I Was Hired As A Tutor By A Cute Little Devilish Junior


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In the spring of my sophomore year of high school, I was suddenly hired as a tutor by a first-year junior.
She lived alone and I was assigned to teach her how to study at her house. …She started messing around with me in some way.
She would press her body against mine, and she would want to study on my lap.
To top it off, she said she’d work harder for another hour if I kissed her…

“Senpai, can I come a little closer?”
“Senpai. Can’t we hold hands?”
“I’ll have you take a bath with me.”

She was always bewitching and a little naughty. This was a love comedy of a tutor under one roof, woven with such a cute little devilish junior!

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Kalor rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: c11
I like how author is aware about what he is doing in c11, hope it goes well.

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I have to went a little.

"Both of them always behave in a seductive manner, but I was not too young to be fooled by that"

Is he 60yo or impotent? Imagine that cute friend of yours is actively trying to seduce you, you both like each other, how it's possible to not respond to this? I'm not forcing them to go to bed or whatever, but such commentary is almost insulting to everybody with shred of libido.

At least call their bluff, man.




Uh I can't stand this kind of MC. Why always he has to interpreted her words in such roundabout way? "I love you" - "Nah, she must be totally not conscious of me as a man" Wtf, be happy at last!

And if you are not interested don't give false signals.

The girls too, use false pretense like tutoring, fake boyfriend or whatever to one-sidedly enjoy relationship.


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