I Was Banished From the S-rank Party for Being “Useless”, so I Decided To Make My Own Strongest Companions Using [Appraisal] and [Healing Magic] -Before I Noticed, I Was Being Loved by the S*aves and Empresses Who Helped Me and Became the Strongest in the World!


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In this world, [skill] possession is very rare.

It was expected to be a capable skill, but the S rank party, Silver Wings, judged Nigris to be incompetent with his appraisal skill that could measure abilities.

The S-rank party, who could only see the appraisal skill, cursed Nigris as a parasite and banished him.

However, his essence is the knowledge and experience he has cultivated through his appraisal skills. He thought of his friends more than anyone else and worked hard to keep them alive with his healing magic.

The stronger his feelings, the more effective the magic. Thanks to this characteristic, Nigris had become a healer who could heal injuries in an instant.

He decides to use his appraisal skills to create a party where he can think about and trust his friends, rather than a party that treats friends as s*aves and discards them like his previous party.

Nigris, who can see potential, gradually gathers talented people and creates the strongest party that has no equal.

Associated Names
One entry per line
(Current Name) I was kicked out of the S rank party for being incompetent, but I became a warrior with [Appraisal] and [Healing magic]
(Current Name) S-Rank Party wo Munou da to Tsuihousareta kedo, "Kantei" to "Chiyu Mahou" de Nariagari Musou
(Current Name) Sランクパーティーを「無能」だと追放されたけど、【鑑定】と【治癒魔法】で成り上がり無双
(Old Name) I was banished from the S-Rank party as "useless", so I decided to make my own strongest companions with [Appraisal] and [Healing magic] -When I noticed, I was loved by the slave and empress who helped me and became the strongest in the world
(Old Name) Sランクパーティーに「役立たず」と追放されたので、【鑑定】と【治癒魔法】で自分だけの最強の仲間を作ることにします ~気づいたら助けた奴隷や女帝たちから溺愛されて世界最強になっていました~
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Weismann rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: v1c18
I am sick of these novels, everytime I think that it will be different it still turns out to be same sh*t packaged in a marginally different cover.

The Villains : have no brain.

The MC : Is a sage, I mean literally. He doesn't want to kill, no matter how horrendous the other party is. In fact you can probably r*pe his mother before him and he will still forgive you. He is a literal saint, and girls magically fall in love with him.

Also, he's op for no reason, can do... more>> everything and despite his childlike thought process the thick as fucl plot armour covers for him everytime.

How these novels end up published, I seriously don't understand. Are the standards of Japanese publishers so low.

Pathetic. <<less
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Kingdo rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: v2c10
Long story short, it's just bad. The setting, characters, narrative, there is nothing really interesting in it.


It's the classic MC who is kick out by a tr*sh team, but in reality was OP. The ex-team are too s*upid and incompetent to be S-rank adventurers, even with MC.

They are describes as normal peoples, they don't have talent, they don't train, they don't think. They literally charge and yell that they come to the slum to kill their boss. After MC left, they kill the newcomer to hide the fact they didn't... more>> kill a simple red wolf (a B rank monster), but didn't dispose of the corpse. When the guild find it and start to interrogate them, they flee and immediately try to steal a carriage. These guys are just plain s*upid, and the worst is that MC wait the start of the story to notice it. MC, somehow allays see them as friends while being persecuted by them (That part is directly contradicted by the fact that MC saying he did ask for help to the guild, but oh well), but he really notices his friends wasn't sincere with him and left in chapter 1, not before.


All females are good, all men are bad guys except MC or character without a name so far. Oh yeah, all female fall in love instantly too.

MC talks a lot about the hypocrisy of the healer. That why he makes sure to have consent before rescuing someone. But he fails to understand this is about "doing good and wanted to be rewarded for it", not the simple action of helping others. Because MC is a healer, he has a no-kill policy. I find that childish, not because he needs to have a profound reason for not killing people, but because he doesn't take responsibility about the consequence of his choice. Example :

    • MC new party attack by mistake a dragon, they take him down but MC heal him afterward. They didn't intend to attack his home. And because the dragon is here, adventurers don't go too far in the forest, so his presence help peoples ? (Great, let a beast you attack free, sure it will be a good monster afterward. Oh, yeah I forgot the plot armor, that actually happen)
    • When he meets his old teammates, they are make prisoner because they attack the peoples of the slum. Knowing that they attack poor peoples supposedly for letting off steam AND that is their usual behavior (from MC). He asks to let them live, they end up naked in the street. (I don't know, since they attack civilian in a daylight, maybe call the soldiers?)
    • He meet them again later, when they become bandits. First, MC didn't want to push them that far, so he proposes to give their equipment back. (Wait what ?) They refused, and a fight broke out. MC takes down the leader, a swordsman of the team by himself with his fists, because he wasn't that good anyway. (Hold on ! If MC a HEALER can take down the swordsman of the team with fists, how did they become S rank ?) Then MC wants to give them a lesson, so he beat him, then heal, then beat him again, and again, etc. (So killing is bad, but torturing then heal is good ? What did he say about hypocrisy again ?) and since he learns that they kill another guy, he FINALLY gives them to the police guild.
When MC was kick out of the team, he sees a s*ave girl who was about to die and buy her then save her. She became his first real companion, and he hates people calling her s*ave. But somehow, he never releases her either. He asks once, but the girl who is in love with him for giving her food and bed two or three days refused (yes, MC can check people loyalty and explain that himself). He never brought up again.

