I Want to Be a VTuber


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I definitely just wanted to be a VTuber…

But when I came to my senses, I had become an actor.

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전 버튜버가 하고 싶은데요
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New ThemosTrash rated it
June 30, 2024
Status: c10
It's a nice Novel depicting the MC trying to be a "Vtuber" though it's really different from all other Vtuber novels I read.

The story starts as the MC reincarnate (Not shown how?) as a baby-girl and we follow his, now her life on the journey towards becoming a Vtuber.

It begun with learning and practicing until her parents suggested trying to go to an Acting-Audition, then it spirals out of that.

Honestly, it's nice for a Showbiz Novel. I read a few novels and manga/manhua/manhwa, with this actually one of the better... more>> ones. It honestly reminded me of [Act-Age] (Manga) with how the MCs except that she's not as naive as the MC in Act-Age, and with this there is actually no real big development on her yet as of the time I write this only 10 chapters has been translated. But the premise of being a Genius Actor was conveyed pretty similar and better than quite a lot of other works.

Though I wonder how this will tie into her becoming a Vtuber, I honestly wouldn't mind if it was just a showbiz one.

All in all, it was a decent read that's pretty nice that would keep me wanting for more. 8.8/10 would recommend. <<less
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