I Was Genderswapped and Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I’m Making this My Personal Yuri Game


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Kuon Sakuya (male) enjoyed yuri so much he’d imagine that the protagonist (female) and the villainess in dating sims were flirting.

That Sakuya fell down the stairs because of overwork and lack of sleep, and the next thing he knew, he was reincarnated into the villainess from the dating sim “Blooming Flowers in Love”, Kujou Sakuya.

If he continued on the path “Blooming Flowers in Love” Kujou Sakuya was on, destruction flags would be waiting. Sakuya started avoiding destruction flags so he could flirt with all the other ladies that appeared in “Blooming Flowers in Love”.

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Empathatic rated it
August 14, 2022
Status: c80
This one is bad. Really bad.

First, it's a harem. That's personal taste, so it's fine and I went in knowing that. Even though I typically dislike harems, I thought "it's yuri!" and I wanted to give it a shot. I regret that decision, but not because it's a harem.

Very early on it's clear that the writer is setting up a faux aristocratic society in a modern setting. I know that a lot of wealthy people tend to operate in the same circles and generally avoid socializing outside of it, but... more>> the setting is ridiculously poorly done. It's written like a 15th century historical nobility piece instead of modern day. All of the parties, meetings, and events are done as if the kids are full blown aristocrats training for politics and war. It's crazy. And the writer is obsessed with society being a complete meritocracy. Privilege isn't relevant to success, everyone has to work for it. Anyone can succeed. While simultaneously ignoring the influence that the MC's family can afford expensive cram schools, expensive etiquette teachers, expensive top tier private schools, good food, all the materials they'll ever need, and so much more can have on them later. It's fiction, but there's only so far you can stretch my disbelief.

By chapter 12 it's clear that part of that "aristocratic" ideology is forced marriage. Everyone, including the MC's 11-12 year old brother, is trying to get the MC to become the fiance of the OG ML. It's pushed hard by everyone around the MC, despite the MC's clear dislike of that character. And despite the fact that the MC is six years old. And chapter 12 is worse, because another boy approaches the six year old MC to flirt with her. He's the same age as her older brother (11-12), and her brother says this: "He's known as someone with a very bad appetite for women." A 12 year old has "an appetite for women". And this is directed at a six year old. I thought maybe it'd be a one off gag to show how the MC dislikes boys, and how the boys behave around her... but then the girls start too.

People complained that there's no yuri, and up to about chapter 40, that's mostly true. But after that the focus is clearly on the relationships with the girls. And I was kinda glad at first. Until the character Kaya was introduced. She's another 11-12 year old, and she's worse than the boy from earlier. The MC goes on a date with this girl, who is forceful with physical affection, tries to put the MC in scenarios where they'll be revealing their body, and is all around extraordinarily creepy. Even the adults acknowledge the girls behavior as bad and try to limit her actions. But no one outright stops her. Even the MC lets things go and hopes the adults will step in despite being a total badass who apparently can handle boys about the same in groups.

So now is the harem aspect, and that'd be fine because I went in knowing that, but it gets... weird. The MC is six years old during all of these interactions. The MC doesn't behave romantically towards the characters, however once the harem starts building all the other girls do start acting that way. I can't imagine six year olds (or 12 year olds for that matter) acting so romantically and physically enamored with someone like that. The MC repeatedly says they're not a p*do or a l*lic*n in their head during certain situations. And it's clear the author knows that if the MC initiated everything it would be even creepier because they were previously an adult man. But they keep pushing the boundaries. The author talks about the MC's s*x appeal, how alluring they look in their clothes, how attractive people find her. It's... she's f*cking six ffs.

