I Want To Retire From the Circle but Become Famous by Acting Poor


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Su Chengyang who has transmigrated into a novel and is now living the life of a small actor who has fallen out of favor. After being hidden for several months, she was thrown into a reality TV show about daily life. During the first day of shooting, Su Chengyang ate vegetables while looking at the beef in other people’s plates with tears in her eyes.

The inner thoughts of the guests:

‘Using this kind of method to gain attention is really disgusting.’

‘Forget it, pretend to cooperate and create a persona at the same time.’

A senior gave mixed praise and criticism: “Chengyang, you are a good actress. We all know your situation, and if you need any help, I will definitely do my best to assist you.”

Su Chengyang looked at her tearfully and asked, “Sister, can I have a bite of the meat in your plate?”

The senior subconsciously nodded and said, “Of course…hmm?”

Everyone: “?”

Su Chengyang choked up and said, “I haven’t had a bite of meat for half a month… my agent didn’t allow me to…”

Everyone: “…”

The first day the show aired, #GiveSuChengyangMeat went viral on Weibo. At the end of the first season, the entire production team of the show became popular. Soon after, Su Chengyang auditioned for a role and accidentally surpassed the Golden Horse Best Actress, which sparked a wave of criticism on her Weibo and fan page accusing her of using improper means to get the role.

While the internet was overwhelmingly supporting the Golden Horse Best Actress, she calmly posted a video with the caption: “I’m in a good mood being on set.” In the video, Su Chengyang is holding onto a man’s long leg and crying with a red face: “I won’t act! I won’t go to Mongolia! What does the director see in me? I’m so wronged!” The man lowered his head and rubbed her head: “There’s roast lamb in Mongolia. You can eat as much as you want, and I’ll pay for it.” “Really?!” The man chuckled, “Yes.”

The netizens who clicked on it while complaining, “Su Chengyang’s skills don’t match his position…” One minute later: “… What? What do you have to complain about a script that even A-list actors are eager to participate in?” “She is so good at crying, and I love her so much.” “Wife, wife!”

On the same day, the Weibo hot searches were: #IDon’tWantToAct,IAmSoWronged, #RoastLambBringsSuChengyangHome, #NotOnSetButInAGoodMood.

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1 Review

May 03, 2023
Status: c1 part2
This is actually... interesting??? Well, for my personal opinion.

The MC appears pitiful right at the beginning because she was 'kidnapped' without permission. ... more>>

making the system question its morality LMAO


Anyways as I kept reading, I cracked up at a certain part, mind you this is still the beginning chapter.

MC was tempted with the hush money for a second until she stopped herself last minute only to 'unlock' the original body's assets WHICH I STARTED LAUGHING because the MC kept thinking how the original body was "pitiful" in the end—she's the more pitiful one. HAHAHAHA

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