I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity


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As a network anchor in a new generation, Tang Xia could endure the loneliness and even rival with the mistress.

There is no turning back on the road of ‘killing the original actress’.

As heaven is blind, she meets the bug man for the first live broadcast of life.

“You are not a person in this world?” The hidden secrets are discovered, and fans repeatedly search for strategies!

Domineering male master is full of momentum!

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03/19/19 TapRead c10
03/18/19 TapRead c9
03/17/19 TapRead c8
03/16/19 TapRead c7
03/15/19 TapRead c6
03/14/19 TapRead c5
03/13/19 TapRead c4
03/12/19 TapRead c3
03/11/19 TapRead c2
03/11/19 TapRead c1
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