I Was Hated by the Girls I Was Supposed To Have Saved, and I Decide To Live Alone ~But It’s Funny, I Was the One Who Saved You at That Time~


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The good you do for others is the good you do for yourself. Believing in the words of my late grandmother, I, Tachibana Kanata, decided not to abandon those in need as far as I could see. Thanks to this, I had a harder life than others, but the smiles on the faces of those I helped filled my heart with joy. However, unreasonableness always comes suddenly. Betrayed by the girls he had saved, the boy has grown into a young man who no longer trusts anyone.

I, Shiina Kanata, go to high school at the same time as my parents remarry, and I’m reunited with the heroines who made me traumatized. But by the time the girls realize their mistakes, it is already too late. When They met again, their impression of Kanata was so different that they couldn’t even recognize him as the boy they used to know.

[Please, don’t get involved with me anymore.] The young man, who has changed his atmosphere, tone of voice, and even his last name, coldly shuns the girls.

This is a slightly different school romantic comedy that starts too late.

A Hero no more.

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助けたはずの女の子たちに嫌われている俺、一人で生きることを決める ~でもおかしいな、あの時キミを救ったのは僕ですけど~
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    BritishRaptor rated it
    February 25, 2023
    Status: c7
    Definitely one of those novels where you have to suspend your disbelief for a bit. On one hand, if you’re looking for straight angsty you-will-regret-this plot, this seems to fill that niche. Even at just 7 chapters, I enjoyed this way more than I should have, all things considered.

    On the other hand, the setting and characters are a bit hard to swallow. MC was apparently a vigilante-esc detective Conan-style elementary schooler, helping people and revealing nefarious affairs, up until some as-yet unrevealed misunderstanding made everyone turn on him. Everyone, of... more>> course, being cute model-level beautiful girls his age. He’s also apparently an academic genius, having finished the entire high school course by end of first year. The entire thing feels exactly as if a young teen had written it, was going through their angsty emo stage, and the highschool is the be-all and end-all of their entire life.

    The timeline is also a bit weird - this betrayal happened first year of middle school - 12 years old. And now he’s 16. As an adult, four years ago may have well have been last week. But I remember in primary and high school? Each year was a slog and I was a radically different person in between. It would make more sense if this was a recent betrayal, considering the age groups involved. Like you’re 16 dude. 4 years ago is a quarter of your whole life. You don’t even remember things for the first 4 so that’s over a third of your life, moping.

    I do want to say though, I disagree on people being like ‘he didn’t even suffer all that much, why is he so angsty!’. MC apparently lost all of his friends, was then bullied relentlessly by said ex-friends, was neglected by his mother until a ‘new’ family with a ‘better child’ came along, after which she suddenly got better - implying he wasn’t good enough. And then his only support through everything, his grandma, also died. Though I have my own complaints about the timeline like mentioned above, not everything has to be torture and death or ntr.

    I apologise for the strange, ramble-like review, since it’s late at night and I’m on mobile. If you’ve made it this far, know it’s standard Japanese web novel fair - OP MC with no real personality besides Edgy, dramatic and convoluted classroom politics, every single character except MC is a model-level cute girl, and the worldbuilding has about as much depth as a piece of boiled broccoli. It IS delightfully angsty and fun in the f*ck-you department though, and really brings me back to my angsty highschool days.

    Final remarks: Won’t someone *please* get this child a therapist. <<less
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    mastercoyote rated it
    February 24, 2023
    Status: v1c6
    review- if u want to read a " I was bullied when I was good so I will be a bad guy now" its an average read (only considering 'MC bullied now he is bad' type of novels), generic MC, generic plot, its not mentioned how MC was bullied up till now and as to why he was bullied, he keeps on saying that he got bullied for enforcing justice and sh*t in his monologue, it dosent go as hard as some novel made with the same plot, and by... more>> hard I mean MC getting cucked, mother beating him, his sister bullying him etc. etc, there is nothing like that here just mild 'my mother likes my stepsister more after remarriage' and " I was bullied for being a beta' (still a beta tho) trope, translation is not bad

    read it only if u are free asf

    rating - I dont want to rate it so soon but I can see the trajectory of where this is going so for now its just 3/10 (will edit if opinion changes)

