I Was Dumped by My Childhood Friend, but Somehow I Was Confessed to by the School Idol and Lost My Peaceful Life


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On the anniversary of my middle school graduation, I was dumped by my childhood friend who had always been with me. I thought that if I had to go through such a painful experience again, then I don’t want to fall in love.

My new life started in April. But I didn’t really feel like it. At this time, I never dreamed that I would be confessed to by the school idol.

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Osananajimi ni furareta boku ga nazeka gakuen no aidoru ni kokuhaku sa rete heion'na hibi o ushinatta
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GreenRiver rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: prologue
An overall decent story, but not great. The MC is super talented with the guitar, and gets the attention of the school idol after he's tossed aside by his girlfriend for reasons that don't make sense until later in the story. The one part that really sucks... more>>

it seems like the only reason anyone likes him is because he's so good with a guitar. His friends abandoned him in middle school after he stopped playing, his girlfriend dumped him to shock him into playing again, and the school idol goes from hating him to falling for him when she hears him play. It's kinda sad

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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: c31
This series is so bad (in my personal opinion). The chapters are super short and the pacing is all over the place, with either events happening way too fast or absolutely nothing happening at all. Like, there's one chapter early on that consists entirely of the MC's internal monologue about how depressed he is, and absolutely nothing else. That's the whole chapter. Conversely, there's another chapter where ... more>>

The main heroine starts the chapter off hating the MC because in a previous chapter they performed that tired anime trope where the wind lifts a girl's skirt for a guy to see her panties and he remarks on the color. She then decides to forgive him because he seems sorry, and almost immediately afterwards she falls in love with him for no discernable reason other than that he's a good guitarist. This is all in one chapter.

Another complaint is how horrendously shallow every single character is. The childhood friend dumps the MC she says because she no longer loves him, and that would be fine if it were true. People can fall out of love with each other, and stubbornly trying to force a relationship to work when you're no longer attracted to the other party is harmful not only to yourself but to your partner as well... Except, she immediately starts acting possessive and protective of the MC as soon as the main heroine starts getting involved with him. The MC whines and moans about how broken his heart is and how if love hurts this much then he doesn't want to ever love again, before almost immediately rebounding onto the main heroine the moment she shows any interest in him. The main heroine herself is the shallowest of them all, because of the reasons detailed in that spoiler tab up there. Of course, the peanut gallery is constantly hanging on to every tiny little interaction between the heroine and the MC as if no one in their entire damn school has anything better to do with their time than obsess over these people's personal lives.

Finally, in addition to being shallow as hell, the MC is also super spineless. I personally dislike the term "Japanese Beta Male" and generally find the its use obnoxious, but it sums this character up to a T.

All in all, not a great series, would not recommend <<less
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Kosami rated it
June 3, 2023
Status: c102
I don't f*cking know anymore man.

Sometimes it's good with the fluffiness but most times it's confusing and hard to follow. I literally do not know what to think when reading this, it's okay I guess? Not something great at all but it's sort of tolerable.

I'd say only read if you have nothing else to do and want to turn your brain off for a bit.
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dmntt rated it
January 7, 2023
Status: c70
The chapters are very short and there are very frequent timeskips, to the point where it feels like no situation or character interaction has time to develop very much. The main character is spineless and dull. It's funny how the main heroine explicitly reflects on the fact that he doesn't really have any good qualities (though it's implied he doesn't look bad), but all of that is completely blown away by his guitar skills. Apparently, when he plays the guitar, he suddenly becomes a Greek god. However, his flaws don't... more>> stop there:

He's also unabashedly sexually attracted to his twin sister and attempts to mol*st her while she sleeps feeling no remorse whatsoever, while at the same time being in an exclusive relationship with the main heroine. His excuse for this is that he's a man and that's what men do, or something? Anyway, he bizarrely admits all of this to the main heroine right away, and even more bizarrely, she has no problem with any of this whatsoever. But yeah, it feels really hard to see him as anything other than a creep after this.


The main heroine is extremely one-dimensional. She likes the MC, she's good at music, she's popular at school, that's about it. As for the chick who dumps him at the beginning of the novel:


As expected, her reason for doing so is extremely dumb. I won't go into details cause they don't matter, but it has to do with her wanting to improve him, rather than her finding someone else like she claims. Her entire character revolves around this action, so her entire character is dumb.


Later on in the novel:

His twin sister is introduced (mentioned earlier), who is extremely unlikeable and does literally nothing but insult the MC nonstop. In this sense, she is also one-dimensional. Their interactions are made doubly frustrating by the fact that the MC is too spineless to even say anything back to her, and will essentially just mumble apologies (which make her look down him even more) while having angry monologues in his head about how he doesn't like being abused.


All other characters have no personality whatsoever, and will just say their lines with little inflection. So, this is a heavily character-driven drama where all characters except for two or maybe three have no character, and the remaining have virtually no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I didn't give this one star because the translation is fairly good and the story is at least coherent, albeit frustrating to read, which is more than you can say for some novels posted on here. But it's not a good novel. <<less
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