I Was Assigned to Be a Manager of a Female Dormitory, but the Level of the Girls Living There Was Just Too High. There’s No Way I Can Fit In Like This (WN)


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Hirose Souta graduated from a creative vocational school and successfully got a job, but it turned out to be a black company. He somehow endured it for 3 years but decided to quit due to physical and mental exhaustion. He managed to resign by signing a confidentiality agreement about what happened at the workplace. After taking a 4-month break that also served as a rest period, he returned to his parents’ home and was looking for a new job when his mother Rie introduced him to a job opportunity.

It was a request to become the manager of a shared residence run by Rie’s grandmother. The reason was that the grandmother was hospitalized due to a worsening chronic illness and they needed new help.

Souta, who had never experienced a managerial position, tried to decline due to the weight of the responsibility, but reluctantly accepted due to the wishes of his parents, to whom he was always indebted.

And then he was informed. “Just to let you know in advance, the dormitory you’re going to only has female residents.”

That’s right, the shared residence Souta was going to manage turned out to be a girls’ dormitory.

A carefree, bright, and energetic high school girl. A high school girl who hates men and spews venom every day. A working adult who looks quite childish but wants to be seen as an adult. A shy but caring older sister who is also popular on social media.

All the girls living in this dormitory have immeasurable levels of attractiveness. Souta will deepen his relationships with these heroines.

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I Ended up Becoming the Manager of a Female’ Dormitory, and the Level of the Girls Living There Is Just Too High. There’s No Way I Can Fit In.
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I Was Assigned to Be a Manager of a Female Dormitory, but the Level of the Girls Living There Was Just Too High. There’s No Way I Can Fit In Like This (LN) (Light Novel)
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cumb rated it
December 29, 2021
Status: --
It's not bad and it's nothing exceptional but it's probably worth a read. Yes, it contains the usual cliches you would see in jp novels like such but let's be honest, it's all within our expectations.

Besides that, the translation is definitely a downside. It's hard to understand anything at certain parts of the novel. Some dialogues are confusing to the point where I decide to skim through most of them. And a lot of the sentences in general are badly structured or just don't make sense. Overall, the translation doesn't... more>> do the novel justice.

If you're confident in tolerating such translations, it wouldn't hurt to take a peek. <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c36
Overall it's a fun story at a slow pace, so not that much has happened up to this point. Thus it's hard to comment on the plot or the depth of the characters.

Unfortunately, the translation quality is fairly poor to the extent that it's sometimes hard to figure out the subject and object of the sentences, and there are many cases that seem like the translator misinterpreted the original and assigned some that don't make sense in the context.

Perspective often shifts between first and third person, which is something that... more>> I've seen many translators complain about. However, they usually adjust it to make it consistent as it would be normal in English, but this translator doesn't. Based on context, first and second person often seem to be mistranslated mistranslated as the other.

I said a lot about the translation rather than the novel itself, but from my perspective the translation quality is currently the novel's greatest demerit, and it's hard to judge how well it's written with the translation holding it back.

If you can live with this kind of translation and like slow-paced slice of life romcoms, you should give this novel a try. <<less
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