Story /narrative

The passing is fast, and the logic is sloppy.
    • Because Silver Wing was an S rank party, there is no need to doubt them if they said MC is incompetent.
    • Because Silver Wing was an S rank party, there is no need to listen to MC's complaint who said that he isn't paid or treated fairly.
    • When the guild found the body of guy that the S rank Silver Wing killed, they immediately try to interrogate them (But they were immune to suspicion until now)
    • Since the Silver Wing said that they have a quest to finish, the guild let them go for now. (Okay sure, they have work to do, something like investigate a mu*der can wait)
    • The guild admit didn't take account of MC's complaints because of the rumors the S ranks spread.
    • Too many organizations, officials or not, take rumors as facts.
    • The slum threatening the power balance between royalty, adventurer and church ? (I understand the fear of revolt, but it's a slum, where poor peoples live. Not a threat for the country, if really the slum is a problem try to improve citizen's life, not destroy them).
    • The peculiarity of the Holy sword is to absorb magic of the opponent ? (So it's an anti-magic sword, not a holy one, right ?)
I think I said everything. <<less
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SilverEagle100 rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c20
tr*sh MC has the “no kill” policy that leads to the suffering of others.

The party that kicks him out ends up mu*dering someone, then attempt to kill their way through the slums to kill one of the MCs friends. His punishment is stripping them and letting them go. They then go and try to rob someone and endanger them but the MC still doesn’t want them to die. The author admits it’s naive, but pointing it out doesn’t make it any less of a flaw.


Honestly, it’s comparable to Batman, but he had a reason. His parents were mu*dered with a gun so he neither uses guns or mu*ders. It’s his code. The MC on the other hand just does so for no given reason other than “he’s a healer” and “doesn’t want their hands to be dirtied.” They’re mu*derers for crying out loud, and they attempted to kill many more people for selfish reasons. That wouldn’t be “dirtying your hands, ” that would be protecting others like what soldiers do. If you’re gonna have an MC not kill, that’s fine. However, if you’re going to show that not killing these heinous villains leads to endangering and harming others, at least give the MC a strong and solid reason for not doing so.
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Cedd rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: c32
Even by banished MC story standards, this is just awful. Everything feels so shallow. Even the harem feels shallow, dude just heals them and they fall in love with him and it all happens in a span of 2-3 chapters. Even the comeuppance scene for the banishers feels empty, and thats usually the highlight of this sub genre. I really don’t have words to describe how bad this is
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
stu rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: v2c2
Okay, felt I had to comment cause most of the negative reviews here were too biased. All I see people complain about is the MC's no-kill policy but how is that a problem? This isn't some wuxia novel where protag kills everybody who stubs his toe (not hating on that but), this is just another isekai fantasy where the characters go through adventures, crush some bad guys etcetera. And no mother raping or anything of the sort happened to the MC, the worst that happened was being kicked out of... more>> the party. You can't expect him to kill for that right. And no one has suffered because of his decision not to kill

The nobles were planning to attack the slums anyways, it wasn't because of his decision


Anyway I like the story since it's well-executed, I gave it a 5 star mainly cause it doesn't deserve this much hate. <<less
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kenjirou05 rated it
April 1, 2022
Status: vc11
It had so much potential but the MC is just too nice and martyr like that its beyond frustrating. People around him try to kill him due to all sorts of s*upid agendas or reasons and he willingly lets them. Current chapter I read, he is nearly killed because the big organizations think hes a threat. Just because of a possibility, they aim for his life. And he stills spares opponents.

As a reader it makes me want to cheer for some random demon king to destroy that world. Its not... more>> worth protecting if everyone is so damn mu*derous and malicious towards mc <<less
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Aknazer rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: v2c22
While the translation itself is fine, the story is just... painful too often. Apparently being a "healer" means making dumb decisions by being excessively trusting and unwilling to kill human threats (but non-humanoids is fine). The interactions with the girls also doesn't make a whole lot of sense where they just kind of fall for him with no real character development or proper reason.

The concept of the story seems interesting and it is ok if you're just looking to pass the time, but overall the story as told just feels... more>> sub-par. <<less
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ZeroA2 rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: c32
I'll usually read these like eating popcorn and forget about them, but it is exceptionally simplistic in its writing and plot. There is really no flow or logic to much of any of it. The first chapter got my hopes up when the MC seemed to act like he knew his own worth, but they then backslid that a bit so that knowing his own worth could be attributed to his child sl*ve? Dropping it now after the first volume.

The first heroine is also the literal child-in-a-grown-up-body trope which was... more>> more than a little disturbing to me. <<less
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Stynex rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c24
So it's another story about an OP healer like we've been seeing recently, I'm enjoying it to be honest and it's not really cliche but if you're looking for any century defining new thing you wouldn't find it here. One thing I should note is the MC is kind, it's not hero syndrome or that he doesn't get angry, he just has a strong desire to help those suffering in front of him (the opposite of a cultivation MC), I generally don't like such MCs but surprisingly it wasn't of... more>> putting and actually reminded me of what a human should be, like it purified me of some of the selfish cultivation MC mindset that was taking over.

As for his powers, it's just healing but, he uses it in unconventional ways. But it's not senselessly almighty like some other healer's case and most of the applications make sense (partly). Anyway if you like betrayal stories were the MC isn't overly focused on revenge but gets it anyway, give this a try. <<less
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