Then there's the lifestyle of the MC. She's basically a monk. She studies at cram school, goes to school, trains with her master, and... that's it. At least until she starts having "dates". This might work if it were the 15th century piece the author wanted, but it's modern day. It's even commented on at one point that the MC doesn't live like a person. And her mom treats her really badly. Despite the MC not doing anything wrong (most of the time), she's always being told she's in the wrong, she has poor manners, she plays too much... It's ridiculous even for an "Asian mom stereotype"

Finally there's the stilted language. I don't know if it's a cultural issue because of how difficult it is to translate Japanese polite speech, but the way everyone talks is terrible. Instead of coming off as polite, the words skip contractions, use words beyond what is necessary, and speak with extended sentences. Lots of commas, ellipses, semicolons and the like. It's even that way in the characters thoughts. It comes off as robotic, stiff, unnatural, and sometimes even creepy when it comes to the MC interacting with little kids. And the language issue applies to everyone, six years old and up. Except for maybe the MC's master.

I've gotten decently far in to it, but I don't suggest anyone read this. It's a self insert fantasy for p*dos and l*lic*ns. <<less
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ruff_ethereal rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: c52
Oh, hey, I was meaning to pick this up, but look, someone beat me to the punch! Thanks for helping bring more Yuri goodness into the world.

I love this series because I'm a huge fan of the author's other Yuri epic, "Because I Was Reincarnated And Genderswapped, I Just Want To Do Yuri Things But It Isn't Working Out For Me." (Not translated, as of the moment.) This series is basically a modern-day Japan version of the same plot and overall joke:

You have an incredibly dense, Mary Sue-level protagonist, who... more>> somehow manages to acquire a harem unintentionally, whilst becoming a huge power player in her world, being fought over, watched carefully by all key players and the public, and both feared and respected from how high above everyone's levels she is.

If you can get past the protagonist basically having little in the way of flaws and being an actual Ms. Perfect, the interruptions of the male characters (who don't succeed in the end but are nonetheless prominent obstacles, what with arranged marriages and all), and so much insane comedy like the entirety of Sakuya's Japanese Lady/Secret Ninja Training, you're going to love this series.

It's definitely not for everyone.

It's a slow burn to the yuri (500 chapters!), it has a lot of looping back on old content from new perspectives, and like I said, the protagonist is intentionally a stock Isekai protagonist: perfect, beloved, and denser than a black hole.

But, if you like some lighthearted, ridiculous comedy with a Girl's Love theme, I highly recommend this plus the author's other work if you want something more Fantasy, War, and Territory Development/Medieval Politics themed. <<less
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: c27
Seemed pretty good up until the MC gets to school and suddenly can't say no to boys and allows misunderstandings to fester to the point she danced with the boy she hated most despite supposedly being only interested in girls.
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H0NEYBEE rated it
August 27, 2022
Status: Completed
EDIT: this novel is complete in Japanese. It is one of my favourite stories and it was and is a very kind tale that is absoltely worth reading.

I love this story. I am very biased. This is all you have to keep in mind reading this review.

If you enjoyed Nigotta Hitome no Lilianne, demon girl ~ the story of a careless demon ~ and bakarina, you will like it.

... more>> This story's pros:

1) The main character. Miss Kujo - and, as most gb mc's, she keeps insisting that she is male at heart for some reason, despite being ultra feminine, is adorkable and is, for all intents and purposes, the center of the story's world.

She is a Mary Sue who is super talented in all things she does, no matter whether that be personal relationships, study materials, cooking, martial arts (or, rather, secret super ninja training which mainly exists to be ridiculous but which kind of play a role but it isn't a fighting novel, so its role is mostly comedic), whatever.

And you do feel that she is actually very capable, unlike most other novels where the author desperately tries to sell this idea in vain. Many times, the main character proves with her actions that her main character halo is well deserved.

But she is also oblivious to her own excellence, like it is usually done.

It isn't done in an obnoxious ways most Mary Sue novels tend to have when having an 'excellent' main character, her obliviousness is a source for many a fun misunderstandings and is often taken advantage of by her prospective love interests (who are interested in her, although as of ch 716 there is no explicit romance).

