I Was Betrayed by a Childhood Friend I Liked and a Junior Who Loved Me, so I Became Distrustful of Women


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“I got a boyfriend.”

Three months ago, without replying to the protagonist who had confessed to her, his childhood friend Airi began dating a handsome boy in the next class.

Disgusted with her, the protagonist abandons his childhood friend on the spot and becomes desperate.

In addition, he was betrayed by a junior whom he loves, and he has a mother at home who betrayed his family.

The repeated miscarriage of justice was enough for the protagonist to become distrustful of women.

The betrayer childhood friend and junior realize their mistake, but it is already impossible to regain the trust of the protagonist, and the protagonist, who has fallen into distrust of women, gradually overcomes the trauma with the help of those around him…

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Luxraypro100 rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: c14

Why is the Misunderstanding tag there? Is it purely for the childhood friend in the beginning about her turning him down? Because I don't see much misunderstandings here, what she did was only vaguely a misunderstanding. She completely toyed with his feelings. She didn't give him an answer to his confession and started dating a womanizer. Then when rightfully questioned about it she came up with the brilliant excuse of 'putting his feelings on hold'. What kind of BS is that? There's absolutely no excuses for that type of behavior. Not to mention she said before that she can only see him as a family member. There's no misunderstandings, she turned him down by water boarding around it. If they're trying to play the 'she's shy' card. That's still not a misunderstanding, she bullsh*t her way out of it.

Youka also did that to herself, there's no misunderstandings to be seen here either. She was blatantly Two timing. It doesn't even matter if she didn't have feelings for Yuuji, or if it's a fake relationship. It's still cheating. She knew what she was doing was wrong but did it anyways. Her wanting to break up with him during lunch break doesn't excuse this fact.

The only Misunderstanding I can possibly see here is about them not knowing his past trauma with his mother's infidelity.


Chapter 14 Continuation:


My god, who does Airi think she is? Yuuji literally told her when he first parted with her what exactly she did wrong. Did she have sh*t in her ears when he told her? Next, she thinks that the misunderstanding is that Yuuji thinks she and Ishida will be going out forever. That is completely missing the point. He doesn't care that you're going out with Ishida, it's that you completely shat on his feelings by "Putting his feelings on hold". And she thinks this'll be solved by her saying that he's more important than Ishida?! Sweet jeebus, this girl is a hot mess >~<. Someone, please remove her from the streets immediately, she's a danger to herself and others. She doesn't even understand that she was essentially being called a stalker by a cop of all people.

She's making Yuuji out to be the villain for no apparent reason when it was her own actions that pushed him away and she just can't understand.

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Slepnir rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c55
Read the raws. 5 stars for now because I see hope in this. Now, this is just my opinion.
MC's mistrust towards women has its basis especially with the circumstances of his life and youth. Most of the fault lies with the mother, but the childhood friend triggered what was festering inside of him. The worst one was probably his junior in my opinion because ... more>>

The junior was basically the rebound of the MC since his first love failed but now he's put into the spot of the cheater's partner. That spiraled his emotions out of control.

Every other girl is just collateral damage.

is good looking but not super handsome. He blends well with the handsome people in his school. Sometimes I'm wondering if it's a shounen Ai honestly. MC literally suffers from bad timing. Most of the women relationships he has at the moment are futile relationships that probably won't go beyond friends until something emotionally charged happens.

Yuka (sister of MC) : Best girl honestly that I thought it was going to be an in*est tag but thank god it's not.

Himeda Aida? (Childhood friend) :

Childhood friend is a Yandere that doesn't understand her feeling for the MC but she has a boyfriend.


I don't like her personally. What she did was just foul even out of pride. Granted she didn't know the MC's circumstance but that was still foul. I don't root for her.

Class President:
Honestly feels more like a suspension bridge effect type of love.

Other Childhood friend:
I have no expectations for her. She's rich though.

Ishida's sister:
A masochist..... probably.... I know she won't win but her relationship with the MC is the most stable at the moment but she isn't pursuing the MC like the other girls more like товарищ in suffering.

Is a dude but is kinda clingy with the MC is he's his first friend.

Up to chapter 55 it shows no clear winner yet. <<less
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zdubwilly rated it
May 11, 2023
Status: c63
Long read with boring characters, super 'woah is me' MC, and very little progress in terms of romance or solving his trauma nearly 63 chapters in. I like 'betrayal' stories, just wish this was a shorter story, or the guy was actually 'betrayed'... like some real cheated on, or something. Not lame miscommunications...

