I Was Forced by the Saintess to Marry the Ugly God


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~ The Kami-sama that everyone mocked was, in fact, the Supreme God with peerless beauty ~

“I’m sorry, Eleanor. This doesn’t mean I have any ill will against you.”

My childhood friend — the Saintess Amalda, forced me to marry the so-called “Incompetent God”, who was a very ugly Kami-sama.

And yet, Amalda herself agreed anew to marry the Supreme God, and was full of happiness.

On the other hand, my previous engagement got broken, and I was driven out to the corner of the shrine; I was in a difficult position as I had to accompany the ugly, incompetent god while living inconspicuously.

… That’s how it was supposed to be, but this deity was not “incompetent” at all? Besides, I don’t know why, but the other deities seemed to revere this Kami-sama, though…?

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Seijou-sama ni Minikui Kami-sama to no Kekkon wo Oshitsukeraremashita
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New Asphyxia778 rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: v3c50
I like the uniqueness of the fact that the deities interact with people and the saint system.

I like MC and ML but the plot is being dragged on. I've read ahead in the raws and the plot progression is super slow.

Also the "saintess" Amalda makes me mad. MC's personality is also headstrong and not the demure innocent type so thankfully I can bear it.

Popcorn read 2 stars
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kyatkyat88 rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: c40
I saw the one star rating, and thought it would be a shame if the readers didn't give this novel a chance due to that, so let me share what I love about this novel. We have a funny MC and an adorable ML brought together due to unexpected circumstances. MC here was "forced" by the Saintess to proceed with marriage, but she was in no way abused. Well, the author already gave a tiny spoiler in her synopsis, though. All in all, it's quite a fluffy read, making you... more>> root for both MC and ML. <<less
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mustachemerlin rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: v3c13
This is just a story about being bullied. That's the whole story. If you enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by horrible, unreasonable people in a society so rotten it's literally abandoned by the gods, great, read this. The nature of this story is that terrible things just happen constantly to the protagonist to make her increasingly more and more miserable - the payoff where the premise comes into play and it's revealed that the ugly god is actually the supreme god won't happen any time soon. The story is... more>> "terrible things happen to the protagonist" and that's the whole thing, once the ugly god finally makes his debut the story will be over. The premise you were promised is not what the story is, it's how the story ends. Which means that 99% of the entire story until that very last moment will just be torturing the protagonist to justify the face slap at the end - in other words, the torturing is the whole story. Lovely.

I don't recommend reading this, it won't entertain you. It's only frustrating. The villains get away with everything and are adored for it while the protagonist is universally despised for being the victim and is repeatedly betrayed by literally everyone she ever loved, and it will continue on like that for god knows how many chapters until the tables are flipped at the very, very end. I don't have that kind of patience, I'm no saint and I'm not a masochist either, I flipped a table all by myself and now I'm done with this BS. Dropped. <<less
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krossite rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: v2c7
"Show, don't tell" is a very good advice for any writers, and this webnovel certainly shows what happen when you're so eager to tell you didn't put much efforts in showing.

The novel mostly try to tell the reader how to feel about things that's happenning, but barely setup any context and/or backstories about them - excecpt immediately before or after the story is going to talk about them (sometimes). So the reader won't even know they should even consider those elements into the character's thoughts and actions, making the whole... more>> thing feels like the author just make things up as they go along (which is quite likely for webnovels). At the newest chapters I read (v2c7) I still don't know how the world is, such as : which time period/tech level this world is at, how does the shrine and this patheon works, or how exactly the "Kami-sama" looks like other than dirty and stinky (I assume he looks like a slime, but even his size is still uncertain).

That said, there does seems to be some improvements in later chapters, and some parts do felt competently written, so I guess it'll get better as the story progress. <<less
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chromaQ rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: v3c10
This story is fine, so far. The main character is funny and likable, she's got a fiery temper and her mouth runs away from her, I like that a lot. But it's still too early to know where the story is going, which is why I'm actually writing this review: the most noteworthy thing is that the chapters are suuuuuuuuper short. Like a lot of them are less than a printed page long. I'm on "volume" 3 "chapter" 10 right now, but in reality it's more like chapter 3 page... more>> 10. So don't get your hopes up that the story you're reading will be very far along. No face-slapping situations have happened yet, the main character is still in the "down on her luck" part of the storyline; I'm assuming that this turns around in later chapters, but we're just not there yet.

I read up to what's labeled as v3c10 right now and with how short the chapters are, I kind of assume that I'm going to forget what's happening in this story each time a new chapter comes out. Each chapter doesn't even necessarily show one "scene, " which is disappointing.

I think I'll put this story in a category for stories I like but chapters too short to have any meaningful plot progression, so I'll check in on it every 6 months or something to see how the plot has progressed, since it doesn't really look like the chapters are coming out all that often anyway. <<less
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October 6, 2021
Status: v3c40
I for one really am a sucker for a world building of saints and deities. But I’ll try to put my biasment aside for now.

Firstly, the world building.
the world building is really different from other stories with gods and stuff. In this world, there are multiple deities and saintess. There are royalties and aristocrat too so this is the historical era.

second, the characters.
-the ML is kind and warm, patient and shy. Refreshing from those toxic male leads who just like wimpy kind girls.

-the MC is headstrong her stubborn,... more>> she will always say what’s on her mind and not afraid to offend others. She’s also brave and funny, and her interactions with the ML is really really cute.

-the saint in question (in the desc) is... really unlikable. When you read her pov, you know she really is kind and foolish. But in a bad way. She did all actions with a pure heart, but if you were a normal human being, you would have common sense not to think and act like her.

-other characters. Liddy is my favourite. A tsundere. That’s all I have to say.

-extras/villains are really down to earth and you can understand why they did that but emotions aren’t really there.

lastly, the plot.
honestly the plot is all good, not much war stuff or evil fight good stuff. Just Mahen some bullying and more world building.

conclusion: a nice read if you are bored but for me, it’s not interesting enough that I would read it. That’s all <<less
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