I Upended Yet Another Campus Urban Legend


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Lin Yi failed the college entrance exams and chose a diploma mill university.

And as deserving of a diploma mill university, the first line of the admission letter read:

[Student Lin Yi, we regret to inform that you are admitted to the Unnatural Engineering University.] The second line: 【For your safety, we ask that you read the campus rules repeatedly.】

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I Broke the Campus Strange Talk
校园公约 (Published)
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LeniSnow rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: --
It's a great written novel with mystery solving cases and survival flows. Could get confusing with how it all works and all the rule world. I don't know if it's on the level of Kaleidoscope of Death but definitely in the same category. There was nothing from the MC that grabs my attention. He wasn't the reason why I am reading this. Even knowing his identity, I felt flat. Maybe because he made me feel doubt. He is your typical smart OP MC who knows how to solve things. I... more>> read so much I think his traits is the basic now. I got trust issues and this novel is still ongoing.

But the ML did, he is admirable with his dedication to keeping the students safe, in being responsible with his decisions placing that above his personal emotions, it is heart retching to be in his position but that is what is attractive about him. But in the recent chapters he did something that's seems quite a irresponsible decision for the student union, love I guess. Nothing better than a man with a goal and priorities. I think there is something more about him, I smell something bigger. <<less
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: c152
writing a review at 1am because I skipped to the last 2 chapters and started crying

Chapter 152 is the start of rule 1-3, which from the epilogue, I found that

... more>>

Lin Yi seemed to have died?


However, that's not the important part. I read from spoilers that


this novel is Bad End, and only the small snippet in the very last chapter shows a Happy End.


I'm not sure if I can muster the courage to read through spooky stuff and heartbreak so I'll leave my review at this point in time I'm reading the story.

The translator said this isn't as scary as paintings of terror. I don't disagree, but I'm still scared and can only read when it's bright.

To where I'm reading, the climax has not been reached yet. Mainly gradual buildups and hints to MC's identity (Through the use of MC's inner thoughts, which may or may not be accurate)

because the story is told from the character's POV, information is released to us slowly.

In my opinion, the 152 chapters I read did not have much important development. We get to know Lin Yi's good friend Cheng Yan (g?) and half of Lin Yi's family background, and Lin Yi and Qin Zhao only just got together.

Again, from inference I think a lot more development occurs after 152 where MC and ML are in the same rule (1-3) and when they face the final boss (1-0), but I'm too tired to continue reading

MC: A genius which is borderline inhuman because of his little habits and abilities. He is largely confused throughout the plot because of his origins and inexperience in relationships

ML: A hardworking person, realistic hero-like personality (eg I want to save as many people as I can) while not jeopardising his life. The lives of people he care about matters most. A charming person

Good night! <<less
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crustyturtle rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: c20
a few people mentioned how this novel was one of their top favorites in this genre so I was a bit disappointed. maybe it’s because i’m only 20 chapters in? compared to other novels in this genre I feel as though this novel is not as detailed and descriptive.

some things that I have mixed feelings about:

- rule monsters/worlds... with the amount of people dying wouldn’t this cause an issue in real life? also if the author was going to make this a supernatural/unlimited flow novel why not give people special... more>> props or abilities? there’s no way MC could’ve survived on top of that wardrobe.

- MC is also supposed to have an IQ of 143... I would’ve preferred it if the author pulled out some OP bullsh*t out of their ass because the IQ is not IQing. not calling him s*upid it’s just that there’s no point in “raising” the mc’s IQ if all other characters are fodder. everything the MC did so far also is something anyone can do/think of.

however I do like how the ML is extroverted compared to the MC who has social anxiety. (although that kind of disappears when they are in the rule world...)

so far an okay read.. I've read better. will put this on hold for now. I don’t want to say that it’s boring but the novel isn’t as detailed/engaging for me. <<less
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jinmei18 rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: c217
One of the best Infinite Flow novel I've ever read. Characters, main plot, background plot are all very well written. I cried a river during the emotional part. The author did very well in unveiling every mysteries and there are nothing left unsolved. The emotional connection, not just the main pair but every characters are very well handled and the main pair's relationship developed naturally and sweetly. I don't think I will be able to move on from this novel for a while. Qin Zhou, Lin Yi jiayou QAQ
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Uhei rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: Completed
This was the most unique infinite flow I've read. It's so good! Instead of a survival game set-up, students try to survive their university life by not breaking taboos in the 'school's urban legends'. The characters are written very well so I really felt bad for the MC during the emotional moments as he uncovers more things about himself. The relationship feels very natural and the deaths are really significant because you just can't help but love the side characters. I feel the conflict in standpoints more in this novel... more>> than in the usual enemies to lovers trope. The urban legends are very detailed and suspenseful, you can even sympathize with the main antagonist. The one thing I dislike about the plot was that

there was very little interaction between the MC and ML post-fallout before MC died. There wasn't enough of their dating period.