    ... ok done I guess, now lemme address the real problems with these kinda novels (jp rom com)


    the problem with these novels are that every girl the MC encountered in his lifetime are always cute somehow, like whenever a new girl is introduced, the MC starts his monologue like " everyone's attention went to a certain figure, she had blonde hair etc. etc.... she could be a model with her beauty....", and then he would connect her with his past like she used to hate me or she didnt help me when I was bullied etc etc beta MC shit, and yes how can I forget these japanese authors obsession with russia, out of every 5 girls there will be one russianxjapanese blondie who is also connected to mc

    the read instantly starts feeling like a beta japanese pe*verts harem fantasy when every girl MC introduces as cute, I can tell that if MC encounters 10 girls in this novel the probability of them being not cute is 1%

    the fastest way to make a reader attached to a character is to make them flawless.... which is what literally every rom com jp author do, and more than that it makes the scenario unrealistic once u realize that, for me a good read is when u can emerge urself in the world the novel creates and be able relate it with reality (if it isnt fantasy)

    my ideology is that reality is not always sweet as these novel try to display, like after a rejection there is no way u'll instantly find a better girl, or those bully might never get punished, and I think a little taste of reality is necessary to keep the readers earthed cause ' delusions makes idiots ' <<less
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    CommonSense rated it
    April 2, 2023
    Status: c40
    I'm writing this as a counter-argument against other reviews.

    In my opinion, the other reviews misunderstand the point of the protagonist. He was, in the past, someone who was "nice". But because of an event, he then realized that [being nice is a mistake]. Yes, he was betrayed, but he did not consumed by hatred. Yes he want revenge, but he does not embroil uninvolved people. He maybe not "nice" anymore, but he's definitely not "evil".

    He just realized that his [kindness] was riddled with faults. "Self-satisfaction", "burden upon others", "sacrifice", "necessity... more>> to upheld", "self centered justice", etc.

    He acts like an as*hole because he does not try to upheld "righteous" mindset anymore. He tries to think on totally "logical" (albeit faulty) arguments.

    Another reason he seems an as*hole is because he forces other people who was [imitating his past], to learn their mistaken "kindness" the hard way. And, he only does it if it concerns his "peaceful life". He was being harsh towards them probably because he was faced with the replication of his regret.

    The novel is probably not for people who think "the nice guy is the righteous". It was nice however to think on how he will solve his problem, as he concerned on being hidden and auspicious, while not burdened with "righteous" logic. <<less
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    N-Hai rated it
    June 10, 2023
    Status: c11
    This protagonist was "bullied and humiliated" and he spent half of his middle school years at home and his mother did not care about him being home-school. So I kinda expected a hardened mindset but nooooooo-. He just has long hair and a grommy expression, and remember, he abandoned his grandmother words, WHICH HE HAD TAKEN TO HEART, its so contradicting that he just felt normal.

    You don't see a boy who got messed up by life, you see a kid's tantrum, like "i dont want to be close with anyone"... more>> and he goes on and do the exactly opposite. Well not exactly do the exactly opposite, he just doesnt do what a mentally scarred person do, which is "coldly shuns the girls".

    and he did not HATED by the girls (the first 11 chapters didnt tell us about his past and how he was hated, its weird that it didnt tell us and its lightened the story?)

    Overall, annoying story, I'm disapointed : (( <<less
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    xevry rated it
    March 22, 2023
    Status: c16
    I really tried to like this story, despite some of the reviews, because I'm a fan of the premise. And these types of stories usually have noticeable and satisfying character growth.

    The story feels like a mix of "The Girls Who Traumatized Me Keep Glancing at Me, but Alas, It’s Too Late" and "Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatte Iru." But, the Author of this story didn't give the main characters any qualities that made the character's from those other 2 novels enjoyable to read.

    The main character is super... more>> unbearable and it's aggravating to read through his monologues. I'm at the point of having to drop the novel. He's not the only unbearable character either, the story is told from mainly 2 perspectives (There was a 3rd, but it was only for 1 chapter). The girl, Yukihana, is just as bad and not enjoyable to read either. They both just seem like a**holes for no real reason. I'm sure there's multiple backstory chapters that will eventually give context to explain why they both act the way they do. But by the end of Ch. 16, both of the main characters treat a girl super harshly for trying to be friends with Yukihana, after explicitly being told to stop trying multiple times. It really rubbed me the wrong way since they could easily have gone about the situation much differently, and I just felt super uncomfortable the whole time while reading it.

