I Was Expelled From the Hero’s Party, but Because I Can Create Legendary-Class Items, My Territory Has Become the Strongest


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I was expelled from the hero party. The reason was because I was deemed useless, and not only was I expelled from the party, but I was also expelled from the adventurer’s guild. Gracius, the hero, considered me to have no value and even took away my money.

I actually think that being expelled is not that bad. The reason being, I am an alchemist and can actually create legendary items that only I can make. I went to a remote territory and used the legendary item to develop the land.

As a result, the territory became the strongest.

Meanwhile, both the hero and guild master fell from glory and hit rock bottom. This is a story about how, if I had been working hard for the adventurer’s guild and increasing our allies instead of being expelled, we would have had the strongest territory.

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I was banished to the hero party, and since I can make legendary items, my territory has become the strongest.
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wickedswami rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c16
This is a really early review, but I've seen everything I need to see. The MC is a villain, dumb, and deserved to be kicked out of the party. This is all in the first 5 short chapters, so I won't spoiler tag anything.

TL;DR - MC was trying to act like some kind of shadow hero and got called useless and kicked out because literally nobody knew what he was doing. So he frees all the super dangerous monsters he sealed.

This is the WORST intro to a kicked... more>> out of the hero's party I have ever personally seen. The hero's party presented here isn't dumb, ungrateful, or malicious. Getting kicked out of the party is 100% MC's fault.

Why he's dumb:

The MC was hired by the hero party to be an alchemist who transforms monster materials into rare items. Apparently, unbeknownst to anyone, he has been going around sealing A and S-class monsters with alchemy. This leads to him in his own words "using more magic power 24/7 than all the adventures on the continent combined" somehow. He only realizes how much magic power he used after he releases all of the seals and decides that the guild master is just an amateur adventurer since he couldn't see how much magic MC was using... HE LITERALLY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HIMSELF but okay sure buddy. Since he was sealing all the high level monsters around the continent, he didn't have the magic power to do the one job he was actually hired by the hero to do.

When the party magician is tr*sh talking him for literally not being able to do his one job, all he says is "Misha, I've made great efforts and contributions to the party. You understand that, right?" What kind of vague clown self-defense is that? The priest talks about him not doing his job and he thinks to himself how she's disrespectful since she became a priest thanks to him, but in the same thought, he says that she seems unaware of him affecting her career.

Thought by MC, "Is it so strange that I, as an alchemist, can't alchemize items?"

What a s*upid line. It should be obvious that it's strange and he needs to explain to the people hiring him what he can actually do.

Why he's a villain:

After he gets kicked out of the adventures guild, since he literally can't fight or use alchemy skills the party needs, he throws a temper tantrum and frees all of the A and S-class monsters he sealed at once. He even went to one of the 4 major magical dragons to unseal it and it says "If you release me, it'll be a disaster! It'll become an unimaginable mess!!" Our "heroic" MC doesn't care and sets it free anyway. Him freeing these monsters leads to how I know he was sealing them in secret. Once they're all released, there are monsters running around and even the guild master said he had never heard of some of them. So he wasn't even reporting these extremely dangerous monsters around the continent, but expected people to value him...

Now I'm sure he'll run off somewhere else and openly protect whatever land he's going to end up in and all the pretty girls will "appreciate" him for what he does unlike the silly hero's party and guild master who couldn't read his mind or stalk him and see him doing good stuff in the background.

Save your time and don't touch this story. <<less
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Darkshinkiro rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: c1031
Im trying to give this the lowest score possible but I dont know how to on mobile... literally the first time im making a comment/review.

This story is tr*sh. The more I read it, the more frustrated I get.

I read up to the latest raw chapter in syosetsu and oh boy if I can just have my time back I would request it.

There are so many information that he gets but doesnt act on

... more>>

oh yeah the fenrir tribe is protecting a legendary sword in a labrynth valley which makes the user go insane and you need someone from the wolf tribe to guide you there, lets just ignore that surely nothing will happen to that. Did I forget to mention that to keep the user from being insane they need to absorb fenrir blood? MCs decision and future planning sucks ass. The princess of the fenrir tribe literally proposed to you and you had the power to help her tribe but he did nothing about it.


Another one of my annoyances was this,


oh neat lets create a f*cking town without the permission of the king by just buying land. Surely even if I buy land in anothers country im not liable to accept their rule since I made a frontier village on it. Like dude. You may have bought the land but you are still susceptible to the country's rule. like everyone in that country (or more like everyone in this story) is a dumbass. Someone can literally just build a town without anyone questioning as long as they offer to frontier it, that I can understand. But not checking up on it is pretty s*upid. Also what the MC did is basically seceding from the country the land was originally from and then acting like oh im just making a village farmland nothing special, while also accepting "legendary species" and expect others to not get worried. Its like literally you are a king of a nation and you see your neighbors amass nukes and expect you to not be worried about it. The kings response is the most sane I have seen which makes me think he might just be the most normal f*cking character. Not smart, but not dumb either. Every other character just decides to antagonize someone with a f*cking nuke while the king just tries to have a wait and see option. Neither for war or peace. Just a soft balance of non-aggression.


