't make you feel like you want to kill someone. 😂. Great story,... more>> 4.8/5 💕 <<less
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Sonata123 rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: Completed
A cute, fast, sweet, very pleasant read if you need some comfort and don't want anything too angsty. The story is compact but it isn't rushed, the author manages to put everything into it: a little angst in the beginning, some good face-slapping and wife-chasing later, and some true sweetness in the end. The MC is wonderful and feels real. The ML was on a wrong path in the beginning (for a reason) but later he redeems himself. He really regrets and he does his best for the MC and... more>> the kid. The kid was funny and cute :) It's really a very positive story that leaves a good feeling. <<less
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