Maybe I'm just a hater, I just don't think the 'betrayals' are that strong, and it's a bit too much 'I am such a victim' mentality for a VERY long time, with little progress, and lame drama. I... more>> read up to 63 chapters, mtl'd the raws, and it's just moving at a snails pace with not much interesting things going on.

Why I think the betrayals are kinda lame:

Some of it (most of it) is just misunderstandings/miscommunication, yet he literally 'trembles' at the sight of the people he believes betrayed him and can't communicate to them at all. freezes up. So the story draaaags, and nothing is cleared up. Childhood friend is actually selfish, Kohau was an a-hole to that random dude, but cmon with that reaction...

Some spoilers about mother (og trauma, which is supposed to explain why he is always freezing up and shaking) if you don't wanna read 63 chapters, and a little about Airi and Kohau



Starts with him in middle school, seeing his mom leaving a hotel with a stranger late at night. Turns out she ACTUALLY did not do any type of cheating. Some guys gave her a sleeping pill in some water, while she was drunk at a friends house, tried to kidnap her, she beat them up, a cop was guiding her outside, yada yada.... So the son ignores the Mom for years, doesn't listen to her explanation, absolutely hates her, and she slowly goes like insane. (she also mixed in a lie because she beat one of the guys half to death to escape, but didn't want to admit that, so apparently he 'saw through the lie', that was her 'one mistake'). So by chapter 63 this is still not cleared up, everyones just crying in their separate corners. Mom's also traumatized by now, She's got the dead fish eyes and crazy mentality, just an empty shell because her son's an empty shell... And at like chapter 56 he think's "what if she wasn't lying to me... Wouldn't that be awful what I did...?" and just doesn't address that for another month.... maybe by chapter 80 he'll talk with somebody about these miscommunications, who knows....




The childhood friend Airi is annoying and just not sympathetic/empathetic at all. That's it, not great drama there imo. She's just a selfish person, thinking 'i just wanna have a short exciting time with this guy who makes me nervous, but i'll be with you 'forever' once I break up with him (whatever that means) "... That's interesting I guess? But not much to work with there... no matter what anyone says she just goes "???". So after 2 chapters of her you get her whole character and it's just looped over and over.




Kohau loved our MC for long time (apparently whole school does, don't know why though). A week before this whole Airi incident, she decided to say yes to a confession to 'boost her confidence', to some guy she can't even remember name of. She wanted to boost her confidence to eventually try to get with the MC. Then Airi 'betrays' MC, MC talks to kohau and Kohau offers to be a fake GF, he accepts. He then figures out that she has a real boyfriend like a few days later, so he feels like the guy coming out of the hotel with the wife, tearing apart the family. Understandable, I think this setup is decent, but she's also just kind of a s*upid character, for 4 chapters she's like "oh I gotta break up with that guy, what's his name again?" and she just doesn't do it, doesn't talk to the guy. But then first opportunity that she sees him and they do talk, she explains it all to the guy, the guy's like "ok" and is about to leave, and he obviously feels like shit... But some girls rush out and turn it into bigger fight, then MC rushes out and turns it into an even BIGGER fight, with people crying and shit. SO WEIRD. Kohau's definitely very selfish, not considering any other guy's feelings except MC's. This is cleared up to MC before he even comes out of hiding in the bushes like a creep, that she is and has been in love with MC for a while so she's apologizing to this guy and shit... So idk it's just a overreaction to something that's not a real bad 'betrayal'.


I don't really care for rest of characters, except the sister seemed cool as she is only one trying to solve anything, moving the plot forward and a little funny siscon.

Just wish they went a little more 'brutal' with the friends betrayals, wasn't enough for the 'shaking in your boots when you see them' reaction imo. And everything that's happened in 63 chapters I feel like could've been condensed to 15.

Also I just don't care for the characters that much, somehow after this super selfish childhood friend stops hanging out with our MC, like 6 women come out of the woodworks to hit on him over 63 chapters, with no progress at all really. <<less
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: c23
Good start but but reading ahead it goes downhill fast in my opinion.

The title's a lie or at least it doesn't last long, he distrusts only most women but with an increasing number of exceptions.

Worse he forgives way too easily.

Just once in one of these betrayal fics I'd like to see the MC stay a distrustful wary loner for at least most if not all of the story.

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