I Want to Waste Away Time With You


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Lu Wei Xi has only had one incredible thing happen to her in her lifetime, at the entrance of a hospital, she heard a beautiful voice speak to her- and then she fell in love.

In order to find this voice, her confused heart stepped into the CV circle blindly and would then discover that the voice she loved belonged to someone famous in the industry, a flower on a high hill that could only be looked upon, but not picked.

God had given a voice that was greater than any man or deity, and he was revered as the great king of the CV circle.

– That night he opened his mouth to speak, she seemed to hear the sound of love coming from it

– I want to waste with you and I want to give all of my life to you

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07/16/19 Emerald May Blossom c1
07/13/19 Emerald May Blossom prologue
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New ChibbyNAFKA rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c91
So fluffy and beautifully written\!-!/
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usag1 rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c32
Really good novel, make me remember with Really Really Miss you by Mo Bao Fei Bao.. About voice actor and cover singer.. so fluffy and made my feeling like KYAaaaa.... so sweet between the characters.. so far no slapping face etc but love it so much..

MC.. simple girl with category slightly s*upid (I think that the reason ML like her)... love singing (she believe singing is the only things that she goods at).. She fallen in love with his voice

ML...... more>> aloof and antisocial character but at least he knows what he wants... good with everything...

Translator did very good jobs to delivery this novel... short novel with 37 chapters but translator (Emerald May Blossom) split it into few chapters...

so if you need something sweet, fluffy and easy read novel... highly recommended.. especially if you love novel about voice actors or CV... <<less
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Water_drop rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a really sweet light novel.

A good read to pass time

Really really recommended
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macy2 rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: c54
Plot is strangely paced. Nothing happens for a good chunk, and then you get whiplash, and back to the FL muddling through life. Aside from the strange pacing. Nothing really happens (like really) I would describe it as slow moving except once again when it does you get whiplash.

... more>>

We get a lot of pinning for a stranger. More pinning, and bam! They a couple and the ML is very, very into her (like unnaturally so). Aside from the pinning, there is no buildup, courtship, tension, getting to know each other, or anything. Feelings are very abruptly reciprocated and ML's possessive. And no, the ML doesn't know her from some distant past. Or at least it hasnt been revealed yet. So yeah, whiplash much?

Also, I can't really say the FL even likes the ML. There was an accidental meeting, she didnt even see his face. Loves his voice and that's it for her. An added bonus is that he's really good looking which is discovered laterwords. The span of time between the first accidental meeting to coupleship is like est. 2 months max. And that's being generous. She barely knew his name when they got together.


It happens so fast there's no chemistry between the characters. As of chap 54 not a lot has been revealed about the characters. So there's literally no depth to make you want to support the romantic ventures. But the leads have just started getting together, so maybe it'll pick up? Don't have high hopes though, the writing and plot development is so bland so far. Also (surprise!) ML turns out to be a good looking, overbearing, and successful rich guy from some prominent family. Which of course triggers the "rich and beautiful antagonist female who his family approves of" plotline. Tastefully accompanied by the fact that the FL is unremarkable, slow, pure, and a tad dumb.

Some readers have alikened this novel to 'I Really, Really Miss You' but they dont have any similarities beyond CV, ancient singing, and the ML having a good voice. <<less
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