I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity


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As an Internet anchor in this new era, Tang Xia could bear the loneliness and beat the mistresses, marching on the way to “punish the heroines of the original novels” without hesitation. Unfortunately, God failed her courage, and she met a hero with a bug in her first time live broadcasting. It said that the plot should be romantic and touching, but why did the boss ask her to brush the toilets and call her a washboard?

On the principles of humanitarianism, she could fight against supporting actresses and girls like Virgin Mary. “My tyrant boy, do you fall in love with me?”

“You’re not a human of this world?” Her hidden secret was uncovered, while the fans tried their best to help her find ways to conquer the hero!

The tyrant hero showed out all his masculinity! He time-traveled to all the worlds where Tang Xia accepted missions.

“I don’t want to go to Philippine to plant bananas!”

This is a story about Tang Xia’s miserable and mysterious anchor career life.

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FlufflyLittleRabbit rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: 100+
The starting point of this story, the 1st arc, was very good and interesting which made me read the raw w/ mtl when this was still translated the first arc.

And I regretted it. The story got lots of misunderstanding. Also I can't stand the attitude of both main character. The author failed to make the FMC a smart person and I disapprove of her way to become a famous celebrity. Why?
... more>>

in 2nd arc, her task was to reverse the original owners tragic ending and retaliate against the novel's two main character. Since she knew the plot of the story, this task is pretty easy as long as she used her brain and with the help of her viewer (since she can communicate with them). Unfortunately, she never use it. Instead, she was lazying around and enjoy her empress treatment. She barely do her work and only tried to suppress and threatened the heroine in the story as a empress, and if those antagonist scheme at her she become passive and always fell on their childish trap.
Here's second most I hate about her, at the time when she had bickered with her ML and warned him not to hinder her task and let her be f*ck and become a plaything by the emperor (the ML in the novel or real ml's love rival). See that scratch over there? I felt disgusted when I read that part. In order to become a famous online celebrity she could even do that? What's the difference between her and the prostitute?


Now let's go straight to the male lead topic. I thought he was smart and strong (at least he can help that stupid FMC) but i was wrong. He was as stupid the same as the female MC. He doesn't even have the ability (or care) to correct the misunderstanding and he just let it be because he thinks that she will understand what he's doing is for her own good which also led to further misunderstanding!


I even wondered how did he was able to easily overthrow the current emperor when his role their was just an imperial guard? He did this arbitrarily because of his jealousy and possessiveness. I could have slid it aside. However, he once again disappointed me for he let the heroine in the story remained and dismiss all the concubine of the former emperor. He even received another one female as a concubine to stabilize his position as the emperor! Agh! Shit! Although I knew he wouldn't touch them except our stupid FMC but still--ahhhh! Because of this, another misunderstanding!


Too much misunderstanding between the couple and how poorly written about their character made me drop this novel. If 2nd arc can make my brain cells gone nuts, what's more the rest of the arc?

@SeiraJLoyard, I certainly gave a thumbs up for your review. <<less
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SeiraJLoyard rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: c66
I will have to say that the 1st arc was pretty good and it has a nice twist in that while in these worlds, the "anchor" can communicate with their viewers. the 1st arc did a great job incorporating this feature, the viewers would give her advice etc. But comes the 2nd arc, and this feature gets lost, and only appears to help console our FL when she gets into a tiff with the ML. Not to mention, I absolutely hate all the back and forth misunderstandings between a couple,... more>> and the FL is absolutely horrendously stupid.

who else can be your biggest cheat/golden thigh if not Chu Tiankuo who IS a virus in these worlds, why can't she just trust him, and instead of doing things on her own, get his advice since she does not have anyone really loyal/resources, has no OP martial arts/skills, what makes her think that she can sneak into a prison to rescue ML's love rival?! she wants to save him because of her "conscious"? and what's up with her acting like a modern person in a historical world? completely OOC, and why does no one around her think it's weird? Just because virus ML was from a 21st century story world, he would understand not killing people? did she forget he was a bug, and he almost killed her?! and did kill other anchors?!


Sigh, didn't mean to make that into a rant-y spoiler, but I can't deal with this kind of drama, not to mention the plethora of unkillable female antagonists... With all the scheming that's being done to her, you'd think she'd pick up on trying to protect herself from it... Only reason why I didn't give a 1-star rating, because I don't believe in giving out 1-star ratings. <<less
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