I Was Banished Because the Hero Party Didn’t Need an Assassin, so I Started Guarding My Childhood Friend, the Second Princess!


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“Noah’s presence may cause rumors to spread that are detrimental to the party, so I’m banishing him as of today.”

“What? What do you mean?!”

I’ve been devoted to this party until now. If someone was in danger, I would have risked my life to save them, and I would have taken on the role of the villain. That’s how much faith I had in this party.

But why?

Because assassins have a bad image? If that’s the case, all I have to do is work harder, right? And yet… Then Oliver, the hero, said, “You belong to a reputable household that directly supervises the funds of the royal family so I had no choice but to let you in. Besides, I’ve achieved my goal.”

That’s right. I was just used as a bridge for the country to provide financial support to the hero party. That’s not fair… As I was cowering in the square, my childhood friend and the second princess, Rubia Lorelei, made me a proposal.

“Would you like to be my bodyguard?”

This encounter would change my life. Oliver didn’t realize it at the time
how much I’ve contributed to this party. That’s when the downfall of the heroic party began.

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追放されたので、暗殺一家直伝の影魔法で王女の護衛はじめました! ~でも、暗殺者なのに人は殺したくありません~
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Jul 30, 2021
Status: c10
It's a dull knockoff made by a cookie cutter. The first 10 chapters didn't generate much interest or enthusiasm. The MC has the habit of blaming himself for other people's faults and has that over used trope of not understanding how strong he is, be it personal strength, family backing, or connections. The hero party comes of as dim witted people that are just as dense and clueless as the MC. Just a train wreck of a novel.

On the plus side, this novel us a perfect target for group critique.... more>> Get a few friends together. Read the novel out loud and tear it apart. Should be good fun. <<less
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