The novel doesn't take itself too seriously and plays around with borderline nonsensical scenarios that organically fit themselves into the story


MC having strong pheromons that caused a whole school of people to faint making MC think she has terrible body odor;

MC going on expeditions to hunt wild boars with her bare hands and survive by scavenging as part of her training routine with her martial arts master;

MC being kidnapped by her female senpai who decorated a room with mc's photos yandere-style and has a life-sized doll of mc;


Despite the ridiculous amount of shameless MC worship in the story, I didn't feel bored or disgusted while reading it because it is done in a very skillful manner with characters who, while being nonsensical by our wolrd standards, act in a manner consistent with the established by the author logic.

2) The setting. It is a setting where there is a modern aristocracy in the Japanese society. Another reviewer said that it is also a meritocracy but that isn't the case, all characters belong to factions and have to be respectful to those belonging to the families of their superiors, it is almost impossible for a lower rank house to rise above in ranks and it is definitely dangerous for a house (member) to betray or be disrespectful to an upper class family (member).

On the other hand, the higher class families have to do a lot of work to mantain balance among factions, leverage interest of the families under their supervision, be careful of their reputation and so on and so forth.

A lot of actions that are taken have to do with this setting, the plot mainly moves because of the dynamics between factions and families and individuals.

It has to be noted that most of the narration is from the mc's POV, and MC takes a very biased view of things, thinking that almost anything she or somebody else does may lead to her family's doom - which, if you read between the lines, really is not the case, but MC going above and beyond to live through all kinds of strange scenarios she thought in her head is kind of amusing


Thinking that heirs of other families want to poison her and, therefore, doing extreme survivalist training to acquire poison resistance - for once


Although there are indeed malicious schemes and actions consistently taken against her by other powers and while MC is overly cautious, she does have enough common sense to see through actual schemes too.

3) Romance (?)

As of now, there is no explicit romance. It is pretty much clear of who will end up with MC, but so far, things have not progressed far at all.

There is a very extensive cast of characters. They are not particularly deep and fleshed out, but they are not cookie-cut cliches either. Each character has their own circumstances and ways of acting particular to them. They experience character development, especially the more prominent members of miss Kujo's group.

Their shenanigans make half of the story.


1) Slow pace - kinda-ish

I cannot say it is pointlessly slow paced with no development. The plot moves pretty well, but in-story time moves very slowly. A single school year may take hundreds of chapters. I don't dislike it as the author moves the plot all the same, but some people can get bored.

2) Repetitiveness

As said previously, the story time moves slowly. It makes the school life relatively detailed. It lets the author set routines that repeat from time to time, such as the school festival, such as the vacations, such as the end of the term exams and the reward times following them, such as MC going to her tutor and her martial arts/etiquette master.

I personally feel that it is a good way for the author to benchmark character progress by showing how they act in the same circumstances, but after time passes but repetitiveness is repetiveness regardless of what I think.

3) obnoxious characters

the original capture targets, such as Ibuki (especially this spoiled brat) can get annoying. Especially considering the annual ball parties where they express their feelings to MC despite MC having, let's just say, an unfavourable opinion of them and MC not being able to get rid of them because of faction balance.

4) MC can be seen as spineless

Because MC is so cautious, she can be seen as spineless as she gas to consider the interests of her family when dealing with others. I don't hate it as it adds just enough difficulty to the story as to not make it too Mary Sue, but some people will not like it <<less
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November 7, 2022
Status: c92
Seems like another yuri-bait novel where the characters are literal infants but practically act and think like adult or teen characters, which specially makes the romance aspect feel weird and I'm wondering every other paragraph why would a 6 y.o. Act like that or even care about these things.

Aside from that it's alright, I found it pretty interesting. Maybe 500 chapters down the line it starts to get better idk
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Rice rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: c30
hmmmmm.... as of chapter 30 there is no yuri ness happening except for small greetings and small advice talk on satsuki-chan problem...

I don't like that her family especially her brother is seemingly pushing her to get close to this konoe kid..

I want to read yuri not her getting pushed on this konoe kid..

well.. it's like this for now.. the story is good except for not enough yuri ness (well since it's still c30 maybe it can't be help) she's typical too dense villainess who is friendly to the female... more>> characters..