And oh boy here it come


Fenrir tribe gets attacked. You would think they would bring more people as reinforcements but no. They just bought like what, 5 people? What annoys me more is yea the hero stole the sword. Lets ignore him and eait for him to self destruct like what? Yea lets just leave them wandering the labrynth and starve to death, sure thats a sound strategy but its pretty f*cking useless if you dont leave someone to monitor it from the shadows. Surprise surprise, they get out of the labrynth. But in the most s*upiddest way possible. Sui attacks someone from the royal capital (which is f*cking far by the way) in self defense and blasts him away witha tornado which coincidentally goes to the labrynth and attacks the hero lifting them out of the maze and freeing them WITH the sword. Like what is this story telling. Im losing braincells.


Over all ive read a lot of novels in this site and this one disappointed me the most that it made me feel like I need to leave a review to tell people to just stay away and let it die down. Its so bad. Im usually the type that says if you dont like it dont read it no need to leave a review since different strokes for different people and all but this novel is REALLY just so bad I wanted to save others from reading it. <<less
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dokutah rated it
June 9, 2023
Status: c12
Right, how should I describe this? Right, this is more or less an incoherent mess that makes no sense.

The MC acts like an overworked 40 years old salaryman yet has the mentality of an irresponsible 15 years old kid. I get it that it pains being kicked out but why would you remove the all the sealing barriers on A and S rank monsters? Aren't you the one who chose to seal them without telling a thing to anyone? Yeah, you just did your job and now you didn't want... more>> to anymore. Okay. But like, you're the one who sealed them right? Why not just kill those monsters while they are still sealed? Shouldn't that be simple? All his equipments are legendary rank.

Next is the hero party. They are so comically dumb that I question how did they climb to their curent position. This isn't an anime where inner monologue is cut down to the bare minimums but I barely see any planning between them. All they did was charging in like some early mob

One manga I recently read on a whim which coincidentally has more or less similar plots, about a curse item maker being chased out unfairly because of the bad image of curse item makers and he also (seemingly) undoes all his curse enchantments on his ex teammates after being chased out. So why would I mention it? Cause in that work the MC actually does the job he's expected to! I don't know what noble resolve you have, those who hire you expects you to do the work you're given. If you see more pressing problems that must be done, tell them first. People can't read your mind like stalkers following JKs.

If anyone wants to argue that he manages their equipments, then yes, he did a very great job at that. But the mage Misha said he's hired to make rare equipments from monster mats, and he seems to have ignored it completely.

The act of releasing sealing barriers itself is, to be fair, not really something I would criticize. Yes, it causes massive damage to the country but the one you hire to do that is no longer employed anymore, so he removes it. If that was the plot, it would've been fine. Yet, the barrier was something he voluntarily put on, while not consult it to anyone and dispels it because he simply "isn't an adventurer anymore". It would be a bit of a stretch to call him a villain, but an irresponsible one, he definitely is.

In conclusion, I would give it one star for the cardboard plot and poor execution. <<less
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August 22, 2023
Status: c40
Nothing special about this being an escapist fantasy. It was alright for it is, since it's fun to watch the antagonist suffer for underestimating the protagonist.


That is until suddenly shoehorning the protagonist being a reincarnated Japanese man without warning. Why did the author suddenly need to do this? It should had been established from the beginning.


I'm still not sure if I want to continue reading for this sudden turn of events.
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BobTheLost rated it
June 15, 2023
Status: c15
I generally do not bother leaving reviews for stuff like this, but this one has more negative reviews/ratings than it probably should.

Before I get into what seems to be the issues causing that, let me review the series this far. This is a dime a dozen power trip story set in a "sword and magic" fantasy world. This is a really fast read with really short chapters, such that I wouldn't be surprised if the translators could do 3-20 chapters a day if they focused on it. Probably the only... more>> semi unique things about this is the MC's attitude and that he probably deserved being fired.

Now addressing the issues that the other reviewers have discussed.


First the MC's attitude: the MC is a teen, but don't think of him as a weak Japanese teen rather think of him as an American teen from like the 90s. He is c*cky, a brat and thinks he knows best, but generally followed authority, at least until authority tossed him aside, thus freeing him. He is OP, and knows it, and as a c*cky teen, it reinforces his attitude, but I don't think he actually knows how far out of the norm he is.

Second, regarding the firing. He was hired to do a job to essentially do stuff with materials and earn the party extra income, and if not doing that, then assisting in the killing. Was he doing the job? Maybe at one time, but by the time of the firing, no, he got too tied up in a side business of helping the country without pay, and for the killing side, pretty sure he had too many resources tied to the side business that probably all he could do was equipment, but a top equipment store, which a hero party should have access to, could probably replace him on that, if they paid attention. Was his firing justified? Yes. Could/should they have done it in a more civil way? Yes. Was his side business important? Yes, but it really wasn't a normal adventurer's job to do. Maybe an adventurer could start doing it, but they really should change jobs after starting to court mage or something along those lines.

Third, his reaction to his firing. Should he have done what he did? Probably yes, if you are not getting compensation to do something like protecting the country, then why should you dedicate all your resources to it. Should he have done it the way he did it? Probably no, instead of all at once, considering the potential impact of doing this, he should have tried to notify the guild or government leadership of the issue, then release or scale back the barriers over like a month or more, giving them time to deal with all the threats or give him a rightful compensation to continue his side business as his primary business.

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