I Want To Be Your First


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“Has the blind princess not opened her eyes yet?”

The gazes cast upon Ariel, who is blind, have always remained the same.

Either with ridicule and contempt, or a sympathetic gaze.

The man acknowledged as the best groom in the empire, proposed to such an Ariel.

It could have been due to his family, it could have been sympathy. Ariel, who had nowhere to go, accepted his proposal.

She was prepared to accept the contempt of others by standing beside him.

“Wife, can you see my face?”

The man did not ignore her.

He didn’t even take in a mistress, nor did he hit her.

Ariel was relieved by his dignified speech, his elegant attitude, and his considerate touch.

“I am alright.”

She was.

She thought that it would be okay… But this marriage turned out better than she expected.

“I…I guess I must have fallen for the Count.”

Without knowledge of the Count’s true colours, Ariel fell for him.

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너의 처음이 되고 싶어
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5 Reviews

Apr 16, 2022
Status: --
Don't listen misto713, the FL is blind. She has a visual impairment, which is still a valid disability! "A disabled heroine without an actual disability"? Literally shut up.

She's not living in total darkness, but she's partially blind and just because she can make out general shapes doesn't mean that her disability doesn't hamper her day to day life. You said that this depiction of blindness is "cheap and insulting to actually disabled people" and I say that your take is what's insulting. I'm a hard-of-hearing person that requires a hearing-aid,... more>> but does that mean I'm not disabled just because I'm not completely deaf? Get out of here with that shit.

You would know that if you bothered reading past CHAPTER 2. The FL requires help walking around, learned to read and write by having her sister write on her palm, and she doesn't know what the ML looks like aside from what she could glean by touching his face.

Again, just because she can make out the general shape of buildings doesn't mean that she's not blind or that her disability isn't valid. Visual impairments of any capacity can make life really difficult in a lot of ways, and by brushing it off an saying she doesn't have "an actually disability" is so gross. The irony of you accusing this novel of being insulting to disabled people and then saying that. Unbelievable. <<less
66 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 04, 2022
Status: c20
The premise of this story is very sweet and cute; a blind duchy princess, forever scorned by her family and peers, finding love and adoration from a count that is beloved and respected by all. I also wanted to point out the (perhaps unintentional brilliance) of the cover not showing the ML, considering the FL is blind and doesn't know for certain what he looks like, though there was a lovely scene where he lets her touch his face so she can make out his features. I really loved that.

... more>>

My only confusion so far comes from the fact that other characters seem to say that the FL isn't really blind? I understand that she's not blind by the usual standard, but partial blindness is still classified as being blind? The way she describes it is that she can make out figures and shapes, and that with living things, such as people, she can see on their chest a color that coordinates to their overall demeanor and feelings. She is simply comfortable using the term 'blind' because explaining the way she perceives the world might have her branded as a witch. Because of that, she can navigate the world fairly comfortably, but still struggles and has the occasional accident. But, I don't know, she still sounds fairly blind so this perception that she's somehow faking blindness just because she can pour herself a cup of tea without issue is very strange.



But I like that, although the FL's father is a little bit neglectful towards her, her younger sister from what we've heard of her is actually quite nice. She's described as being very fierce and is likely going to be the one who inherits their family on account of the FL's disability. She was also the one who taught the FL how to read and write by taking her hand and writing the letters out on her palm. She sounds like such a lovely person and I can't wait to meet her in the story proper.



The FL has had one encounter (that she can remember) with the ML before their marriage, and when she met him, rather than a single color in the center of his chest, his entire body was coated in red, a color she associates with people who hate her. However, when reading from the ML's perspective, it's clear he's absolutely obsessed, but as of right now, it's unknown if that obsession will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing.


No rating for now because I don't have my full opinions formulated and the story is pretty slow, so not a lot of note has happened quite yet, but I'm very excited to see where this goes. Flawless and fluid translation work from RainOfSnow as always, and I hope to see them continue this one. <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 29, 2022
Status: c72
First of all, the lack of misunderstandings in this novel is so refreshing I'm literally crying thankful tears over the amount of communication that actually exists between the leads. FL expresses her feelings to ML, a black-bellied dude. The way he handled the second princess is a national moment and should be framed and regarded as top ML quality all MLs should possess. FL is more on the naive side in terms of getting revenge and whatnot; the perfect couple I say!

(uh ok reading a bit further got me... more>> kinda pissed at the ML)

The plot itself flows well, in terms of both writing and translation.

Also can we refrain from making a review after reading like 2 chapters or sumn... why review a novel you've read for approximately 10 seconds and ditch, , like bro this ain't it. ANYWAY this novel so far is doing really good, I'm enjoying it! <<less
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Aug 25, 2023
Status: -
Let's talk about reverse character development...

I thought I was reading a 5 star novel. The writing was beautiful, love was eternal and then their relationship FELL OFF so badly that I couldn't believe my eyes...

They started out calm, caring and gentle. ML was raising the standards so high that it was unfair. Then... He starts to act so selfishly while FL is suffering from anxiety and depression, he's annoyed that their "marital life" is on break, he separates their bedrooms and sends his wife away without even giving her a... more>> proper goodbye after swearing that he'll be with her 24/7. He claims that he loves her but he calls her a dimwit, every in every negative emotion she shows, he can be described as angry and annoyed. Sometimes the author told his emotions were anxiety but nah, he doesn't act like it and does everything to make her insecure.

Yeah, it felt like love at first but then turned out to be an ugly obsession.

Author created a close relationship and broke it up painfully for creating UNNECESSARY AS HELL drama.

After hearing that he was disappointed in her in chapter 79, I'm dropping this novel. I cannot possibly read endless chapters of their viscous childhood story to witness this part:

I suggest you read this... You'll get why it isn't worth it.


While he acted cold and didn't talk to her for 1 and half months, he blamed her when she wanted to divorce. Plus she was divorcing him because she was feeling guilty that he has a faulty wife and he quit being a counsel because of her.


Then he acts angry and wants her to be back to him after regretting what she done WHILE HE WAS THE ONE who didn't even try communicating. I'm done and gone. BYE. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 18, 2022
Status: --
I havent read it yet, but I seriously hope that the translator or the web admin of Rain of Snow can read this.

I havent been able to read any of your translated novel on your website because the wordings are too close to each other that they overlapped. Idk if it just me, or others experience it too.

And idk if it is on purpose to prevent aggregator sites from picking it up or what.

I hope it can be fixed. AND I wrote it here because I cant find a report... more>> button since wherever I click on the webpage, it loads for while and nothing happened.

Rain Of Snow please notice me.

Thanks in advance <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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