(well I'll go read some Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan to get some yuri ness)..

I'll edit again after reading more chapter of this novel <<less
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PoDH rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: c110
Eh I would say 3.5 out of 5.

I personally never like these kinds of "[insert number] Big Family/Clan" type of story, they always feels weird in someway. They loves to ignore the MC feeling/action and pull them around, so it feels like you're watching a hopeless toy being tossed around. And because the characters are literally a bunch of children, this become even more apparent as you see children being pushed around by a bunch of adults in the background. Combined this with the "MC who love yuri" setting, it's... more>> a mess.

Not to mention you can easily overwhelmed by the number of names that (I personally) forgot who's this who's that, and because there is so many of them you can't flesh out their personality. Even the MC are conveniently dumb/dense in some area, even though she is supposed to be a (former) working adult.

YOU KNOW WHAT, NO, THIS IS SO DUMB. When it's good, it's good wholesome fluff stuff, but when the drama starts, everyone become so freaking dumb and spineless. I feel so much pain that I thought I'm reading NTR stuff. <<less
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Freshl0517 rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: 600raw 115here
First off, I wanna say that the translation is top tier! But the novel itself has a few problems.

Before I get into it, I just want to mention that the genre is firmly spice-of-life, romance-comedy-harem, (only the mc's gender is female and her harem is also all female). These kinds of stories are fun, but a little tr*shy so don't take 'em too seriously.


1. The characters are how to say... unbelievable/not realistic? Everyone is around 6 years old when the story properly 'starts'. Now, I can believe... more>> that these kids are very busy thanks to helicopter parenting and what not. What I can't beleive, is their attitudes. They all talk and act like little adults. Falling in love and having drama. Dealing with business and underground schemes. None of this makes any sense for their ages. IMO They're all simply too young to be having these serious conversations and it really drags on my sense of disbelief, because real six year olds don't act like this. Even supposedly 'noble' choldren wouldn't act in the way they do. I don't know... It feels kind of... forced? Personally when I was 6 I avoided the opposite s*x for fear I might catch cooties!

2. Some characters act they're age and some don't. The author wrote their child characters a little inconsistently and it kind of bothers me. It usually depends on what they want to write that chapter. If they want to talk about a certain subject, these are little adults, if they want to talk about something else, these are children.

3. The characters stay as children for waaay too long. I'm on chapter 107 and they still haven't even entered the second grade! (Edit:Oof the very next chapter after my review, they hit the second grade lol! I just got egg on my face.) I wouldn't mind it if the author marketed this story as a 'little kids adventure' story, but when they try to do intrigue and deal with adult topics the sense of incongruity feels frustrating.

In the first place, I personally came here for the yuri, but because these characters are children, it just feels wrong.

Ok, that aside it's not badly written. I'd say it's actually pretty well done, but it's just not what I expected. I came here for a villainess story with Yuri in it. I'd just finished 'I favor the villainess' (which I absolutely fell in love with) and wanted to read something like that. What I got here, was a story about a little rich girl trying to enjoy her life with her friends, while dealing with the problems that rich people have to deal with. All her friends seem to have some extra thoughts about her, but she's oblivious because she suffers from dense protagonist syndrome. Also she's 6 and so are her friends.

Not bad, but also not what I wanted. I wanted romance between girls of atleast highschool age. Not a harem of 6 year olds (and one 10nyear old) and the reincarnated (also 6 year old) protagonist.

Im pretty patient so I'll keep reading as long as the story is translated. But I'll probably always have these issues in the back of my mind wile I do. Now if only the translater kept to the schedule...

Edit:well, it seems like the old translator quit, which I felt was a bit of a shame...