    The main hook that kept me going was to find out why the girls he saved hated him, as is the title of the novel, but there's no hint of what happened yet. There was 1 backstory chapter that showed how he saved 1 of the girls, and that was by far the most dark and interesting part of the story. But as far as why people hate him, there's nothing said. Maybe I'll come back to this novel after more chapters are translated, but for now I'm dropping it. <<less
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    Touch-San rated it
    June 9, 2023
    Status: c105
    Tbh, this one has really started to bore me. We're over 100 chapters now and the stuff mentioned in the synopsis hasn't even appeared on the horizon. I thought at around chapter 40 that the story would be getting to that when

    ... more>>

    Kanata went all out in the relay competition, clearly displaying superhuman ability. Hell, both Shinkai and the class rep (whose name I've long since forgotten) noticed this and came to the conclusion that it was the boy they knew, but nothing ever came of that.


    I even commented as such on Dasui's site, only to be promptly embarrassed as that was now nearly 70 chapters ago and still nothing has happened. I'll keep reading, but at this point it's more down to the sunk cost fallacy than any actual interest this story still retains. <<less
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    Chaosrune rated it
    May 30, 2023
    Status: c96
    This story is in a weird middle were there is a lot of drama, but at the same time nothing really happens. You have whole chapters where the MC is planning what to do for the next day, which if you were to summary the whole chapter, it would say something like "I plan to do nothing", and you have a lots of chapters like that, with lots of thinking of things that have been thought to death.

    Also, if you like me thought that based on the novel's title this... more>> was a revenge novel,

    be prepared to be disappointed for a long time, the dude really doesn't takes revenge on anyone, the girls he saved on the past barely appear, and the MC spends most of the time running from them, and the only possible revenge against the chairman is still so far away after almost 100 chapters, that it might not surprise me if this could go on for another 100 or more chapters

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    H2oJacKle rated it
    April 18, 2023
    Status: C56
    Really good one I think MC kind of annoying at first but if you look at his background you might understand him

    ... more>>

    even in his past he clearly wasn't do a 'good' thing all he do is righteous thing as long as he though it's right just like he said he just doing for only self-satisficed


    too bad there are few romance in this story main story will be how the MC gonna live in his high school life with his new mindset

    he give up after he got betrayed and though he just gonna live by his own and get rid of anything that disturb his way

    his old way didn't right path and this kind of new though isn't right too but I hope I can see character development here (ateast story so far told us he change little by little)

    it's fun to read but might get bored easily <<less
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    February 25, 2023
    Status: --
    meh, not feeling it...

    don't know, high school drama doesn't interest me that much...

    and yah, as mastercoyote just said, I agree with their whole review.

    I was not hooked by the 7th chapter, and I can almost smell the plot from a mile... and I particularly find one POV stories frustrating when the MC contradicts themselves or doesn't think things through to maintain the "mystery" we should KNOW everything the MC knows if we're in his head... and "I heard her mumbling something specific about me but I'm going to pretend I... more>> didn't understand it because reader" is hella dumb... you can't have "monologue" and "witness" story writing in the same sentence... it just doesn't mesh...

    I'll keep popping by to check how things are going but I don't know, and of course no stars since it's too early. <<less
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    Chisei21 rated it
    June 9, 2023
    Status: c5
    I dunno why there is so much hate for this novel but to me its a very decent read.

    It has a vibe of my previous read 'nyanta to pomeko' so im living it cuz all im seeing most of the time are generic MC which are s*upid, naive and dense. So much so that I think is it really how the world portrayed a man to be like that?

    So the MC was once a generic nice guy but learn the harsh truth of the world, beeing a smart person he... more>> decide to live for himself until he found a reason to care. I haven't read far but by the template he will find someone he care and learn to trust people in a mature way without beeing hurt even if that someone decide to turn over him.

    I love the MC just cuz he's not s*upid and been played by other instead he's the one moving the chess piece <<less
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