I Was in ‘80s Hong Kong, Playing the Role of a “Big Sister” While Leading a Carefree and Leisurely Life


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Shen Lingyun transmigrated into a historical drama as the brainless supporting female character. The supporting female character possesses a powerful husband, capable of shaking the entire Hong Kong with a stomp. Rumors suggest that this influential husband, hailing from the lower class, had a complicated rise to wealth, with numerous confidantes and countless illegitimate children.

Due to these rumors, the supporting female character, taking advantage of her husband’s family background, indulges in various self-destructive activities and eventually meets an ‘accidental’ demise. When Shen Lingyun transmigrated, she faced a critical juncture.

During negotiations her husband was held hostage by an influential business rival. Faced with the choice between rescuing him or escaping. In the original plot, the female protagonist chose to run away and then died.

“Bring everyone with me,” Shen Lingyun decided within a second.

“Yes!” Numerous bodyguards, dressed in black suits, followed Shen Lingyun decisively.

An hour later, inside a dilapidated, unfinished building, wearing shabby branded clothes, Huo Fenghua scrutinized his wife who arrived unexpectedly: “Why are you here?”
Shen Lingyun: “To claim the corpse.”
Huo Fenghua: This stinky woman is indeed hoping for my early death to inherit the fortune!

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Ichigoeater rated it
December 17, 2023
Status: c16
It isn't very good, is the short answer. The FL isn't consistent, the ML isn't likable, their dialogue doesn't sound like real people, and their reactions to things also make no sense. A 15 million debt randomly becomes 1.5 million, a modern woman simps immediately for a cheap man with poor values (doesn't apologize, doesn't deign to kneel even to help someone), some parts repeat while some are missing (apparently she breaks an ankle offscreen, so a hand pulling situation randomly becomes her being on his back with no explanation).

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Also, this man never spent time with the original wife, and should only know her personality is difficult. Figuring out theres a differentperson in her body with just two interactions to show off how powerful he is kind of disgusts me. Frankly, I think the original owner was right to make a fuss. He isn't likable in any way. A modern woman wouldn't find him attractive, so the fact that the FL is immediately drawn to stare and blush is complete nonsense. If this were a wife chasing crematorium story, it'd be different, but as it stands, it's no good. I'm not rooting for them at all.

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