I Wanted To Enjoy a Slow Life While Exploring the Territory With a Secret Gift [Craft Skill], but I Was Intentionally Banished to the Frontier by Pretending To Be Incompetent


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Even the eldest son can’t stand it!Now I’m free!”

Rest was born the eldest son of the Count family in a powerful kingdom.He was forced to study various things necessary for aristocratic society to succeed him, saying, “Because he is the eldest son,” and he wanted to escape from this position by being fed up with such education and the world of aristocrats.

and Rest took advantage of his stepmother, who had begun secretly to succeed his half-brother as the heir and Rest was expelled from the Count’s house as he had hoped.He planned to live a slow life in remote territory with his S-grade gift [craft skills], but it was the last undeveloped giant island what he was given.He began to develop a territory to live leisurely with his subjects, but the island, which was isolated from the outside world, was surprisingly free from boredom.

~This is a story about the pioneering of the strongest lord who uses the strongest gifts and solves everything with his [craft skills]~

Associated Names
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Himitsu no Gift "Craft Skill" de Ryouchi Kaitaku Shinagara Tanoshiku Slow Life wo Mezashitai Boku wa, Waza to Munou no Furi de Henkyou e Tsuihou Saremashita (WN)
Tsuihou Ryoushu no Kotou Kaitakuki: Himitsu no Gift "Craft Skill" de Sekaiichi Shiawase na Ryouchi wo Mezashimasu! (LN)
秘密のギフト【クラフトスキル】で領地開拓しながら楽しくスローライフを目指したい僕は、わざと無能のフリして辺境へ追放されました (WN)
追放領主の孤島開拓記〜秘密のギフト【クラフトスキル】で世界一幸せな領地を目指します!〜 (LN)
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kawaii12345 rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: c1
One chapter in and I can already see where this is going.
    1. MC wants to lead a slow life
    2. is too s*upid to actually talk to his family
    3. connives to make it happen instead
    4. gets done dirt by the grasping step mother
    5. has miraculous skill he's told no one about
Toss in the eechi, harem and romance tags and it's not hard to see the cookie cutter that's punching this one out. 5 will get you 20 he lets step mom off the hook because it would bother his half brother

We can also count on lots of girls and a clueless MC driving them to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

I need to make a generic Japan list. You read one don't bother with the rest they are all the same.
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