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MissQ rated it
April 6, 2023
Status: c57
I love love love this novel. It's different from the other infinite flows that I've read, but I like it. One of the reviewers says it's a BE though DDD: I hope that's not true. Anyways, thank you for translating this wonderful piece. Chrysanthemum Garden's translators and editors never fails in terms delivering quality work!
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October 19, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is very interesting and exciting. Full of detectiveness and clue finding! It is quite fun if you like mysteries. But the only part I hate in this is you can’t hurt npc... so it is kinda weird that the MC hurt the vinegar ghost... in his first game.

anyway. So MC character is a bit of introvert with social phobia... so it is very hard for him to make friends... but he has attraction for others... so MC won’t be lacking friends!.

ML is my favourite. He is very responsible!... more>> He just does not show it up front because he needs to be careful. Since monsters would take over one person body in order to disrupt them. He miht be very serious and all but he will try to give MC what he can give. But sadly sometimes MC and ML has misunderstandings because of mc’s background and also some of what MC does. And note I think what ML does is what he needs to do. He has responsibilities. And he will try to do what he can do best. and. So I feel sad for how he has to decide his future... but I won’t spoil it! I suggest everyone try it. I think it is pretty worth it to read! I like the second paring. Hee hee. It feels like their almost like a shot gun wedding hee hee. <<less
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March 31, 2024
Status: c63
As you can see I didn't finish reading this novel and I don't think I'll continue reading this further.

Make no mistake, the novel is pretty good. The horror is actually horrorring if you get what I mean. Like there really is a sense of danger in every "rule world" MC and ML goes to. This novel keeps a great pace and has even greater plot that keeps the readers in suspense.

Like the MC's real identity, what happened to his parents etc.


That being said I think I read this novel at the wrong time. This novel keeps stressing me out and I need to opt out of that.

I will not rate the novel but I think readers who like novels who like the genres - horror, thriller and investigation will really like this novel.
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cinlky rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I was intrigued. I was hooked. I finished in one day and then have to hunt for the extras. I loved the MC. He is so cute, especially when asking ML to pay for viewing. ML is super great. Not everyone can take on full responsibility like him. To be fair. But the best... it's a HE.

SUGAR is there. It's sweet and sour. 🥰

HORROR should be there. I feel scared actually when I imagine iF I am also a student there.😖

ARC is written well. All the clues and deciphering skill... more>> is shown. I don't feel any loophole.🤩

One word. READ IT ITS WORTH THE TIME. <<less
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Stefh rated it
April 23, 2023
Status: c35
Well, it's the second time I've read a book on this theme and I feel like I've become addicted.

I still haven't finished reading it, I'm barely on chapter 35, but I already want to leave my review and it's for three reasons: the first is that I really liked the book and for the first time I want to give a review that is done and not just words empty, the second thing is that I want to document the important points of the story for more people to read,... more>> since my first impression was neutral and I did not find it interesting and I only entered because of the label and because a part of the description seemed interesting to me but the reviews only said things above and perhaps I would have liked more information and the third is just because in the end I want to remember the whole process in addition to learning to talk about the book.
And an apology if you don't understand much, my first language is not English so I'm sure that many things will not be understood

let's start with the beginning



The MC is someone very strange from the beginning, from what I read most of the students entered the university by force because they received the application and since they had no other options they had no choice but to go, but the MC does not, he has a note of 450, which seems to be high because at the beginning a character was surprised to see him there, so surely he could not enter the best universities, but it would not prevent others, so I feel that the MC was deliberately, just like the nervous attitudes of the parents confirm it...
As I read I get confused about the identity of the MC, I think that makes one more interested and continue reading, from what I understand is that the MC is interested in monsters and is also looking for people, but I don't know more. Also, I'm not sure if the MC's attitude is what he has shown this time since I don't think a ghost would be so scared to see him with the personality he shows..., so I'll have to read more.

In general I don't dislike this MC, but I don't like it either, it's neutral.
The biggest shortcoming that I could give him is that he lies about everything and if it weren't for the fact that we read what he thinks, I wouldn't know what is true and what is not. but I reiterate, he is lying because he is looking for something so I can't blame him but I don't like it and that's it.

although if there is something that I do not like about the MC and it is

his social phobia.

I'm sure it's because I myself have social phobia and knowing that the MC has the same thing makes me feel represented, but it wasn't like that, maybe it's just that sometimes he's a little apathetic and uncomfortable approaching or talking to others, but from there no more.
I got desperate like at the beginning if it felt like that, but then I started to think if I were the MC and they talk to me one by one I could respond normally like the MC, but if more than 3 riot or a group looks at me, I'm capable of getting tired or bored which would cause me to walk away or start to ignore them in addition to not answering as coherently as the MC does, since I would not bother to talk to them
but in general everything about his social phobia did not convince me.
Because I'm only seeing it logically and I don't feel it, a normal reaction, it bothers me.

