I Used Bullet Comments to Avoid the Plot


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On the first anniversary of my marriage to Pei Yu, I received the divorce agreement he sent.

Suddenly, some chat boxes similar to bullet comments floated in the air.

【Don’t sign it, loving the male lead will only bring misfortune. Turn around and look at your husband.】

【This angsty novel’s female supporting character is great in every way, except she’s blind.】

【Don’t be fooled by his cold demeanor now wanting to divorce you. Call him ‘husband,’ and he’ll give you his life!】

My hand paused mid-signature. What era are we in, still playing the life-giving literacy?

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New Staringatastar rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: Completed
A fun story that tries to have a deep moral at the end. I'm not sure it really hits given the rushed nature of the ending. And I'm not really sure the need for that plot twist? Was it supposed to explain the comments the FL is seeing? Is it to show how people in reality would hate living the stories they consume?

But didn't we already know that? I would never willingly go on that life threatening adventure to save the world. I'd rather have a stable and boring love... more>> than the exciting and toxic ones from books. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading about life threatening adventure and toxic romances. After all, isn't reading meant to show you a world outside the one you live? Reading about the toxic relationships helps me appreciate mine. If all I could read about were perfect lives, then won't that just make me dissatisfied with my real life?

Anyways, I'm quite happy with the ending of the story. The fact that the FL needs the comments to realize how to diffuse her husband's insecurities might be a lesson in how sometimes we need an outsider's distanced perspective. But I don't know if I agree with that moral. I think I'm the only one who knows my relationship's ins and outs the best. It would be very disappointing having to rely on strangers' insight to fix my relationship. <<less
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New Fisukisuki rated it
June 3, 2024
Status: Completed
The ending was truly Unexpected but definitely not unpleasant.

If anything it's clear. I really wonder about the bulletin comments, but even this is normal to be a mystery (because I had read long novel that has somewhat similar things, but get unexplained in the end. It didn't feel like Plot Hole, just mystery within the universe. Lol).

Anyway I love how our MC get through all the events. How she interact with others. How she tried to stop the miscommunication with her husband.

I really Loving it!
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: Completed
For a short story, there was a certain charm and depth on it.

The story started with Jiang Nian (FL) and Pei Yu (her husband/ML) got misunderstanding due to lack of communications.

Then she suddenly saw the bullet comments (reader's comments) and realized that her husband was side character and she's viscious character. She's supposed to be White Moonlight of OG ML... while OG FL was her supposed stand-in but later fell in love.

Due to this cheat, FL able to stop the divorce and be more open & have loving relationship w/... more>> her husband.

Added points was the ending.


Turned out Jiang Ning (OG FL) was transmigrated too. She's the author of the OG plot. When the plot deviated due to change on some details (esp FL still together with her husband)... She realized the toxicity of OG ML (Lin Bei Chuan) and the relationship she wrote.

Reason why she left (not sure if she came back to real world or elope with childhood friend)

Ending Quote: "Even cannon fodder has their own life, because everyone is the unique protagonist of their own life. Only by breaking free from restraints can we become a better version of ourselves."


For con...


Too many unanswered questions but still 5-stars bc it's just short novel.

I want to know more about FL and ML's relationship before marrying and ML seemed to be hiding something with FL (especially hinted that he saved her and schemed to marry her bc he's too besotted to her).

Also, what's the business of ML to OG ML... seemed that he's involved on his downfall lmao.

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Tastastix rated it
June 1, 2024
Status: Completed
Nice short story that touches on a subject I've started focusing on with how many webnovels I consume, especially among Chinese stories:

Abusive MLs aren't endearing and aren't always worthy of redemption just because they're handsome and rich and "eventually learn his lesson, " there's no need to pit all the female characters against each other (just for a man, and honestly, vice versa) to amplify the MC halos or push the story along, and a good plot has no need for excessive dog blood (drama's fine, but sometimes, side characters'... more>> fates get cruel to the point of sadism).

Not the best of the short stories that Crimson's been taking on, but their translations are still primo, and the moral is good, so it gets a 4/5 from me <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: part8
I think this short story might be a self-reflection on irresponsible plots with bad morals. I appreciate that multiple self-aware characters avoided such a dog-blooded plot-line. There are still many cliché misunderstandings resolved at 5x speed, but also some surprising departures from clichés that I personally enjoyed. It is not bad and worth a read as long as the summary has interested you in any way. It is not the worst take on this premise by any means. I doubly appreciate this type of misunderstanding cliché being resolved quickly so... more>> that the characters can move on with their happy lives.

The only star I docked was for the unnecessary pregnancy and miscarriage of the original female lead, both as a plot device in general and within this story specifically. I recommend reading the actual story before my spoilers, as long as miscarriages are not a major trigger for you. The topic is barely mentioned for, though that might be even more troubling in the way a death gets passed off so casually in fiction and the overall acceptance of such a loss as a common trope.


The "original female protagonist" is revealed to have been following along with the original plot, implying foreknowledge of certain events that may or may not have included the miscarriage. I wonder how much of her regrets regarding the original plot are tied to the lost child, but also why she went so far to conceive the child with the knowledge she had of the dangerous circumstances she was putting herself in. She was at the very least aware of who was malicious to her existence, any children she might have at that timing, and their methods. The extremely good impression this character has of the vicious cannon fodder character introduces the possibility that the miscarriage could be both an allegory to and foreshadowing of the bad ending destined for the vicious cannon fodder MC.


After all:


This self-insert female protagonist is specifically revealed to be the transmigrated author herself. She cannot bring herself to destroy the cannon fodder character she created by further aiding along the original plot line, despite or because of not avoiding the circumstances that would lead to the miscarriage.

Though perhaps not... It would mess up her psyche in another way if she has been seeing the characters as her literal children, considering she almost married the male lead.

It is hard for me to tell how much of this transmigrated author character might be a reflection of this short story's actual author and their regrets at not taking the development of their side characters more seriously. It could also be I am thinking about a casual short story wayyyyyy too deeply.

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