Anyway, I decided to binge the raws on syosetsu, and I think I'm enjoying it a lot more this way. The story's the same, Spice of life type deal, but because it's already finished, I can handle the pacing better. I've grown to appreciate the novel a lot more now that I've gotten this far, and that the characters have been aged up a bit. Every 60-100 chapters is about 1 year in universe so by ch600 the characters have grown up quite a bit. (they're all in the 8th grade here, but there's still a lot more to go, (1353 total chapters))

The protagonist, Sakuya, started off being relatively normal but now she's rapidly ascending to the top among aristocratic society, though I still can't help but find it questionable that a girl her age (14 +reincarnated 20) can be so influencial among the country's most powerful, but I guess the logic of this universe has always been a little off... by now She's pretty much become a perfect superhuman to everyone else, but she's still super dense and has a tendency to overthink things so she's always getting herself into trouble.

The male fiance's (fiance candidates) are a thing, but they only show up every once in a while to add a bit of tension and shake things up for comedy's sake, and thankfully, they're not taken too seriously. The yuri train hasn't derailed and is still faithfully on-course. The all girl harem has now gone past the double digits even though the MC is still only in middle school.

There's not much romance, but there's plenty of ecchi and it doesn't feel as creepy, now that the girls are finally growing up. But I still kind of wish we had gotten a time skip past the elementary school section, as while I do enjoy Slice-of-life-comedy-harem style japanese novels, I just couldn't really get into it when the MC and all the girls where still in elementary school. <<less
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Yanatsu rated it
October 12, 2022
Status: c93
The novel is well written and the plot was kind of surprisingly interesting, however, there is a fatal mistake that makes it unbearable to read after ±chapter 20

The main character is absolutely perfect. She never makes a single mistake. She is so perfect that she is better than even teachers and specialists. Everyone around is always thinking about how perfect and amazing she is. And yet the situation always distorts itself around her without her making a single mistake and everyone hates her for no reason at all, even though... more>> everyone recognises how perfect she is (and frequently says so)

This includes believing in obviously manipulated evidence, ignoring what happened in front of their own eyes, believing in nonsense (and absolutely impossible) rumors right after the MC shows her perfect etiquette and behaviour, etc. And not only the kids, the adults from the most perfect elite families act in the exact same way. It's like everyone has nothing in their brains besides "the MC is perfect oh my god how is she so amazing how can she not make a single mistake" and "I f*cking hate the MC" <<less
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whitenight2013 rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: c44
A good, fun story similar to All Routes Lead to Doom with the MC having a genuine focus on the girls who have a crush on her rather than everyone being buddy buddy. The MC is fun, but she is a bit too extreme. She constantly assumes the male leads are trying to kill her already even though they are 5/6 years old because that is what they do when they are 18 in the original otome game. It can be funny at times, but other times she goes into... more>> long winded theories about how some party is clearly a trap to have her secretly assassinated, and it is a little too far away from common sense. I am reading the raws too, and it doesn't look like there is going to be a timeskip, so while there are the inkling of some romantic relationships forming with the heroines, they are still really young. It will be a long wait if you are only here for the romance. Luckily everything else is fun to read in the meantime though. <<less
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Firecat1311 rated it
March 9, 2023
Status: c23
I second most of the other reviews here.

Feel free to look at the fact that I only made it to chapter 23 and say that I didn't give this series a fair shot, but I recognized this author's writing style pretty quickly as the writer of another very similar series that I put up with for well over a hundred chapters, and yeah... It's pretty much the same slow-paced and tedious story about the same idiot protagonist, but with a different coat of paint.

The translation is good and the writing... more>> is not bad for what it is, but judging by the author's other series: if you're not into it early on, don't force yourself to keep reading in hopes of it getting better. <<less
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NoUps rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: c113
What I like about the novel. 1. The guy doesn't change his identity because hes now a girl. 2. He's an earnest person who gets into interesting trouble.

What I don't like. 1. The family is manipulative tr*sh. You get a sense that they love him but all they do is purposely keep him out of the loop and blindside him using him as a tool. 2. The relationships with the girls are very meh. There's one hardcore pe*o lezbo which makes everything awkward and the rest I would just say... more>> are friends. 3. They are too young to be this smart. They could have pushed the age a bit.

You should read it if you are in it for the comedy/drama factor. The romance/relationships are very meh. <<less
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