I Want to Smile Beside you in the Spring That I Haven’t Seen Yet


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At first glance, Haruka seems to be enjoying her everyday life without any worries. But in fact, love, friendship, and her relationship with her parents are all going wrong. While struggling to breathe, she meets a mysterious boy named Amane. For some reason, Haruka finds solace in talking with Amane, who is unable to speak, after school. Haruka takes a certain action for Amane, but she ends up hurting him deeply…

“I don’t care if you hate me, I want you to smile.”

The light that they have found gives them courage.

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Date Group Release
07/01/23 Royalty Writes c3 part1
12/25/22 Royalty Writes c2 part9
12/25/22 Royalty Writes c2 part8
10/23/22 Royalty Writes c2 part7
10/11/22 Royalty Writes c2 part6
10/09/22 Royalty Writes c2 part5
10/08/22 Royalty Writes c2 part4
10/02/22 Royalty Writes c2 part3
09/14/22 Royalty Writes c2 part2
09/14/22 Royalty Writes c2 part1
08/24/22 Royalty Writes c1 part7
08/17/22 Royalty Writes c1 part6
08/15/22 Royalty Writes c1 part5
08/10/22 Royalty Writes c1 part4
08/10/22 Royalty Writes c1 part3
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