I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]!


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Takefu Yoshiaki, an ordinary office worker, is summoned from modern Japan to another world. However, Yoshiaki, who was only caught up in the “Hero Summoning”, is branded as incompetent by the king and is punished!

While the heroes are attacking together, Yoshiaki decides to use his special skill, [Market]! And then there appears ― Simon, a shady looking arms dealer from the Earth (and a drug addict)!

After negotiating with Simon, Yoshiaki somehow manages to escape his predicament with a pistol (a Spanish copy of the M1911) and an automatic rifle (AKM).

With nowhere else to go, Yoshiaki finds himself helping a young dwarf girl named Mirril…?

Yoshiaki’s encounter with Dwarves, Beastman and Elves, all of whom have been oppressed by humans, forces him to make a decision. He will make full use of the power of the [Market] and arm the sub-humans with modern weapons from Earth!

The legend of the man who would later be known as the Demon King begins now…!!

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I do shopping in the Black Market of the Earth
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DonS rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: c3132
I was surprise that this novel finaly got translated. If you're 'Release that witch' or 'Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival!' fan you'll also love this novel. The old army using sword, spear, bow and arrow vs WW2 to modern weaponary such as rifle and machine gun. The WN is already finish at chapter 413, so it all depend on the translator on how fast we can read it to the end. Also I give this novel 4 star because there is few choices that make me go 'Why do you... more>> do that!?' or 'Why don't you buy that weapon/vehicle instead!?' It's a small pet peeves as a guy that know modern weaponary. Also, shout out to NyX Translation for the great translation. <<less
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gautam1989 rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: c10
The premise of a Japanese salarymen getting sent to another world and becoming the savior of oppressed demihumans has been done before but this takes the original premise of introducing modern weapons into Isekai in an innovative way. The author's done his research into guns and ammo and modern military equipment and there's an interesting mechanic behind how MC's power works and how he's able to buy and sell stuff to the 'arms dealer' he summoned.
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