Then, as always, I think that it's just a book and it doesn't matter and even if it represented reality, it wouldn't have to be similar to my life since I have more problems like TPAS, depression and clearly social phobia, so combined it makes it different from the mentioned mc




At the moment I can't say much about Ml, but I can safely say that he is my favorite, I like his attitude, he is not s*upid and maybe it is because I still don't know much about him, I feel that he is very flat emotionally, I don't see much Beyond that, in addition to getting angry, frustrated, confused, even lustful, I have generally seen a very human but flat character, but I have not yet seen a trace of affection or brotherhood? I don't know, it may be my imagination because I don't know much, but it's the only thing I notice.
Since I don't know what happens later, I still don't know the parts where he is responsible with the students and puts them as a priority above all, or anything like that as I heard in other reviews...
So I don't have much to say about him.


that is what I have right now, I want to talk about the plot but I want to read a little more to have a better opinion as with the ml

I hope this can be edited in the future <<less
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RiboseSugar rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
My favorite characters are Qin Zhou and... more>>

Cheng. He was also comic relief, and I related to him so much. He was as dumb as me reading the book and when somebody needed to explain to him, they usually dumbed it down so in turn I could also understand it.

Qin Zhou is among the best MLs I've ever seen. He's responsible. He has a goal and a personality that doesn't revolve around MC. The fact that I prefer the ML over the MC is so rare that this is the first one. The mission worlds, on the other hand, are of hell level. I don't know how others survived unless they were as smart as MC or experienced as Qin Zhou. The main characters were on the verge of death so many times, it was crazy. 5/5 <<less
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Vanlatte rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: c144
I... can't keep my interest in this novel..

I don't know why it has as high as 4.5 ratings.

The characters are interesting.

... more>> The arcs are.. okay, maybe. Idk. My feeling is contradictory because it is actually one of the main reason why I can't keep my interest.

Each arc has some participants, but I rarely see them participate, like they're just backgrounds.. Except for MC, ML, and their circle of friends. My point is, if you don't need the others, why make them exist? Cannon fodder? A few, yes. And I don't mind. But most are just backgrounds! Exist for our MC and ML to sound out their logic so it doesn't appear 'too easy'. Sorry if it's harsh, but that's my very honest opinion...

Other than that, the arcs' plot itself is quite interesting, but to be honest the disadvantage I stated before diminished more than 50% of my interest.. Because some participants in the arcs are just backgrounds, I felt like the overall plot of the arcs is just MC's group show (taken from 'one man show').

Also, this can be an advantage for some, but not for me because it kinda gets annoying and makes the feeling of 'cannon fodder' and 'backgrounds' more pronounced:


Every arc has newbies. The setting is actually unique, not the mainstream of Unlimited Flow like most novels out there. That's why we have newbies for each arc.


The best arc until c144 is the first arc. The plot is there + I at least know each participants and a bit of their story and what they did in the arc. The 'villain' also left the deepest impression.

Talking about 'villains', somehow it doesn't leave much impressions.. I mean, when the arc ends I was neither happy nor sad. I was like, "Oh, it has ended."

Overall, I'm actually quite disappointed... Part of the reason is the ratings are way too high if I consider the disadvantages I felt when reading. <<less
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Yoya rated it
March 8, 2024
Status: c149
Good, quite scary, horror mystery. It was interesting and funny but my brain just could not keep up with the logic. The time arc broke my brain a little and I started just skipping to the end of the arc and I still enjoyed reading like that.
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chesiregrins rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: c113
Exciting banter and interesting mysteries. Some of the imagery has kept me up at night, but that's what makes them great. The author does great character work with the NPCs in my opinion, they're all incredibly interesting and unnerving.

Props to the translator for their amazing translation and research skills too!

The ML is the protective responsible type that I rarely see. The MC is a whole bag of mysteries that I applaud him for taking on.
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Fisukisuki rated it
May 19, 2023
Status: c76
Absolutely Interesting and Entertaining story! With Lovable MC. Our MC is Social Phobic and yet shameless. Somewhat shy but shameless. I don't know it's possible until I read this novel and apparently IT IS!!!

Our ML is also Likable, but different kind.

This is Survival Game Horror Novel where both MC and ML are Smart but Non OP. Their strength is truly their Brain. While technically we don't know much about ML except he's the Leader of Student Union, MC has mystery of his own life.

The kind of mystery that even MC... more>> himself doesn't know how and why things happen around and about himself. And he used the opportunity of having accepted in this Horror University to find out the HOWS and WHYS.

By the way while this is Smart CP but also Non OP, we actually get to see both MC and ML had gone through Fear and Helpless situations. Though so far I'm only read 3 arcs so far, so they don't show much. In Fear, MC still works his brain and tried to be Calm in Sudden Dangers or Surprised Situation. But, if MC overworked his brain... That's another mystery in this Novel~!

Anyway I pray this novel has satisfying answers and ending!!! And pray sooo hard for this novel translation won't stop til complete!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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